There are so many clothing brands out there that it’s become hard to figure out who to trust.

If you plan on shopping from In The Style, you’ve come to the right because we have gathered all the information about it.

Let’s dive in and see if In The Style is legit. 


In 2013, Adam Firsby recognized the lack of celebrity-designed womenswear and decided to do something about it. 

One year later, Adam launched a brand named In The Style. The first ever celebrity-designed collection was created with help of TV star Lauren Pope.

Surprisingly, the collection was a major hit and all the clothes got sold within a few days. Ever since In The Style has collaborated with numerous actors and social media influencers. 

Some of the celebrities worth mentioning are Charlotte Crosby, Billie Faiers, Sarah Ashcroft, and Lorna Luxe. 

In October 2021, In the Style sealed the deal with Liberty Poole- everyone’s favorite Love Island contestant.

Instagram influencers who collaborate with the brand have millions of followers. Lately, it worked with 15 Instagrammers having over 30 million followers.

In The Style promises high-quality apparel at affordable prices and aims at producing styles that boost the confidence of its consumers. 

So far, the company has successfully made 1.5 million sales and wishes to make a lot more in the future. 

Apart from its original website, the brand’s clothes are now available at various online retailers including Lipsy, Shop Direct, and ASOS.

The brand displays the latest news about its accomplishments on the website. In January 2022, In The Style raised over £1 million in aid of the Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK.

In February, it got nominated for two weekly retail awards named Best Retailer Under £250m and Fashion Retailer of the Year.


The brand has a lot of cute clothes on the website. To see how expensive the brand is, we looked up the price range in the New In section.

The highest price we found was £50. Many articles including  Terrie Mcevoy Gold Twist Halterneck Wide Leg Jumpsuit, and Ladybaby Mum Black Tailored Blazer are available for this price tag.

The lowest-priced item is the Wales Flag T-shirt available for £12. Accessories can be bought for prices as low as £5.

Currently, In The Style is offering a grand clearance sale with up to 80% off on certain items.

Carys Whittaker Black Floral Long Sleeve Wrap Midi Dress is available for only £8 on sale. 

All the items come in sizes ranging from 6 to 20 and can be bought easily on 3-4 interest-free monthly installments. 

To make the shopping experience easy, In The Style has launched its app on Google Play and the Apple store. 


Brands that work with celebrities and social media influencers are expected to have a strong social media presence.

Since In The Style is one of those brands, we had similar expectations from it. Fortunately, the brand has not disappointed.

On Instagram, In The Style has a verified account. The number of followers is 3.8 million and the engagement of posts is quite good. 

On Facebook, however, we found something fishy. Although the number of likes exceeds 382,000, there is no engagement on posts. 

So there is a possibility that In The Style bought followers to make its pages look good. 


These days, people do not sit quietly when they receive bad-quality clothes from a brand. Now, they post reviews and let their voices reach a wider audience.

So it is safe to say that reviews are the best way to gauge the quality offered by the brand. 

To see how great of a brand In The Style is, we looked up its reviews on various websites. Surprisingly, we found mixed reviews. 

On its Facebook page, the rating is 1.2 out of  5 which is horrible, to say the least. 

Laura Treanor wrote that she loves the collaborative collections of In The Style. She’s ordered clothes from them several times, but always had  experiences

The quality and sizing of clothes are inconsistent and she’s given up on the brand.

Another woman wrote that she ordered one dress from In The Style and it was a mistake. The quality was poor.

When she asked customer care for return info, two representatives responded and gave very different information. 

One woman ordered from the brand and two months later discovered that the shipment was lost.

Another unhappy buyer called In The Style scam. She wrote that the company never ships the order and doesn’t return the money.

After seeing so many bad reviews, we looked up In The Style on Trustpilot. Shockingly, the brand has over 5000 reviews and a 4-star rating.

When we began going through those reviews, they all looked very similar. 

Everyone in the review section had written about Kelly being an amazing customer care representative or Leigh Ann helping them with the order.

The review sections look more smitten to customer care representatives and the brand. There are no good reviews about the quality of the clothes.

The bad reviews on there, however, talk about awful articles being received. So it seems like the brand is not good. 


The brand’s website made us believe that it is amazing. In The Style seemed to have everything from finest quality to huge social media following and awards.

Deeper research, however, revealed the real face of the brand. Despite having so many likes on the Facebook page, it had no engagement on posts.

The rating on Facebook was also terrible with people complaining about not getting refunds. 

Trust pilot made it seem like a great brand 

with a 4-star rating but it seemed like women named Cornie, Leigh Ann, and Kelly had paid people to write to them.

Every comment talked about the amazing customer service provided by these women. The rest of the reviews were posted by angry customers who got cheap clothes. 

We believe that shopping at In The Style is a total waste of money. The brand has a lot of red flags and it’s best to avoid it.

In short, In The Style is not a legit brand.