Macy’s, a company founded by Rowland Hussey Macy in 1858, Macy’s began with a humble beginning and became a well-established business in a short period.

Today with over 150 years of experience and 800+ hard-stores worldwide paired with its largest online e-commerce platform, it undoubtedly makes Macy’s one of the top retailers in the world.

Macy’s is known for many things; one providing great value in their products, and secondly, celebrating special moments no matter how big or small. Thirdly their luxury jewelry which is what we are here for today. 

All kinds of people visit Macy’s, and with such a large audience, the reviews that they get are also diverse; while some love it to bits, others have their own concerns.  

Anyway, let’s dive into it without any further ado and let’s try to answer some of your questions about Macy’s jewelry. 

Where Can I Find Macy’s Stores? 

This shouldn’t prove to be much of a problem because they have over 800 stores located in all major cities of the United States.

However, the majority of their stores can be found along the Eastern Coast, where they have more than 400 outlets scattered across this area alone.

So Does Macy’s Sell Real Gold Jewelry?

Well, in short, YES! Macy’s does sell and have a variety of jewelry that is made up of gold, from simple rings to basically anything imaginable.

As far as the prices are concerned, well, they have jewelry that starts from 50 USD to over 50,000 USD.

The jewelry you afford and choose to buy depends on your personal preference.

The jewelry you buy not only adds a touch of luxury and elegance, but in this day and age, when inflation is at its peak, it seems like a good investment too.

If you are looking to buy some sort of jewelry that is made up of authentic gold or any other alloy, Macy’s could prove to be one of the best choices.

What Determines The Price?

There are many things that determine the price of an item; the more intricate the piece, the more it will cost, and the main reason the weight of an item the heavier it is, the higher the cost. 

Macy’s provides its customers with a service where they can go to a  special counter and get all the info about the jewelry item they are planning to purchase.

Can The Authenticity Of Their Jewelry Be Challenged?

Macy’s has always been known as a company that cares about its customers, and there is no doubt that they are a very reputable retailer.

This indirectly means that the item that you are purchasing is going to be 100 percent authentic and high in quality.

With all that said, Macy’s also has a return policy in which you can return the product in the same state as it was when you first brought it.

This further provides their customers with peace of mind.

Exceptional Customer Services

Macy’s has been doing something right that helped them in gaining such a massive audience, and one of them is surely their customer-centric services. 

Whether it be their online store or their hard store, when it comes to services, they are often exemplary.

Their Jewelry department is not an exception either, and as soon as you walk into it, you can be sure that every need of yours will be assisted while you make your valuable purchase.

Wide Collection Of Jewelry 

Macy’s has something for everyone in their jewelry stores; whether it is gold, silver or other luxury alloys that you are interested in.

Precious gemstones are waiting to leave you dazzled in the wake of their shine. All in all, it becomes hard for anyone to leave the store without purchasing. 

With a number of other options available on the market, some still prefer buying it from Macy’s because of the variety they have, and one can often find discounts on countless items that are of one’s interest.

Can Macy’s Be Trusted When It Comes To Jewelry?

Macy’s has been in the retail business for a very long time now, and the thing that differentiated them from other stores was that they were too concerned about their customers. 

Perhaps, this is why they have managed to survive all the ups and downs while their competitors faded away with the passage of time.

This is how they have established themselves as an expert in jewelry and accessories retailers. 

People tend to trust them because of their history, a brand that was used to sell very fine quality products at very reasonable prices to its nationwide customers.

Frequent Sales

There are not many jewelry stores around the world that give discounts on their products.

 However, as far as Macy’s is concerned, they tend to give discounts on jewelry as they give it on their other products.  This is one of the factors that helps Macy’s attract a huge number of audiences from all over. 

I mean, who wouldn’t want to save some extra bucks even if they are buying an exuberant item?

Will The Jewelry Purchased Online Still Be Authentic?

In short, yes.

Why you may ask?

Well, because the items sold on Macy’s online stores are the same items that are being sold in their hard stores.

 Buying a jewelry item online will get you better prices because of their sales and selling online saves them a lot of additional cost. 

However, if you have received an order that you don’t like, you still have the choice of a refund, just return the parcel the same way it came, and your refund will be processed within a week or so. 


Taking in all the facts and figures, jewelry sold by Macy’s seems to be pretty real, for now.  

A famous brand like Macy’s, in their right mind, wouldn’t think of damaging their reputation by selling something that is not authentic, given that they have a legacy that stretches for more than 150 years.