In the world of fashion, there are brands that are hailed as the next big thing and then there are those that can’t seem to catch a break. 

Crocodile Wear is one of these brands that has been struggling to stay afloat in the industry for quite some time now.

The question on everyone’s mind is: Is it really worth your money if you want to buy from Crocodile Wear?

In this article, we will be answering all your questions about this brand so that you can make an informed decision before investing in any of their products.

What is Crocodile Wear?

Crocodile Wear is a clothing brand that specializes in high-quality leather jackets, wallets and other accessories. 

Crocodile Wear’s leather bags are made from leather, which is dyed and tanned to give the jacket its unique color and texture. 

They are also lined with cotton or polyester to keep you comfortable while you wear them.

Crocodile Wear offers a wide range of products including leather jackets, wallets, belts and hats. The company also sells shoes, bags along with accessories like sunglasses.

The company has been running an online shop since 2013.

Where is Crocodile Wear Based?

Crocodile Wear is a Vancouver-based leather goods company.

Crocodile Wear was founded and is managed by Luqman Ifrene, currently the E-Commerce Marketing Manager. 

The brand takes its name from the fascination with crocodiles.

As such, its designs feature crocodile skin prints and other reptilian details, often with an eye towards functionality. 

He has said that his goal is to create “fashionable products that are also practical”

Is Crocodile Wear Legit?

The first thing to look at when determining if a company is legitimate is their website. If it looks official and well-designed, then it’s probably safe to assume that the company is legitimate. 

The Crocodile Wear website looks professional, with clear navigation and clean design elements. There are no typos or grammatical errors on the page either which can be another indicator of a trustworthy site.

The products are shown on the homepage, and there are links to other pages, including a “contact us” page.

However, there is no information about who owns the company or where it is based on the website.

The company’s website does not list any contact information, nor is there any mention of who owns or runs the business.

When looking at any online retailer, you should check out its reviews before buying anything from them because they can give you an idea of how good (or bad) their customer service is as well as whether or not their products are high quality or not. 

The Crocodile Wear website has reviews on Trustpilot, which gives it an average rating of 2.6 stars.

One review says: “I have ordered several times from crocodile wear and every time I have received nothing!! They do not answer emails and their phone number does not work.”

Is Crocodile Wear Brand Authentic?

The company has been around for quite some time but it’s hard to find any information on it. 

According to website, the company has only two employees: one founder and another co-founder. 

Their lack of employee information, customer service capabilities and other holdings raise questions about whether or not this entity is legitimate.

Crocodile Wear claims to be based in Columbia and offers free worldwide shipping on all products sold on its website. 

At first glance, they seem like a legitimate company offering quality products at affordable prices. 

However, if you dig deeper into this company you will soon realize that there are many red flags related to this brand which leads us to believe that Crocodile Wear is not what it seems!

Is Crocodile Wear Sustainable?

The company claims to be cruelty free and ethical. 

However, there’s no mention of how they source their materials or whether they’re using sustainable practices in their production methods.

Their website also doesn’t indicate that they’re vegan or vegetarian-friendly, which makes it difficult for those who care about animal welfare to make purchasing decisions.

Crocodile Wear offers an extensive range of products, including wallets, watches, sunglasses and phone cases made from leather. 

There are also dresses, bags and shoes available in the Crocodile Wear collection.

What is the best way to determine if a clothing or shoe brand is legitimate?

The best way to determine if a clothing or shoe brand is legitimate is to do some research.  

Check out the Better Business Bureau and other online review sites, as well as social media pages, for any comments about the company.

The best way to determine if a clothing or shoe brand is legitimate is to check their website and social media accounts. 

Start by looking at the seller’s website, which will typically have information about where they are located and who owns them.

You can also search for reviews on the brands from other people who have purchased from them before.

If you’re still not sure, contact customer service. Most companies have a way for customers to reach them through email or phone calls. 

You can also call customer service and ask them about their policies regarding refunds and exchanges in case something goes wrong with your order.

If they don’t respond, it’s probably best to stay away from that company altogether.

Finally, if you’re buying something online, make sure you’re dealing with an authorized retailer of the brand you want. 

This is especially important when buying shoes, bags and clothing because counterfeiters often sell fake products with the same name as real ones!

If you are still unsure of whether to buy from this company, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You may want to consider another site or retailer instead of risking your money on an unknown seller.


When looking at reviews of crocodile, there are thousands of bad reviews saying thw company is scam and they want their money back. There is nothing showing that this company has emailed back or replied in any way.