FoxyBae is a West Coast business committed to empowering sassy women via the S.L.A.Y. Factor, which stands for Style, Love, Attitude, and YAAAASSS.

FoxyBae thinks that we all have the potential to develop and be the finest version of ourselves, from Sass Queens to Insta-rebels.

Nobody cares about the essentials at FoxyBae; everyone stands for self-expression and originality; in fact, the one and only thing they take too seriously is fantastic hair.

They welcome you to be the fiercest Bae on the block with a sprinkle of good vibes, a dash of glam, as well as a whole lot of Foxy.

Hair Dryers, Hair Brushes, Straightening Flat Irons, Curling Wands, and more hairstyling accessories are available at FoxyBae.

Who Created FoxyBae?

Miguel Gauthier started, a downtown-based hair care firm, in 2017. It now employs 25 people.

Hair curlers and straighteners, dryers, shampoos and conditioners, hair masks, accessories, brushes, and other hair care items are available on the company’s website and through wholesale accounts with Marshalls, Target, CVS, and

It also collaborates with a network of influencers to place items in subscription boxes like Fabfitfun and Ipsy to increase sales.

Boosted’s Chief Executive Keith Richman stated in a statement that FoxyBae’s leadership has demonstrated that they have a deep understanding of the hair care business and their consumer base.

They’ve established a reputation for producing high-quality, sought-after goods.

A business built on this base fits nicely with the ambition to focus on products with the optimal product fit.

FoxyBae, a famous hair care brand founded in 2017, has been acquired by Boosted Commerce.

The hair care phenomenon, led by Miguel Gauthier, developed an omnichannel strategy that included direct-to-consumer, retail, brick-and-mortar, membership boxes, and Amazon while raising revenue by 87% in the previous two years.

A large network of over 750 influencer and associate partners, including Amber Scholl, Nazanin Kavari, and Blanca Evette, deliberately nurtured FoxyBae’s dedicated following base, generating sales, brand loyalty, and rising brand visibility, in addition to the company’s prized items.

FoxyBae joins Boosted’s cosmetics, health, and fitness collection of more than 40 companies.

Keith Richman, co-founder as well as CEO of Boosted Commerce, explained that the company’s goal is to assist all sorts of e-commerce firms to expand and scale by assembling a team of specialists in all of the critical areas.

Boosted finds businesses like FoxyBae and acquires them, allowing them to grow from where they are now.

Is FoxyBae Cruelty-Free?

This hair care brand, FoxyBae, promises to be specially created to help you reach all of your hair goals. Every product is vegan, cruelty-free, and sulphate- and paraben-free, rendering them suitable for colour-treated hair.

The people at FoxyBae have designed, tested, and evaluated each product to guarantee that their baes (customers) enjoy it as much as possible.

FoxyBae does not believe in torturing animals in order to create the ideal product. As a result, their hair washing shampoo has never been tested on animals, ensuring that you get a cruelty-free product. This shampoo is entirely safe to use so you may use it without hesitation.


FoxyBae is a very well known hairstyling brand that competes with Great Clips, Keeps, Function of Beauty, Olaplex, and Dr. Squatch straightening irons. FoxyBae is a mid-performing brand in its area when contrasted to its competition.

FoxyBae has a 4.0 out of 5-star rating based on web research and 40 FoxyBae reviews. FoxyBae’s review score is calculated by consumer feedback, brand recognition, cost competitiveness, and the range and level of features available to customers.

Hairstyling equipment is the ideal answer for achieving a straight hair appearance if you have curly hair or perhaps a wavy style if you already have straight hair, whether your hair is lengthy, short, curly, wavy, thick, or rough.

Fortunately, every styled appearance can be achieved at your home. We typically spend a considerable amount of time and money getting our hair done by the top pros at the salon.

However, you may get your hair straightened or curled according to your demands by investing in an excellent straightener or curling wand. Damage split ends, and breakages are all avoided with these hairstyle tools.

You probably didn’t know it, but FoxyBae also sells gift bundles. The ALL-IN-1 KIT: I WANT IT ALL, for example, is the ideal present that never goes out of style! Alongside the Heat Protectant Spray, you’ll receive three of the brand’s most renowned Blush tools.

You may get whatever look you choose.

The Baby Blush 1″ Flat Iron has tourmaline-infused plates of ceramic, a 360° swivel cord, and 5 heat settings. The Baby Blush 32mm Curling Wand is ideal for girls who want large, bouncy glamorous curls. It has a tourmaline-infused ceramic barrel, five heat settings, and an auto-shut.

Did you know that FoxyBae has a moisturising bundle available? It comes with one of the greatest leave-in conditioners on the market.

All hair kinds are accepted. Colour-treated locks to virgin hair, thick to thin.

This is FOxyBae’s most comprehensive conditioner for ALL hair types! Moisture, lustre, and vitality are added to your mane with this specially designed conditioner. The Foxybae 12-in-1 Blend has all of the components your hair requires to get the finest dang hair flip in town.

FoxyBae Hair, situated in Los Angeles, California, is a beauty company that is dedicated to enabling men and women to be their most authentic and foxiest selves.

The salon-quality hair tools from FoxyBae were created keeping all types of hair in mind.

The brand’s multi-functional sizzling tools will bring an adequate amount of FOXY to your styling regimen, whether you’re a master stylist or maybe a daily glam type of bae.

FoxyBae’s first concern is customer happiness. As a result, all of their products are specifically formulated, providing the finest experience in a stunning hairdo.

The brand adheres to the highest material quality and effectiveness requirements, and it is a pleasure to supply you with safe hair care equipment.



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