People have always been inclined towards trendy clothing. But, during the last two decades, the fashion industry has thrived like never before.

Before, there used to be only a few renowned and costly fashion brands that couldn’t be accessed by most people.

Thankfully, we now have a plethora of options that offer all kinds of in-trend fashion apparel in good quality that can easily fall under different budgets.

All such brands are trying their best to keep abreast with the highly volatile nature of the fashion industry as consumer preferences tend to change overnight.

From the ocean of fashion brands available on the market, we have picked Lily Lulu to talk about today. 

People have been talking about this budding fashion house. But, there is not much information about it online, making people wonder if Lily Lulu Fashion is legit.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you with that. We have deeply studied and researched the brand to know how it operates and treats its customers and if its products are any good.

Keep reading to know all this. 

About Lily Lulu Fashion

Lily Lulu is a UK-based online fashion house that deals in trendy apparel and footwear for women. 

The brand was established in 2013 with the aim to make stylish and modern clothing accessible to women around the globe.

The business is headquartered in Manchester, also known as North’s fashion capital. 

The brand takes inspiration for its designs from ongoing trends and styles. And so it makes sure to bring those latest styles to its customers to help them stay on top of their style game.

Besides bringing you trendy styles, the brand also emphasizes producing comfortable clothing. Lily Lulu asserts that fashion doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, so it makes sure to add the element of comfort in all of its products.

The business also believes and stresses the importance of quick delivery of their products because that’s the only way an online business can flourish.

Products offered by Lily Lulu Fashion

Lily Lulu offers an extensive range of products ranging from clothing to footwear to coats and jackets of various types and designs. 

The clothing category contains every type of women’s clothing you can think of, such as dresses, tops, jeans, skirts, leggings, jumpsuits, loungewear, swimwear, shorts, knitwear, skirts, and more.

You can find these items in different colors, styles, designs, patterns and stitching details. 

Similar is the case with footwear. You can find a wide variety, including heels, ankle boots, long boots, flat shoes, trainers, sandals, and platform sandals. Again, depending on your requirements, you can find various designs for each footwear style.

Numerous styles of jackets and coats made of different materials can also be bought from their website, such as raincoats, puffer jackets, denim jackets, hooded fur coats, blazers, biker jackets, kimonos, shackets, and more. 

The brand also sells many fashion accessories for everyday wear, including sunglasses, bags, belts, jewelry, scarves, hair accessories, hats and more.

You can also shop by trends on their website if you don’t know how to pick an outfit. You can pick from various trends, such as holiday, summer, colour pop, going out, denim, party, festival, and a few more.

What Materials Does Lily Lulu use?

The brand uses a wide variety of materials for all its products. In clothing, you will find everything from plain cotton shirts to nylon to silk to denim and whatnot.

Coats and jackets are also made using different materials. Some contain fur, while others are made using leather material.

Regardless of the materials and fabrics used, the quality of each and every product is quite up to the mark.

Special Discounts offered by Lily Lulu

Lily Lulu keeps offering special discounts on all its products every now and then. The company frequently releases discount codes through its newsletters, and the discounts can easily go up to 20-30%, maybe more.

If you want to avail of these discounts, you should sign up for their newsletter. They also keep posting their exclusive offers on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Students can make the most of this brand because they offer a 10% discount to students all year round. All you need is a valid student email address to avail this offer.

If you are not yet a customer of Lily Lulu and plan to become one, there is good news for you. You can get a 5% discount on your first Lily Lulu order.

However, to avail of this option, you need to sign up to their newsletter to receive the 5% off discount code in your email.

What are the Customer Reviews about Lily Lulu?

Lily Lulu generally enjoys favorable reviews from the customers. With an average of 4 stars rating, the customers of Lily Lulu seem pretty satisfied with their purchases.

The customers seem particularly happy about the discounts and bargains offered by the brand. The quality of the products is also commended by many people.

Most satisfied customers have frequently mentioned their excellent and prompt customer service.

The wide variety of the products is also explicitly mentioned by many customers. In addition, the price range is also appreciated.

There is a small percentage of customers who are dissatisfied with their purchases as well. But most of the customers are seen recommending the brand to others.

Is Lily Lulu Fashion Legit?

Lily Lulu is a legit company. It has been officially registered in Manchester and has a physical office over there. 

The company enjoys a good reputation among its customers and delivers genuine products, as displayed on its website.

The company has also provided complete contact details on its website, including its office address, contact number, and other social media pages that are very active.

The company’s website is also approved safe by many bodies and has a good trust score.

The Final Word

In this fast fashion world, finding a legit online brand that delivers what it shows is nothing short of a miracle. Fortunately, Lily Lulu is one of such prestigious companies that thrive on customer satisfaction. 

Everything about Lily Lulu is commendable, from its trendy products to affordable prices to quick delivery of the products.

If you are also on the lookout for some stylish and up-to-date clothes, go ahead and give Lily Lulu fashion a try. You surely won’t be disappointed.