Aruba being an ideal destination for tourists and vacations has various exotic resorts and beaches that are sure to leave you captivated in its wake.

The island becomes alive at night, with the dazzling beaches and hotels that offer luxury and comfort, a dream that you could get lost in. 

Along with being an ideal spot to lay off some heat, Aruba is known for the quality jewelry it offers and that too, at much lower prices than you could find anywhere in the world. 

So, what makes Aruba jewelry so special?

And, what is the secret behind such affordable prices for such quality masterpieces?

Why Are There So Many Jewelry Stores In Aruba?

Duty Free 

One of the reasons why Aruba jewelry is popular is not only because of its high quality and taste but also the wide variety and cheap prices it offers so that quality jewelry is available for anyone and everyone. 

The reason behind this luxury is that the jewelry is duty-free meaning no extra fee is charged on the imported or exported goods.

It gives a clear advantage to tourists where you can bargain with the seller for the jewelry to be sold at much lower prices than it was initially offered, reaching a price that is well within your budget and also suitable to the seller.

Quality Jewelry And Designs 

The jewelry found in Aruba is of impeccable quality and taste and is no less than designer-branded jewelry you’ll find in stores around the world.

It earns you plus points for owning quality jewelry, at affordable prices.

The unique pieces and gems, as well as authentic designs and materials, allow Aruban jewelry to maintain its standards and give it a renowned position in the world of jewelry. 

What Jewelry Is Popular In Aruba?

While you’re at Aruba, the heaven on earth, why not bring something back to remind you of the magical time you had back there?

Because time really flies when you’re enjoying yourself. 

Aruba holds a large number of jewelry stores and offers you a large variety of magical jewelry pieces without asking for an arm or leg. 

Here are some of the popular jewelry that most people opt, when going for jewelry shopping in Aruba. 

Red Gold  

Most of the gold jewelry in Aruba is 12 karat and above, meaning the percentage of pure gold used is quite adequate considering the prices. 

Coupled with the intricately crafted designs, the quality jewelry speaks for itself. The studded gemstones including sapphire, rubies and topaz make them a sight to behold. 

This is due to the history of the island which was popular for mining gold and earned its name.

Aruba means “red gold” pertaining to the high quality of gold mined in the lands. 


 Creatively cut diamonds and their input in jewelry is another feat that Aruba jewelry excels in.

It creates the best jewelry pieces without stressing the diamond too much.

By doing this, they prevent flaws and defects in the diamond’s face and allow it to maintain its quality. 

There are a variety of emphasized cuts in diamond that bring out its natural shine and strength, and illuminate the jewelry pieces it is settled in. 

Where To Buy

While Aruba has a number of stalls and local vendors that sell jewelry, there are a few that specialize in jewelry than others. Some of the most reputable jewelry stores in Aruba are Shiva’s Gold as well as Little Switzerland. 

You can bargain with the seller at Shiva’s gold but the price is fixed at Little Switzerland.

Also beware of local, cheap stores where they are handing out flyers and beckoning you in with their salesman. 

However if you are feeling generous it wouldn’t hurt to pay a visit. 

Can You Buy Gold In Aruba?

Aruba has a history for holding sources of gold within the heart of the island. However the mines are not empty and now it’s just a famous tourist spot, still carrying its rich history through its infamous jewelry pieces. 

Varying Standards 

You still want to be careful when purchasing gold in Aruba, since different vendors have varying qualities and standards pertaining to the quality of gold. 

This is important to remember because some have specialized staff, some may not, some may offer GIA certificates for their gems, giving you an idea about the authenticity of the jewelry that they are offering. 

Touch Of Gold

One of the most praised stores in Aruba is Touch Of Gold by Sanjay’s.

Along with jewelry pieces for women, it has a collection of fine watches for men and women along with local art pieces for you to take home and hidden treasures that were washed on shore long ago.

 Their customer service is also exceptional, where the staff is extremely helpful and offers expert advice while hearing your opinion earnestly, to help make your choice easier.

Is Jewelry In Aruba Expensive?

Not only is the jewelry found in Aruba reasonably priced, but also much cheaper than you’ll find around the world, along with the designer quality it offers.

It is the hub of jewelry masterpieces and credit may go to its rich history and background, as well as the local as well as international designers for their expert craftsmanship. 

Versatile Jewelry Pieces 

Since Aruba is a favored tourist spot for many around the world, the designers have incorporated this diversity into their designs without adding the pressure of import and export taxes and making it easier for everyone to afford quality jewelry in their favorite destination. 

Great Service 

Along with that, most vendors have experienced, friendly staff to help you pick your favorite jewelry, and offer bargaining services where you can get the jewelry at lower prices than it was initially offered. 

Even though the bargaining service may not be available at all stores, the jewelry will still be available at reasonable prices where there is a huge range to choose from.


Aruba is not only a grand vacation spot for you to enjoy the beautiful scenic beaches and exotic resorts and luxurious hotels but also quite the champion when it comes to selling designer-class jewelry at much lower prices.