Fashion Junkee can be regarded as a one-stop shop for many people! The store offers many things, from clothing, accessories, to footwear as well. 

We’re always on the search for good brands that can provide us with the trendiest products. However, some of these brands can get very expensive to shop from. 

This is why a lot of people turn towards cheaper and often newer alternatives. But a problem with such brands is that there is always the fear of getting scammed. 

In today’s age, a new store pops up almost every minute and it gets extremely difficult to figure out which one’s legit and which one’s not.

This is true especially in the case of brands and retailers that operate solely on an online basis. One can never be too careful when buying something online. 

There have been multiple incidents where people have paid so much in order to receive a poor-quality product from a brand that claims to offer authentic stuff. 

Due to these numerous reports, people have become hesitant when shopping. While established brands are known to be legit, they can get a bit expensive. 

So turning towards cheaper and budget friendly alternatives sounds about right. However, you should always research first and then buy from them. One such case is with a brand, Fashion Junkee. 

If you’re curious to know whether it is legit or not, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll be discussing all the details regarding the brand, Fashion Junkee, and we’ll also take a look at how legitimate it is. 

So let’s get right to it! 

About Fashion Junkee 

Fashion Junkee is an e-commerce store which was established with a vision to cater to the needs of women. They wanted to offer fun as well as flirty styles for women all over the world. 

They claim to offer the newest fashion trends at extremely reasonable rates. Basically, they can be regarded as a fast fashion store. 

They believe that almost every customer can afford to buy from them as they are known to offer great value for all budgets. 

Moreover, Fashion Junkee also takes pride in their customer service and believes that customer satisfaction is their number one priority. 

Plus, if you have any query, you may visit their FAQ page or simply contact them via email or through social media pages for updates. 

Their goal is to offer customers unique yet trendy pieces which allows them to feel confident and beautiful.  The brand also has very fast shipping.

They want to change the way women look at themselves and want to help them find their own sense of style. 

Fashion Junkee believes in self expression through fashion. They’re known to ship from California, United States. 

Is Fashion Junkee actually legit?

Usually you are able to judge a brand, especially an e-commerce one, through their website. This is because they post all information on it. 

However, when I visited Fashion Junkee’s website, it didn’t feel quite right. While reading their information, I realized that they haven’t revealed much. 

In fact, they haven’t even stated the date of when they were founded or established. So no one can tell if they’re relatively new or not. 

It is so important for brands which are solely operating on an online basis to have clear information. This allows them to gain their customers’ trust. 

This is one factor why Fashion Junkee doesn’t seem like a legit store. This is because if a brand can;t be transparent then that means they’re trying to hide and fool the customers. 

Their website has an entire page dedicated to reviews on the brand. However, they’re all pretty positive and it is unclear whether they are even real or not. 

Usually brands filter out the negative comments and only keep the positive feedback. However, this is deceitful. 

But don’t worry, as I’ve got your back! I searched for reviews over this brand on trusted review pages. 

One defining factor which proves that this store might not be a legit one is the fact that it didn’t appear on any of the popular review pages like Trustpilot. 

This means that either it is new or that there haven’t been many purchases from this store. 

Moreover, according to a website Scam advisor, the owner of the website is trying to hide their identity on WHOIS using a service. 

This doesn’t feel right as why would there be a need to hide anything if you’re truly legit. 

Additionally, I also came across a few genuine reviews of Fashion Junkee and they were mostly negative ones. People exclaimed how disappointed they were with their service. 

A customer complained that they ordered clothes worth 200 dollars but they never actually received the order. They even tried contacting the company but got no response from them. 

Plus, according to this customer as well as many others, there isn’t any real contact information except for email, to which they don’t respond. 

There have been multiple reports on how customers never received their order and neither did they get a refund. 

Everyone seems to have the same complaint with this store and this goes on to show that it may be a scam one. 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, to answer the main question, No Fashion Junkee is not a legitimate store. In fact, it is a completely scam one. 

There are no genuine reviews which can be found on this store and when I did manage to dig a few up, they were all negative. 

People argue that the brand makes them pay but never delivers their products and neither do they respond to any emails. 

Additionally, there’s no proper way of contacting them, unless it is via email. However, they don’t respond to that either. 

This is ironic because on their website they have an entire page dedicated towards how one can reach out to them and contact them. But in reality, it is not as easy as it looks. 

If you are planning on purchasing from them, then I’d suggest that you don’t. They are not worth your risk. You might end up wasting your time and money. 

I hope this article helped answer all your queries regarding the brand, Fashion Junkee!