When you need to keep track of time, wristwatches are the best tools to use.

They allow you to keep yourself in touch with the timeless reality of this world by showing you what time it is every second of every day.

Often, it gets challenging for people to find good brands of wristwatches that provide quality watches along with style.

Allow us to introduce you to Daniel Klein, a rising star in a world ruled by time, quite literally. The brand has created for itself a place in the watch industry that few have managed to achieve.

This article reviews the infamous brand in depth. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Brand Background

With a slogan of “fashion for everyone”, Daniel Klein was launched in 1970 in Turkey by the Daniel Klein Group.

They have 50 years of history in watchmaking.

They have become a popular brand around the globe and are represented in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Is Daniel Klein a Chinese Brand?

Daniel Klein was first launched in Turkey and hence is a Turkish brand.

In fact, Daniel Klein was a South African watchmaker.

They have office branches in Turkey as well as in China. However, all the manufacturing of their watches is done in China.

Is Daniel Klein Branded?

Daniel Klein is a global brand, having a presence in more than 65 countries.

Like Calvin Klein, Daniel Klein is a fashion-focused brand.

With their watches, they focus on both fashionable styles and affordable pricing.

They produce a variety of watches including men’s and women’s watches, analog watches, and even smartwatches.

Daniel Klein uses quartz movement.

Their cases are generally made up of stainless steel and dials are made up of mineral crystal.

The bands can be made up of leather, stainless steel, or silicone, depending on the model.

Their watches are not water-resistant, and hence can’t be used for swimming and bathing.

Overall, their build is pretty average, which is typical for more inexpensive watches.

Although they do have some good-looking watches that give off that premium quality look, most of their watches are just not up to the standard.

They do not have the luxury that other budget designer brands have.

As marketed, Daniel Klein is very budget-friendly.

They generally stay less expensive than those in their competition.

So even if you decide to buy one, the price won’t set you back too much.

Are Daniel Klein Watches Worth Buying?

Daniel Klein watches are very affordable, with most of their prices being under Rs200.

However, the designs and quality of the watch are not up to the standards by which it can be compared with other luxurious watch brands.

If you want to wear a new watch at every party and want it to be pocket-friendly, then Daniel Klein is your brand to choose from.

Which Is The Best Cheap Watch Brand?

The Tag Heuer Connoisseur:

It is one of the plushest and most classic watch brands to have launched.

This brand is endorsed by the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan himself.

This raises the brand’s status making it more legendary in the hearts of Indians.

The Casio Whiz:

Casio is a very affordable and trendy watch brand with high quality and innovative designs.

This has led it to have a very special place in the hearts of many Indians.

Casio encapsulates nostalgia with fashion in a perfect manner.

Its recent launch of vintage design has caught a lot of attention from local people, celebrities, and social media influencers.

The Fossil:

Fossil watches are cool, trendy, and premium. Only a few brands can match up to the level that Fossil has to offer.

They are in no way a budget-friendly brand, but purchasing their collection is worth all the money.

Their simple, round dial watches with their new digital and smart, hybrid editions are striking and minimal.

It surely grabs the attention of its wearers.

Tommy Hilfiger Watches:

Known for its relatively affordable pieces with high quality, Tommy Hilfiger is a beloved brand.

They are just the right watch brand for people who want to stand out while keeping their look versatile.

Daniel Wellington:

Classic, cheap and trendy is what Daniel Wellington is!

This brand is endorsed by many young artists which makes it appealing to the younger generation.


Titan is an Indian brand that has made it to the top watch brands list in India.

Its premium quality, style, and design have made it to be the first watch purchase of many.


With its colorful, fun appeal, Swatch is very famous amongst teenagers.

It is a premium, high-quality brand with affordable prices, perfect for those who love to up their cool quotient.



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