Kixify is a place where individuals from all around the globe come together to buy and sell distinctive sneakers.

The sole purpose of the marketplace is to sell sneakers on a global level.

The main goal of establishing this marketplace was to make buying and selling easy for people.

Their mission was to create a platform online that fulfilled the wants of the people.

They wanted to introduce diversity and variety to the sneaker business.

This platform is one of the few that provides a space for young entrepreneurs to turn their ideas and passion into a profession.

Many people recognize the marketplace as the one place that sells a variety of unique sneakers.

The website contains different sneaker brands through which people can shop.

You can get sneakers from Nike, Adidas, Vans, and many other top-selling brands.

Individuals and small business owners sell unique sneakers on Kixify that people can’t buy anywhere else.

How does the Website Work?

The marketplace of Kixify is just like other retailers.

The main purpose of the marketplace is for people to sell and buy sneakers.

To make it easy for newbies to navigate through the website, its design was made simple and easy.

If you are a seller, before posting any ads, you have to make an account on the website first.

For a seller, having PayPal is also necessary. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you cannot sell on Kixify.

When you link your PayPal with your Kixify account, you can sign up and start listing your products right away.

The buyers can view your page and take a look at the products before they buy them.

To make the website usable, you also have to accept all the terms of the marketplace.

This also means that once you accept the terms, the website becomes eligible for a 9% commission.

Every time you sell something, the commission automatically goes to the website.

On the website, some people occasionally sell items. For these sellers, they don’t need a separate account, but regulars have to become members.

The members also get updates on the sales and other seasonal discounts.

So, if you are looking to become a regular member of Kixify, you have to sign up for the membership.

Both sellers and buyers can apply for the membership.

The discounts and coupon codes are all emailed to the members individually.

When you complete your order, you can add in the discount code, and the price will be deducted.

Do People Sell Fake Shoes on Kixify?

On the Kixify marketplace, most people sell genuine sneakers, but some sellers also indulge in selling fake versions.

So buyers have to be extra careful when buying from Kixify.

Check the reviews beforehand and make sure that the retailer is selling the authentic version of the sneakers.

Another way to protect yourself from a scam and to keep the cash safe is to use PayPal when paying for the order.

PayPal rejects all suspicious and unsuccessful money transactions.

If you make a failed money transfer, the app will compensate you with the money and send it back to your account.

If you think you were scammed, you can contact PayPal, and they will return your payment.

A sign of fake and scam sellers is that they do not reply to the buyer’s queries and their reviews seem repetitive and forged.

Make sure that the information you disclose on the site isn’t too much, and if the seller isn’t responding to your questions, it is a sign that they might be fake sellers. Authentic sellers would guarantee that they respond to the queries.

Their reviews will also back up the seller, and if you are still unsure, then you can ask for the pictures of the sneakers to get a better look.

How do I get a Refund on Kixify?

Kixify is a platform that supports small businesses, which is why the return policy of this marketplace can be vague and tough to get.

This is the main problem that people face when they shop at Kixify.

The marketplace doesn’t have a precise and exact return policy.

Each store individually marks the policy.

In case you have to return something, you can’t contact the marketplace since they wouldn’t know what brand follows which policy.

You have to contact the store from where you ordered. And to settle things out, you would have to inquire with the retailer.

The marketplace, in general, sells some unique sneakers, but their return policy and the disconnectivity between the platform and the sellers are where things go wrong.

You have to connect with the seller personally, and the return of the product depends on how the seller takes the complaint.

Is Kixify a Good Marketplace to Buy Sneakers from?

Kixify is a good place to buy exclusive sneakers, but you have to be extra vigilant and watchful.

Many people sell fake and knock-off versions of famous sneakers on the website.

To avoid getting scammed, ask for photo evidence of the sneakers and look for authentic and genuine reviews.

Overall, there aren’t many good reviews on the website, which means that people aren’t satisfied with their purchases.

It all depends on what the buyer likes personally.

Some people may like what others dislike, so if the reviews point out the excellent quality of the product, it is most likely that the product is genuine.

Make sure you check everything before paying for the products.

If you get scammed, you can get your money back, but if you receive a product that you didn’t order, it depends on the seller and whether he would accept the return.

Final Verdict

When it comes to online shopping, it is an unspoken rule to check everything before paying.

The same is with Kixify. If you dig deep enough, you can find some unique gems, but if you buy the first thing you see without checking, you may get scammed.

So make sure you keep track of everything to avoid getting scammed.



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