Glossier was founded in 2014 as an offshoot of the beauty blog Into The Gloss, forever changing the concept of millennial pink, direct-to-consumer e-commerce, and what a cosmetics company could be for customers and investors looking to Glossier for more than just products, but a complete stylistic philosophy.

Glossier’s growth was incremental, from an investor windfall to the launch of a flagship store, as they raced to keep ahead of copycats and scandals as people discovered flaws in their business.

While Glossier is still one of the most recognized cosmetics firms a decade later, its popularity has leveled off. It’ll be interesting to see if new products and leadership can help turn the situation. Glossier is leading the no-makeup cosmetics revolution with their super easy, non-covering products. Skin is given precedence over cosmetics by the brand.

Almost all the products are meant to enhance your natural beauty, with fan favourites like Boy Brow and Cloud Paint developed to provide you with a glossy complexion.

The sheer, buildable compositions deliver a variety of outcomes with a swipe here and a dab there without complicating your regimen.

Is The Glossier Brand Good?

Glossier is unique in that it is more than simply a cosmetics line; it is indeed a lifestyle choice.

Every time you purchase a $12 lip balm, you’re entering a trendy, completely supporting sisterhood, and with every spray of your perfume, you’re one step closer to having the purposefully tousled appearance of an off-duty model.

There’s also the reality that most of the items are quite good, with highly Instagrammable exteriors to boot.

Do Dermatologists Recommend Glossier?

You’re certainly not alone if you’ve succumbed to Glossier’s millennial pink allure in all of its bubble-encased beauty.

As per Bloomberg, the brand is expected to generate more than $10 million in income in 2018. The brand Glossier appeals not only to fashionable kids with always-good skin but also to the medical community. Dermatologists endorse some of the greatest Glossier skincare products, which partially explains the brand’s concept of “Skincare first, makeup second.”

“I wanted skincare as makeup,” Weiss told Fashionista in 2014. “I think what’s really important about your skin and getting your makeup right is having this moisturised, glowy, fresh, even complexion. And then you take it or leave it with colour products and treat them as decoration, not as a mask.”

Dermatologist-approved components such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and SPF are included in Glossier’s products to guarantee that skincare serves as the ideal canvas for makeup.

These chemicals all aid the skin by preserving, moisturising, and lightening it, all of which are crucial parts of any cosmetic look.

If you’re feeling brave, several of the skincare items may also be used as makeup: Balm Dotcom is wonderful for glossy cheekbones that aren’t oily, and the Priming Moisturiser Rich lets you take a step (or two) off of your process because it also serves as a foundation base.

Why Is Glossier So Popular?

When Emily Weiss started her career in editorial years ago, she had no intention of starting a cosmetics brand. Weiss is now the CEO and creator of Glossier, a cult-status cosmetics company with 10,000-person long waiting lists for two of its items.

The former art student and Vogue employee was always fascinated with stories and content. But her encounters with beauty companies, which she thought were speaking “at” her, upset her. She believed that beauty shopping missed the backdrop of real women with actual experiences.

She told Business Insider, “There’s this yearning to connect with other women.” So, in 2010, she launched Into the Gloss, a site in which she frankly interviewed women ranging from superstars like Kim Kardashian to cosmetics magnates like Bobbi Brown and beauties like Karlie Kloss, highlighting their bathroom “top shelf” and daily beauty routines.

The blog immediately became a famous destination for beauty aficionados.

Weiss remarked that even large women’s publications did not get the same degree of comments, which would go well into the hundreds as women shared their experiences with various skincare and beauty products and offered advice and encouragement.

The site now has 1.5 million unique visitors every month. Therefore, it only seemed logical to move into the product sector — to harness her community’s collective expertise to create the goods that women were truly looking for.

Glossier stands out for two key reasons.

One is the identity of the brand. Weiss has been rigorous in having a constant appearance and feel throughout all products, messaging, and advertising from the beginning.

The importance of the digital community and the consumer feedback process is the second factor.

Is Glossier A Clean Brand?

The simple answer is that certain Glossier products are much cleaner than others.

As a clean beauty aficionado, you might be attracted to shop for businesses that solely provide clean products, however certain Glossier products have a safe score and have also been certified by the EWG.

So before you reject Glossier as a “dirty” brand, keep in mind that “clean” beauty is a continuum. Not all companies, and all of a brand’s products, would be clean. As a result, it’s critical to assess what companies have to offer.

Is It A Good Brand Or Not?

Glossier is up honest about its ingredients. Its selection is well-thought-out, and it places a high value on its clients. We like the brand’s emphasis on enhancing your inherent attractiveness.

Its tints, glosses, and creams are designed to complement rather than conceal.

Its limited shade selection, particularly for the Glossier Skin Tint, might be a concern. This item can’t completely suit everyone’s skin complexion because it only comes in 12 hues. Its Brow Flick and Boy Brow products are the same. In the future, we hope the firm will concentrate on generating more inclusive colours.

However, the majority of customers praise the brand’s natural-looking range, according to client testimonials.

So, if you’re looking to boost your summer “no-makeup” appearance, we recommend checking out the brand for yourself.



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