The brand Dagne Dover was founded by the designers Jessy Dover, Melissa Mash, and Deepa Gandhi, in 2013.

The brand came up with iconic and thoughtful designs that paved the way for beautiful aesthetics.

These three businesswomen succeeded in creating sleek and gorgeous designed bags that go well with any style or fashion.

This brand is based in New York and matches the city’s niche.

It designed different tote bags, wallets, and handbags.

All these were made by keeping in mind women’s necessities and problems when it comes to handbags.

Many handbags come with little interior space which makes it difficult to store all your things.

This isn’t a problem with Dagne Dover’s products.

Their bags are pretty spacious and you can store anything ranging from laptops and phones to water bottles and pouches.

The Brand’s Motto

The mission of the brand is to merge fashion with function.

The thoughtful minds behind this brand aim to support working women and eliminate the hassle of carrying everything in your hand.

The products this brand comes up with are great for women all over no matter their age.

If you are a student, then the Dagne Dover tote would be the perfect choice for you since it can carry laptops, registers, and water bottles easily.

If you are a working lady, then the duffle bag would be best, it is lightweight and would fit all your important cards and documents.

The brand strives to make it easier for women to carry their things in an organized yet stylish way.

Is Dagne Dover Worth It?

Dagne Dover is worth it if you are looking for a stylish bag that you want to use daily.

The bags come with separate compartments, you would find a different section to store your cards and wallet and a different section to store your bottles.

This makes it easier to carry different things without mixing them up.

Unlike the regular bags that include only two zips where you throw in everything you need in one space, these bags make life easier.

They even have a separate water bottle holder, how cool is that?

They are also pretty comfortable and won’t tire your arm.

These bags are incredible considering the price and the durability.

Where Can You Find Dagne Dover?

Dagne Dover can be found in their online shop as well as in Soho, New York.

The brand ships nationally and internationally.

They also offer pretty good discounts and sales on the website.

The brand’s website is quite minimal and it’s easy to navigate your way there.

You can know much about the bag and its usage on the website but if you still feel like you need help then feel free to call the customer service or the helpline.

The website also contains a “pre-loved” section where you can get good-quality bags that are resold by people at a good price.

They also offer different gift cards and discounts so shopping is made easier and enjoyable on the website.

You can also visit the shop and check their designs in reality.

Is Dagne Dover a Good Brand?

Dagne Dover has shown the world what they are worth.

The brand grows popular day by day and for all the right reasons.

Women love their bags and swear by how usable and comfortable they are.

The target audience of this brand is mostly women and since the brand has made a good reputation among them, it is famous and popular.

The quality of the brand was never bad but even after all the popularity, it did not drop the value of its products.

They continue selling good-quality bags at affordable rates.

Women can feel stylish and still be able to organize and keep their things in check.

The design of the brand is pretty simple and minimal so it goes well with every outfit and every style.

You don’t have to compromise your aesthetic since these bags compliment all.


The Dagne Dover bags are designed in a way that makes them pretty sustainable and reliable.

They are also stain-free and waterproof.

You can wash off any stain quite easily without even ruining the insides of the bag.

The different compartments of the bags make it easy for women to store all they need neatly.

You will never get lost in the bag trying to find your chapstick that is for sure.

They are also lightweight and won’t put pressure on your arms so you won’t end up with your arms hurting after a tiring day.

If you are looking for good-quality bags that will last you a long time then invest in one from here and make your life easier.

Price Range of Dagne Dover

The prices range from $200 to $500.

The price range might seem a bit too much for some people but considering the usage and durability of this brand, it is worth it.

You can also shop when the black Friday sale or holiday sales hit the store.

During the sales, the prices of the bags are reduced to half.

You can also shop from the pre-loved section. Depending on how much the previous owner used the bag, the prices differ. You can still find pretty great bags for under $100 here.

5 Alternatives to Dagne Dover


The top alternative to Dagne Dover will be Baggu.

This brand designs eco-friendly bags that are spacious, lightweight, and affordable.


Another good brand is Radley, they strive to sell designer leather bags that can be used by women daily.

Their bags are elegant, stylish, and will fit everything you need.


Scotia’s handbags are good-quality and they are known to use materials that are recyclable, thus making them one of the most eco-friendly choice on this list.

Soctia sells everything from handbags and shoulder bags to purses, clutches and wallets.


Loungefly is another brand that sells affordable yet high-quality handbags.

This brand is the one-stop shop for every geek who loves handbags.


Another brand which comes close to Dagne Dover in terms of design and quality is Strathberry.

Strathberry excels in designing unique and high-quality handbags, totes, and wallets.

They are also quite affordable.

Final Verdict

The brand’s innovative idea of making spacious bags was needed when all other brands were making small-sized bags.

Their bags are durable, lightweight, spacious, and stylish.

This is the reason why women prefer this brand over others when it comes to buying bags for daily use.

You’ll be sure to find iconic fashion staples here that will last you a long time.

Even if the brand’s pricing is higher than others, their bags are worth every penny.

So, invest in one of their bags and make your life easy.




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