Lacoste is a French fashion line that is best known for its apparel, footwear, and accessories. The company is identifiable by a common man from even a distance due to its unique crocodile logo.

Any individual who even has a little idea of the fashion industry knows about how famous and reputable the company is.

Whenever you see a colorful polo shirt with a crocodile logo on it, you can immediately guess that the polo belongs to Lacoste. That is how popular the label has grown.

Other than their classical polos, the brand is also famous for its men’s shoes.

These classical shoes are most wanted by men who love to opt for class and style at the same time.

Classical, Yet Trendy!

As mentioned above, like the men’s shoe collection, the clothing line is also an ode to its 90s roots while having the perfect touch of modern fashion.

The designs are both classical and trendy at the same time. There are a few touches that the brand has still not left behind, like its famous signature logo and the font of the brand name itself.

Even the packaging is not so common, and each penny you spend on the products speaks for them! Your items will be delivered to you in perfectly wrapped leather or suede.

This clearly explains how much the brand is true to its roots of being an age-old classic.

Is Lacoste a Luxury Brand?

Lacoste truly falls into the high-end category. Its ready-to-wear clothes have been popular in the fashion industry for a long time.

It is expensive compared to other brands in the same category.

Lacoste provides a certain sense of status to the person who wears it.

And this is why the clothing, footwear, and accessories are all costly and exclusive when compared to other mass-market brands.

But, Lacoste is not as pricey as other fashion labels in the industry like Gucci or Giorgio Armani.

The brand has a prolonged past of teaming with the most reputable fashion designers, like Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, and Yves Saint-Laurent, to make their distinctive ensembles.

It can be regarded as a luxury brand due to its reputable high position in the industry.

Other than that, the company has created an iconic image by just using a logo that proved to be so powerful that any ordinary man could even recognize it.

Lacoste is pricey compared to the moderate cost of non-luxury clothes (ten to thirty dollars). For instance, for a t-shirt, Lacoste charges up to fifty to a hundred dollars.

Although compared to additional extravagant labels, Lacoste is not nearly as expensive as them.

The main reason behind the price is the brand’s publicity, origin, and the status of its apparel.

Is Lacoste Worth the Money?

Considering how the high-end brand only is affordable for a lesser segment of people, it has surely maintained its quality for all those who are liable enough to buy the brand’s products.

Even if it is their signature polo shirt, the quality the durability can never be questioned if you see a green crocodile on it!

There are even watches from the label that are made from original crocodile skin and sell up to a thousand dollars.

Now those who can afford this kind of luxury continue to buy their iconic products. For others, there is a mildly affordable range offered by the company.

Since every man wishes to even just own one of the brands’ clothing items, the company has managed to be a bridge between luxury and affordability.

The basic line of clothing is not super expensive and is quite affordable for almost any person to buy.

So, we believe that, considering how old the brand has been in business, the products are worth the money as it knows how to keep its customers loyal to the trademark.

Are Lacoste Products Good?

From the numerous reviews you might find online, including review videos on the various social media platforms, you will realize that the quality of Lacoste’s apparel is never sub-optimal.

It has maintained its position by being at the top of the fashion industry always.

Though it may not be as fancy as other luxury brands, the label has undoubtedly set a mark by manufacturing items that can go through numerous wash cycles and sweat cycles without fading.

The standard of their clothes, when contrasted to the price you would have paid for re-buying clothing, is what nearly makes Lacoste appear more affordable by comparison.

What causes Lacoste to be so attractive (particularly in this era) is that they are honestly a brand that forms a bridge to luxury, as mentioned above.

This means that with their clothes, you get all the bonuses that are associated with buying from an extravagant label (standard, workmanship, fashion) without as many of the obligations that are attached to purchasing from high-end labels, like the outrageous costs.

Is Ralph Lauren More Expensive Than Lacoste?

If you want a look that appeals more to the younger generation, you should opt for Lacoste. But, it surely is more expensive than Ralph Lauren.

At the same time, if you wish to dress up in a chic white polo with a pair of chinos, Ralph Lauren should be your go-to choice.

Lacoste offers fine Pima cotton on its t-shirts and polos. To those who are unaware, Pima cotton is finer and of supreme quality than regular cotton.

The fibers are long, and thus the clothes are more durable yet comfortable to wear. Apart from the material, the fit on the Lacoste t-shirts is much better than Ralph Lauren’s. This gives a superior advantage to the former brand as size matters a lot when buying polo t-shirts.

If, after all these perks, Lacoste demands a higher price for even its basic polos when compared to Ralph Lauren, it is justified.

The brand speaks for itself. But, there is always room for a new option. So if you wish to consider buying an outfit from Ralph Lauren in terms of affordability, you can surely give it a try!



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