Online shopping has been on a constant rise lately.

And, why shouldn’t it be?

It’s a convenient way of getting everything we want without leaving the comfort of our homes.

While browsing for stuff online is fun, it can get really frustrating if you have to shop for the whole family and move back and forth to different websites to find the best deals.

Fortunately, numerous companies now offer a complete range of apparel for people of all age groups and sizes.

One such name is Jiffy Shirts.

Jiffy Shirts offers blank clothing for infants to adults in varying sizes and colors.

However, today, we will deeply scrutinize the brand to find out if it’s legit or another scam website.

So, are you ready? Let’s start!

What is Jiffy Shirts?

Jiffy Shirts is an online apparel company specializing in blank apparel.

In case you don’t know, blank apparel is clothing that hasn’t been decorated in any way. In other words, clothing that is entirely blank.

Blank apparel is usually sold on a wholesale level to other clothing brands and labels, who then add embellishments along with their logos to resell these items to the customers directly or through retailers.

However, Jiffy Shirts was established with the vision of providing blank apparel to the end customer at very affordable prices.

The company also sells in bulk quantities, but you have the liberty to purchase even a single piece if you want.

The company is based in Wilmington, US, and was established almost a decade ago.

Since its launch, the company has helped numerous entrepreneurs and creators launch their own brands using their products.

What does Jiffy Shirts Sell?

Jiffy Shirts offers a massive range of blank apparel, including tees, dress shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, polo shirts, pants & shorts, hats, tank tops, and high viz.

In addition to apparel, the company also sells various household and kitchen items, including blankets, towels, and aprons. These items are also completely blank.

Both apparel and household items are available in a wide variety of colors. The same is the case with the sizing of the clothes. 

The sizing range offered by Jiffy Shirts is pretty extensive, starting from XXS, going all the way up to 7XL for adults.

You can also find newborn, toddler, and teen sizes on their website.

What are the Materials Used by Jiffy Shirts?

Various materials can be found in Jiffy Shirts’ products.

You can find clothing in almost every type of cotton material you can think of, including thick cotton, soft cotton, light cotton, heavy cotton, poly-cotton, medium cotton, value cotton, and 100% pure cotton.


The company also uses other materials, such as 100% polyester or different blends of cotton and polyester, like 50/50, and more. 

They also have some eco-friendly options made of sustainable fabric, some of which are certified organic.

The company also sells athleisure with moisture-wicking technology at meager prices.

What is the Return Policy of Jiffy Shirts?

The return policy of Jiffy Shirts is extremely accommodating. The company gives you 100 days to return your blank items. YES, you read it right, 100 DAYS!

These 100 days start from the date you made your purchase. For returning, first, you need to fill up the Return Form on the company’s website to request a return authorization, which only takes a couple of minutes or so.

The company then emails you a UPS shipping label, which you need to put on the package and drop off at any UPS location.

However, returned items shouldn’t have been worn, washed, printed, or embellished in any way. Otherwise, the return won’t be accepted. The company doesn’t charge any restocking fee, but you will have to pay shipping charges of $9.95. 

Once you return the order, the company takes 1-2 weeks to inspect the returned items. In total, you can expect your refund to be issued within 21 business days.

How is the Customer Service of Jiffy Shirts?

Customer Service is the biggest strength of Jiffy Shirts. In fact, the company was initiated with the very aim of providing stellar and distinctive customer service to the clientele of blank apparel.

Since then, the company has worked tirelessly day in and day out to ensure customer satisfaction. This hard work has already paid off in winning the customer choice award at Sitejabber in 2021.

The company’s customer service can be reached on their website through online chat. The team is available from Monday to Friday. And if you contact within the available hours, you will get an immediate response.

Is Jiffy Shirts a Reputable Company?

Jiffy Shirts is undoubtedly a reputable company. You will only find positive reviews about it all over the internet.

One of the major reasons behind Jiffy Shirts’ growing reputation is that it treats its customers as kings. The company makes sure to satisfy its customers by any means possible.

Another praiseworthy trait of the company is its super-fast shipping. The company offers three shipping options, fastest, standard, and economy, with slight variation in rates. Even if you go for the economy option, your order will be delivered in no time. 

Customers are particularly happy with the fact that the company delivers what it displays on the website. Plus, it gives pretty good deals and discounts on bulk orders.

You can also find detailed information about what items should be bought in bulk or vice versa.

The company’s website also enjoys a 100% trust rating on various platforms. People seem highly satisfied with how user-friendly the website’s interface is and how easy it is to find different products.

The company also updates its website daily to prevent people from putting out-of-stock items into their carts to later find out they are unavailable.

In addition, the website has been approved safe by DNSFilter, Trend Micro, and Flashstart as well.

The Final Word

Without a shred of doubt, Jiffy Shirts is one of the most legit blank apparel companies out there. From an extensive assortment of items to unparalleled customer service, there is not one place where the company falls short.

Whether you are looking to start your own clothing label or want to purchase some blank clothing for casual wear, you will never go wrong with Jiffy Shirts.