Every year the number of online shoppers and sellers is increasing, but so are the frauds. 

With over twenty-four million online stores out there, it is almost impossible to figure out which one is worth buying from and which isn’t.

This is because looting people online is just as easy as shopping online. Sometimes sellers ask for advance payment and never deliver at all. 

Other times sellers deliver the products but look nothing like they did in the pictures online.

The best way to protect yourself from these fake sellers is to research. Research about the website you wish to buy from, check reviews, and only then make a decision

Lemon Moda Fashion is a fairly new brand offering some interesting items but is the brand legit?

Let’s find out.


Lemon Moda is an online clothing brand that sells tops, bottoms, swimsuits, dresses, shoes, and accessories for women.

The brand’s About Us page claims that it was launched in 2018 to make fashion affordable.

Lemon Moda has thousands of designs to choose from. The price range starts from 3.99 dollars, and with up to 75 percent off, you can get clothes at a very reasonable price.

The highest-priced dress on the Lemon Moda Fashion website is Lace Solid Cap Sleeve Sheath Party Elegant Maxi,  priced at 75 US dollars. 

You can pay for the dress all at once or in four interest-free installments of 19 US dollars. 

The lowest-priced dress is a Solid Velvet Sleeveless Bodycon, priced at 7 US dollars. 

The brand claims that all its clothes are made with the best fabric and stitched by expert tailors.


Social media is the best way to promote a clothing brand- especially the one operating online. 

Some of the most successful brands market their products through sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Brands with well-maintained accounts and a large number of followers (at least 100,000) are 

trustable and worth shopping from. 

Lemon Moda

 does not have accounts on two of the most popular websites- Instagram and TikTok.

The brand’s Facebook page, however, has over 100,000 followers. The brand posts regularly on the page and has a lot of comments.

Everything about the page seems perfect at first glance, but as you dig deeper, things get fishy. 

All the posts have four to five robot-like comments praising the brand. It is weird because no good brand’s comment section looks like that.

This gives an impression that Lemon Moda has bought likes for its page and pays the people to write positive comments. 


Statistics reveal that 93 percent of consumers read the reviews online before making a purchase

This means that good reviews bring in more sales and portray a positive brand image. 

Lemon Moda fashion allows people to leave reviews on its Facebook page. So far, fifty-one people have given their opinion there.

The rating is 1.7 out of 5, which shows that most buyers are not pleased with the products. 

One reviewer wrote that the quality of clothes is pathetic. They look nothing like the items advertised, and returning them costs a fortune. 

Another reviewer says she ordered a few dresses from the brand two months ago. 

Although the payment was cleared immediately, Lemon Moda has still not delivered the clothes. 

One disappointed buyer wrote that she spent a hundred pounds on the clothes, but half of them did not fit. 

When she returned the items, a customer care representative told her they did not qualify for a refund. They kept her clothes and never returned the money.

The brand has high shipping charges, and most buyers are unhappy with it. 

One buyer claims that the shipping cost her as much as the clothes, and it’s the biggest turn-off.

Trustpilot rates Lemon Moda Fashion 1.5 out of 5. Out of 142 reviews, 20% call the brand excellent, and 70% think it offers poor-quality products. 

Deborah wrote a long review on Trustpilot. She ordered a lot of tops and dresses from the brand.

When the dresses arrived, their quality was not up to par, and the colors were also dull.

Although she packed the items and sent them back immediately, the brand rejected the refund and never returned her emails.  

Another dissatisfied buyer wrote that she spent 200 pounds on Lemon Moda. 

The tracking site claimed that the order is delivered. After several months, she’s still waiting for it. 

Most of these reviews claim that Lemon Moda does not deliver the clothes they advertise. The fabric is cheap, and the company makes excuses about refunds. 

So it is safe to say Lemon Moda does not offer customers the quality it promises. 


There are a lot of issues with Lemon Moda Fashion. 

The brand is probably paying someone to write positive reviews on Facebook posts. Suspicious sellers often use such tactics.

Lemon Moda Fashion’s website is also controversial. The website’s layout is similar to some well-known brands, and it also steals outfit pictures from other brands.

Lemon Moda does not come up with unique designs but copy pastes outfit pictures. This is the reason behind people receiving clothes that look nothing like advertisements. 

The discounts offered are bogus. No good brand would give offers like “Buy 3 get 1 free” and “Buy 4 articles and get 70 percent off on 5th.”

 Mostly scam websites come up with such offers to lure more people into buying.

The brand’s refund policy is also questionable. No matter what is wrong with the order, the buyer has to pay for the return shipping. 

Most buyers are ghosted and never get their money after returning the product.

The Lemon Moda domains have been around since 2020, but the Alexa ranking is still insignificant. 

People do not access the site due to the low-quality clothes and poor service offered by Lemon Moda.

So, in our opinion, one should avoid shopping from Lemon Moda because although the brand is legit, it’s not up to par.