Shoe lovers understand the pain of seeing their most awaited pair of sneakers sold out minutes after launch.

Many retailers have started collecting and selling the most unique and sought-after sneakers like Yeezy and Air Jordans.

One such retailer is Flight Club. While people are drooling over their collections, they fear getting scammed, and we can’t blame them. 

With so many buyers crying about receiving fake shoes for hundreds of dollars, it is hard to trust anyone.

To bring out the truth about Flight Club Shoes, we did some deep research and found the answer to the most asked question- Is Flight Club Shoes legit?


Flight Club is a sneaker retailer founded by Damany Weir in 2005. The retailer claims to carry the rarest, most exclusive and collectible sneakers.

The retailer does not sell solely online. Flight Club opened its first store in New York about 15 years ago. Later it opened up two more stores, one in Miami and another in Los Angeles. 

While some Flight Club shoes come straight from the brand’s warehouse, others are bought from people willing to sell their unique pieces.

On the brand’s website, you will find everything from Air Jordans and Nike Dunks to Yeezy 700 and women’s Vapormax.


Anyone from around the world can sell their sneakers to Flight Club as long as they have their original tags and are in mint condition.

Once you drop off or ship your shoes, a team of experts closely scrutinize them to ensure their authenticity and condition.

If your shoes get approved for selling, the retailer keeps them in the store, and once sold, you get your money. Flight Club takes a 9% commission on every pair of sneakers it sells.

To discover more about the selling policy, click here.


The retailer has a separate section about its shipping and returns policy which carries all the information a buyer may need.

Flight Club ships locally and internationally. While its local shipments can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days, the seller does not give an estimated delivery time for international shipments.

If the order is misplaced, the buyer can complain. Flight Club states that it will not return the money unless the investigation into the matter proves that the mistake is from its side.

As far as the returns are concerned, the retailer clearly states that all the sales are 100% final. So make sure you’ve ordered the correct size because once bought, there is no way of getting your money back.

The seller does give buyers the liberty to cancel their orders though. So in case you change your mind about a product, you can log into your account and cancel it within 3 hours of order placement.

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One easy way of determining a retailer’s authenticity is its social media presence. Before buying from any seller, check its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles.

Sellers with a greater number of followers (over 100,000) and good post engagement are more likely to be legit.

Flight Club has links to all its Instagram handles on the website. The seller’s  Instagram account is verified and has 2.9 million followers and over 6 thousand posts with good follower engagement.

On Facebook, the retailer has over four hundred thousand likes with its last post being two days old. This shows the retailer’s commitment to engaging with its buyers.

The Twitter account has been active since February 2009 and has over 150 thousand followers.

So Flight Club Shoes’ social media presence is quite strong and gives a good impression about the brand.


Selling fake shoes and scamming people is easy if the retailer provides its services online only.

Since Flight Club has three physical retail stores with traceable addresses, the chances of them scamming people are quite low.

Flight Club’s social media presence is another proof of its authenticity. On the website, you can find the retailer’s email address and phone to connect with the customer service agent.

If we talk about the reviews online, 80% of the buyers have had a positive experience with the seller. On Trust Pilot, Flight Club has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

One Flight Club customer revealed that his most awaited pair of Nike shoes got sold out on the official website.

So he immediately checked Flight Club and ordered the exact pair at a fair price.

Another buyer, Jonathan Plangua, posted a delightful review about the retailer on Trustpilot. 

According to Johnathan, he has ordered from Flight Club three times. All the shipments had original products and reached him on time.

Robert Howard wrote that buying from Flight Club is very easy, and the products are always 100% authentic. 

Though there are hundreds of positive reviews on the Trust pilot, we decided to look at other trusted websites too.

On, we saw over 1200 positive reviews.

The latest review was posted by Carlos Anthony, who had ordered Jordan 9 Retro from Flight Club. He wrote that he’d heard several negative reviews about people receiving wrong-sized shoes but when his order came in, he was relieved and excited.

His shoes came with the original box, had the correct shoe size and authentication tags were also present.

Some buyers, however, had a poor experience with the seller. While some received the wrong size, others received poor quality, fake shoes.


The brand is fifteen years old and has three physical stores in the United States.

Most buyers have had a good experience with the retailer and received authentic products. This information is enough to prove that Flight Club Shoes is legit.

If you have a hard time trusting resellers, we recommend you to visit the physical store. Make a purchase only after you are satisfied with the quality. Happy Shopping!