Whether you’re going to a party or doing some light shopping, the need for a good handbag is always there.

If that bag has a bit of bling, it will undoubtedly help add some class and glamor to your personality.

Kathy Van Zeeland has primarily been a women’s handbag designer since 2004. The brand’s inventory has also branched out into watches, clothes, and jewelry after the acquisition of the license by Safti in 2006.

It is an American brand, also available in Europe, founded because of the passion of its creator and designer, Kathy Van Zeeland.

It is not a high-end fashion brand, like Prada or Dolce & Gabanna.

However, some of its designs are still copied and sold as low-quality fakes.


Kathy Van Zeeland’s owner, Kathy, was interning at various fashion houses before getting the job as an assistant in a private fashion company.

It was due to this role that she got promoted to the role of the vice president of the million-dollar design company.

Even though she loved her job, she still wasn’t the ultimate decision-maker, which meant her creativity was not allowed to run free as she would have liked.

With that said, she decided founded her very own handbag business, in 2004.

She set up her headquarters in the ballroom of Beverly Hills property, which had been recently purchased by her husband.

In just four years, the firm had an exceptional sale of 60 million handbags.

She later decided to sell her firm to, LF USA, for a whopping $330 million.

After the acquisition of the company, Kathy worked as an employee of the company heading the design department.

Is A Kathy Van Zeeland A Good Brand

Kathy launched her empire with three original handbags.

Although the bags were a hit in terms of their sale, they were received with varying views.

Its fans loved how glamorous and blingy her bags were.

She was a massive hit on QVC and departmental stores as her items were regularly sold out.

Some people criticized its collection, labeling it as very gaudy and somewhat tacky. However, its response to the critics was that its target audience was someone else and not them.

In 2009, after Kathy sold her company, a new collection of handbags was introduced by her in the market. She was heavily criticized for it as the bags were of extremely low quality.

After 2009, the quality of bags seemed to fall considerably low, but they are still available in the market.

The brand continues to sell handbags, even though its sales have declined, as the brand is still a working option for middle-class people.

How To Spot Fake Kathy Van Zeeland Bags?

Kathy Van Zeeland’s designs are mimicked and sold at extremely low prices in the shape of poor-quality fakes.

There are indicative design flaws that exist in these mimics, and once you learn how to spot the differences between these fakes, you will be easily able to do so.

Firstly check the key chain of the bag.

All Kathy Van Zeeland’s bags are adorned with an ornamental key chain, which usually has a crown symbol on it. A bag that has a different kind of keychain or one without any key chain at all is fake.

The metal on the key chain should match the metal on the zipper, as imitators mostly fail to create xerox copies of these items.

All Kathy Van Zeeland’s bags have a tiny, square, robin’s egg blue colored label stitched on the inside zippered pocket present inside the bag.

The label has the engravement “Kathy Van Zeeland.”

The lining of a bag from Kathy Van Zeeland always has a pattern and is different in each bag. A handbag with a solid-colored lining is a fake one.

Comparing these things on the bag will save you from buying fake Kathy Van Zeeland.

Customer Reviews On Kathy Van Zeeland’s Purses

If you are a lover of metallic bags, leather bags, or bags with bling at an affordable price, then Kathy Van Zeeland is your brand to choose from.

Most of its fans love Kathy’s collection for its bling and very spacious compartments.

The bags are usually divided into many compartments and pockets, making it easier to organize stuff in the bag.

Lately, the customers are not very happy with the quality of the bags, as the quality is getting poor day by day.

The leather of the bag keeps peeling off, first just a few strands, then big patches start to fall off.

Bubbling of leather is also very common in Kathy Van Zeeland’s bags nowadays.

The handles of the bags break very easily, and the studs that are glued onto the bags fall off, leaving behind those ugly glue stains.

The quality of the bags ruins even if they are taken great care of by storing them in wrapped up breathable fabrics.

The customer service of Kathy Van Zeeland is reviewed to be very bad.

When they complain about the quality of the bags or ask about the return or exchange policy, there is just no response from the company’s side. It’s like all the complaints fall on deaf ears.

Although the style and price ranges of Kathy Van Zeeland’s bags are greatly appreciated, with the kind of quality and customer service they are providing, it’s a big no from the customers’ side.

Kathy Van Zeeland’s Products Price Range

Overall, Kathy Van Zeeland is a very affordable brand with a good style.

Its bling clutches start from $10 all the way up to $30.

Women’s purses start from $20 to $100, depending on the material and size of the bag.

The brand also offers luggage bags at affordable prices, which can be looked at in different stores or online websites.

Starting as a very trendy, stylish, and with good sales, Kathy Van Zeeland was able to gain popularity way faster than many other brands in its price range.

With the passing years, as it lost its quality, it lost the support of its customers, even though its old supporters are still fans of its work.

With time, very few original Kathy Van Zeeland bags are available in the market, as it seems the brand has gone out of business.


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