Jewelry has been around for thousands of years. Some people wear jewelry to enhance their looks.

Some wear jewelry that matches their outfit to complete their look. While some people like to collect valuable fine jewelry that is made with gold, silver, and diamonds.

Jewelry comes in two types i.e. fine and fashion jewelry.

Fine jewelry is expensive and mostly worn on special occasions.

Fine jewelry is mostly collected by people as a form of asset.

On the other hand, fashion jewelry is inexpensive and is worn by people daily. Most people wear fashion jewelry to enhance their outfits.


Jewelry is considered an important accessory in almost all cultures of the world. However, when it comes to the price of jewelry, it’s not the same throughout the world. 

Some countries have cheaper jewelry while some have expensive jewelry.

This usually depends on different factors such as the tax system, availability of raw materials, and labor.

Countries like Hong Kong, Dubai, Thailand, Switzerland, etc.

In this article, we have explained whether jewelry is cheaper in Italy or not. Keep reading to find out!


Why Is Jewelry Cheaper In Some Countries?

Before moving toward Italy’s Jewelry, let’s try to understand why jewelry is inexpensive in some countries.

There are two types of jewelry i.e. fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. Fine jewelry is expensive and is made of valuable metals like gold and silver. Fine jewelry can also have diamonds.

On the other hand, fashion jewelry is inexpensive and does not have valuable metals. Instead, it’s made of brass or any other metal. 

Most people purchase fine jewelry as an asset. Whereas fashion jewelry is largely purchased as they are inexpensive and can be bought in a large quantity.

Fine Jewelry 

Fine Jewelry such as gold, silver, or diamond jewelry has the same price throughout the world. This price of gold changes daily and is set by the London Gold Fix.

However, there are countries where you can find fine jewelry at a lower price. This is due to some factors that influence the price of fine jewelry.

Factors such as tax relaxations by the country, low labor cost, availability of raw materials, currency fluctuations, and demand for the jewelry by customers cause the prices of fine jewelry to lower in some countries.

However, due to tax relaxations in Dubai, fine jewelry, especially gold jewelry, is inexpensive as compared to many other countries. In Dubai, gold jewelers are only required to pay a tax of 5%.

Similarly, fine jewelry is inexpensive in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, the sales tax on gold jewelry is only 5%.

As a result, jewelers sell gold jewelry at a comparatively lower price.

Another factor that causes the low prices of jewelry in some countries is the demand. In most South Asian And Middle Eastern countries, there is a huge demand for fine jewelry.

And some people like to give it to others as a gift. Mostly gold jewelry is given as a gift at weddings.

Whatever the reason for the purchase is, fine jewelry is in high demand in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Another reason is the manufacturing and availability of raw materials. In India and Africa, diamonds are produced.

So the price of diamond jewelry is less in these regions.

In China, the labor cost is very low. So the jewelry that is produced in China is sold at a lower price.

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is less expensive. However, the price of fashion jewelry is different in different countries.

For example, the jewelry that is made in China is extremely inexpensive as the labor cost in China is very low. 

Similarly, due to taxes, demand for jewelry, and high competition, fashion jewelry is also cheaper in some countries.

Is Jewelry Cheaper In Italy?

The short answer is; No, Italian jewelry is more expensive than jewelry in the Middle East or South Asian countries.

Italy is not only known for its food and tourist attractions but it is also known for its delicate, dainty, and high-quality pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry manufactured in Italy has beautiful and delicate designs. However, the price of the jewelry that is made in Italy is a bit high.

Firstly, the labor cost in Italy is very high. As a result, jewelry that is made in Italy is expensive as compared to countries like China where the labor cost is extremely low.

In the US, gold jewelry is mostly 14K or 10K which has 41.7% and 58.3% pure gold respectively. However, in Italy, you’ll mostly find jewelry that is 18K or 22K which has 75% and 91.6% pure gold.

The higher the purity of gold is, the higher the price of gold jewelry is. As there is more pure gold in the jewelry pieces of Italy, the price of jewelry is comparatively high.

The price of jewelry in Italy depends on the region of Italy and it depends on the local manufacturing and labor cost. Also, it depends on the availability of raw materials.

The demand for jewelry in Italy is high. But it’s not as high as the demand for fine jewelry in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries, so jewelry is more expensive in Italy than in these countries.

Italy is known for making high-quality jewelry. Also, the designs of Italian jewelry are very delicate. This is the most important reason that jewelry in Italy is expensive.

To sum it up, the price of jewelry in Italy is comparatively higher than in Middle Eastern, South Asian countries, and China.


The price of Jewelry in Italy is high as compared to many other countries. 

This is mainly due to the high quality of jewelry. The jewelry made in Italy is high-quality and the designs of these jewelry pieces are very delicate. 

Other factors such as high labor cost, quality of gold, etc cause the price of jewelry to be high in Italy.