Every clothing brand online promises affordable high-quality, unique designs, and perfect tailoring. 

Sadly only a few are true to their word. Most fast fashion brands are after people’s money only. 

Once they get it, they just deliver whatever and never get back to you. 

If you do not want to get trapped by one of such brands, we would recommend you to research before ordering anything online.

One brand offering a lot of cute clothes is Fashion V but is the brand legit? Let’s find out.


 Fashion V is an online brand that produces fast fashion clothing. Its tagline is Young, Colourful, Playful, and Joyful.

The brand’s About Us page claims that Fashion V  produces the best quality clothes for every occasion.

The company says that every article they produce undergoes strict inspection to ensure good quality. 

The designer chooses the best fabric and gets it tailored by a team of experts, all while keeping the clothes affordable.

 Fashion V further says the brand has become extremely popular among youngsters who love trendy apparel. 

It always pays attention to what’s in style and adds more designs every week so that you are wearing the latest trends. 

At the same time, Fashion V has built a good reputation among metropolitan women with its stylish and elegant clothing.

Fashion V boasts about making fashion affordable. To see how true that is, we looked into the clothing section of the website.

The brand offers dresses, denim, tops, pants, swimwear, and accessories.

 There are over 1092 products on the website, and no way to discover the highest-priced item as the website does not offer any filters. 

In the denim section, the highest-priced item is Patchy Flared Jeans. It comes in a lot of colors, and the sizes range from extra, extra small to extra, extra large.

The actual price of the denim is USD 52, but currently, it’s on sale for USD 24.99.

The dresses range from USD 16 to USD 20. There are a lot of cute prints and patterns that can easily catch anyone’s eyes. 

Lace Patchwork Plunge Mini Dress priced at USD 24.99, is the latest article on the website. 

From this, we conclude that  Fashion V is true to its words and produces clothes at reasonable prices. 

The brand was launched to make stylish, affordable clothes worldwide. This is why Fashion V has put in a lot of effort and resources to make its products available worldwide. 

The shipping is free on orders above USD 49, and the company has a lot of promotional offers. 

One can get $10 off when you shop for $79, $20 off when you buy something worth $119, and so on.


Every brand needs good reviews to make its business sound reliable. 

More than 70 percent of shoppers make up their minds about a brand from the reviews they see online.

So it is safe to say that reviews can make or break a brand.

Fashion V has a lot of good reviews on its website.

The authenticity of those reviews can not be proved because many owners use software to control the comments they want customers to see on their websites. 

Trustpilot has around 27 reviews about Fashion V. 

About 78% of those claim that the products offered by the brand are excellent, while 18% think they are not up to the mark. 

The latest review was posted by Andrea, claiming she ordered from the brand months ago but never received the parcel. 

Another reviewer from Canada also complains on Trustpilot about the order not getting delivered. 

She claims that for months she tried to follow up and was told that her parcel was sent back to China because of the wrong house address. When she asked for a refund, they did not offer that either. 

Another reviewer wrote that the tracking number they had given was not a valid USPS tracking number. 

When she complained, the company simply said they sent the parcel, and cannot help further on this. 

A woman who ordered clothes for her granddaughter called Fashion V a fraud. She claims that the brand has not delivered the shipment and is not responding to her emails.

On the other hand, there are positive reviews as well. 

Giselle from the United States wrote Fashion V has great customer service and clothes. She further said that her order looked just like the pictures on the website, and she loved it. 

Another buyer wrote that the clothes she ordered are really cute and look just like the advertised pictures.

Amina from Morocco also posted on TrustPilot saying, she received her order in no time. All the clothes were stunning, and she plans on buying more from Fashion V.


The brand claims to make unique designs, but our research revealed that many pictures on the website have low quality.

A reverse image search shows that those pictures have been lifted from websites like Etsy. 

Fashion V has about 50,000 followers on Instagram making the brand seem legitimate. But the engagement on the posts makes it seem like those followers have been bought. 

The website does not have a lot of viewers and has a popularity ranking of 2299421.

On the positive side, the brand’s domain name has been registered since Friday 10th, September 2004. 

It is not recognized by any black list engine and has a valid HTTPS.

The brand has a detailed return policy that one may read before ordering from them.

The payment options include Paypal, visa, and MasterCard.

Scam Advisor has given Fashion V a trust score of 57.8, showing that the brand is mediocre.

So the final verdict is that Fashion V is a legit brand, and depending on your luck, you may, or may not have a good experience.

So we would advise you to think twice before throwing your money into a black hole that may or may not deliver your clothes.