Hollywood Jackets is an online store that has a large variety of jackets for men and women. 

Other than the basic jackets, they also have jackets that are inspired by TV shows and movies.

Hollywood Jackets has mentioned on their website that customer satisfaction comes first for them. However, what do the reviews of customers tell us?

Is Hollywood Jackets a legit company or is it another scam e-commerce site? Moreover, does Hollywood Jackets deliver what it shows on its website?

If you are a fan of jackets from TV shows and movies and are planning to purchase a jacket from Hollywood Jackets, you might have several questions about the legitimacy of the brands.

In this article, we have explained whether Hollywood Jackets is a legit brand or not.

We have also answered some of the queries you might have about the legitimacy of Hollywood Jackets. Keep on reading to find out!

About Hollywood Jackets

Hollywood Jackets is an American online store that sells basic jackets as well as jackets that are inspired by movies and TV shows.

The company claims to make and sell jackets that are high in quality. Hollywood Jackets also claims to provide excellent customer service.

They have mentioned on their website that;

“According to the expectations of our dear customers, every item we prepare is filled with charm and is based on high standards.”

Hollywood Jackets ships its products to customers in different countries around the world. 

Hollywood Jackets provide free worldwide shipping. However, if someone wants their products in a short time, then they charge $30.

Hollywood Jackets has mentioned on the website that they have warehouses in different parts of the world.

When a customer places an order on the website of Hollywood Jackets, they start making the jacket.

Firstly they cut the pattern according to the customer’s size, then it is stitched. Hollywood Jackets has mentioned that they inspect the quality of the jacket to make sure it’s not damaged.

Then they pack the products and deliver them to the location of the logistics company. In the end, the jacket reaches the doorsteps of the customer.

The return policy of Hollywood Jackets is very confusing. They have a return policy of thirty days. 

However, if the jacket was a custom order and the customer has issues with the size, they can return or exchange the product within 7 days of purchase.

In case of issues with the size, customers will have to pay $60 to exchange the product and $50 to return the product.

Hollywood Jackets sells a large variety of basic jackets as well as celebrity abused jackets. 

For men, Hollywood Jackets have leather, denim, wool, biker, sports, letterman jacket, and many more. They also have trench coats, peacoats, hoodies, and vests.

For women, Hollywood Jackets have coats, hoodies, vests, and jackets. The large variety of jackets Hollywood Jackets includes denim, leather, cotton, wool, bomber, varsity, and bomber jacket.

Hollywood Jackets does not only sell basic jackets but also jackets that are inspired by the characters of video games, movies, and TV shows.

Hollywood Jackets also have clone costumes from different TV shows and movies.

What do Reviews of Customers Tell About Hollywood Jackets?

Customers have given mixed reviews about Hollywood Jackets. Some customers say that it’s a good brand while some don’t advise buying from Hollywood Jackets.

More than 80 customers have reviewed the jackets of Hollywood Jackets on Trustpilot, which is a popular review site. 

The average rating given by these customers is 3.9, which is not that bad. 72% of these customers have given 5-star reviews while 18% have given 1-star reviews to the brand.

One customer gave a 5-star rating and wrote that;

“Great correspondence. Very helpful and my Jacket arrived extremely quickly. I ordered the Rocketman denim jacket and I love it. Thanks again!”

The average rating on Sitejabber is only 1-star. One customer, who gave a 1-star rating to the brand and also shared a picture of the product, wrote;

“CHEAP PRODUCT! The return policy was NOT upheld. Do NOT recommend this company, nor this product. So disappointed with the product and the customer service. Not worth 1 star. This is the FIRST negative review I have ever left.”

The average rating of Hollywood Jackets is also 1-star on ScamAdviser.

These reviews show that customers have given mixed reviews about the brand. Some reviews are entirely positive, while some reviews indicate to not buy anything from the Hollywood Jackets.

Is Hollywood Jackets Reliable? 

Yes, Hollywood Jackets is a reliable brand.

Hollywood Jackets manufactures their jackets once the customer has placed their order. So customers can easily get a custom jacket that perfectly fits them.

Hollywood Jackets claims that they use some software to ensure safe online shopping and payment. They accept payment through Visa Card, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express.

They offer free shipping to their customers. However, if the customer is in a hurry and wants to get their products soon, they’ll have to pay extra delivery charges.

Hollywood Jackets claims that they thoroughly check the product before delivering to make sure that it’s not damaged. Regarding this, they have mentioned that;

“You will never ever find a fault in our jacket as our team of professionals keeps their eyes on every single detail during the preparation.”

However, if a customer still gets a damaged or wrong product, they can return it within 30 days of purchase. Custom jackets can be returned within 7 days of purchase.

Is Hollywood Jackets Ethical?

Hollywood Jackets has not mentioned anything about its policies regarding ethics. So it is not certain whether it’s an ethical company or not.

Hollywood Jackets has not mentioned how they source their leather. They have also not mentioned the steps they might have taken to be more eco-friendly.

Hollywood Jackets has also not mentioned anything about its labor policies. They have not provided any information about their suppliers and manufacturers.

Because they are not clear about their ethics, we are unsure whether it’s an ethical brand or not.

Is Hollywood Jackets Legit?

Hollywood Jackets is somewhat a legit company.

The mixed reviews of the customers on different review sites, the confusing customer services, and uncertainty about the ethics policies show that Hollywood Jackets is somewhat a legit company.