Cole Haan is one of America’s iconic fashion brands.

The brand’s origin started in New York in 1928, and the main focus of this brand was on premium-quality footwear and apparel for both men and women.

This brand represents unique craftsmanship, innovation, and of course, impeccable style.

Cole Haan may be on the expensive side of the fashion industry, but that is for good purpose.

This brand has gained respect and reputation through its promise of combining luxury with comfort and quality.

If you are looking for a classic, well-structured shoe without having to pay an extravagant price, then this brand is the one to go.

Brand Background

The brand was originally made to sell men’s footwear, but as the brand globally expanded, it also expanded its area of expertise.

After their success in the men’s footwear, they included women’s wear too and later on added apparel and accessories.

Cole Haan has done multiple collaborations with different athletes, designers, and tastemakers.

In 2009, Maria Sharapova, who is a Russian tennis star, partnered with Cole Haan to create a collection of women’s footwear.

Other designer brands such as Todd Synder, Xhbition, Slack, and many more also partnered with this brand later on to manufacture their line.

The brand was later sold off to different fashion icons such as Nike and Apax.

Does Nike Still own Cole Haan?

Nike bought Cole Haan in 1988, and it sold a fair amount of athletic footwear during this time.

The brand gained popularity pretty quickly under Nike.

In November 2012, Nike sold off the brand to a private firm, “Apax,” since Nike wanted to focus more on its brand.

The brand was sold for almost 570 million dollars.

After the brand was sold to Apax, it grew even more and became known worldwide.

What is Cole Haan’s Signature Brand?

Cole Haan is a retailer and a wholesaler of men’s and women’s footwear, outerwear, handbags, and accessories.

The brand is true to its success, it is remarkable in its craftsmanship, and they are known for its comfortable yet stylish shoes.

The company serves more than 20 markets internationally.

Their signature brand is their footwear and their outerwear.

The brand is among the very few that sell both quality and comfort.

The leather used in their footwear is what keeps the shoes intact even if you wear them for long.

They are known not to crease and stay the same as they were when you first bought them.

Is Cole Haan Luxury?

What makes a brand luxury?

It is not the exclusivity of their products or the price rates.

Luxury is defined by quality and sustainability. Oftentimes, as brands grow, they will increase their price and decrease their quality.

That does not make it luxury.

No matter what the price, if a brand has good quality products, then it is certainly known as a luxury brand.

For this sole reason, many people consider Cole Haan a luxury brand.

Even if their prices exceed the normal range, their quality is simply top-notch.

Is Cole Haan Good Quality?

Oftentimes, luxury brands will forget about the comfort aspect and focus entirely on the style.

Luckily, Cole Haan comes in a clutch with unique designs and comfort.

You can stand around in these shoes for hours and not feel like your feet are disintegrating.

Apart from the footwear, their jackets and accessories are also known to be of premium quality.

Their products are manufactured according to different uses.

There are different shoes for hikes and different shoes for a formal gathering. All these are made and handled differently.

So as far as their durability is in concern, if you use their products for what they are made for, you will certainly last long.

Brands Similar To Cole Haan

Although no other brand can compare to Cole Haan, they certainly can be expensive, and many people would think twice about shopping from here just because of the prices.

So, are there any other brands that sell good products at cheaper rates?

There certainly are.

If you are looking for Cole Haan’s alternatives, then there are quite a few good-quality brands that are cheaper and affordable.

These brands include DSW, Allen Edmonds, Clarks, and others.

All these brands sell high-quality products, and the prices are on the lower side too.

So if you are looking for good alternatives to Cole Haan, these brands are a must-visit.

Final Verdict

Cole Haan observes all the rules that make an industry luxury.

Those rules are quality, price, and diversity.

Not only does this brand provide the customers with high-quality products, but the products are also exclusive and diverse.

There’s something for everyone, no matter the age or sex.

It is the go-to brand for almost millions of fashionistas worldwide.



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