Football is the most popular sport and has over 3.5 billion fans around the world.

 Most of these fans are crazy about their favorite teams and wish to get their hands on their Jerseys and kits. 

Many sellers online claim to have a vintage football shirts collection, but they are either too expensive or fake. 

Classic Football Shirts is one seller that gets a lot of attention for its wide variety of classic football shirts. 

Many fans are tempted to buy from it, but they have one question- Is Classic Football Shirts legit? 


Classic Football Shirts is a British clothing brand started by two college friends Doug and Matt. 

The brand’s foundation was laid in 2006 when the two mates were searching for original 1990 West Germany shirts. 

When their search failed, they realized how many football lovers went through the disappointment of not finding their favorite team’s football jersey. 

Doug and Matt decided to make a brand that will let fans buy rare and unique football shirts and explore the history of their favorite teams and players.

This is how Classic Football Shirts was born. The brand made a name for itself within no time as football fans continued to shop timeless classics from it. 

Classic Foot Shirts not only sells online but has been a part of several exhibitions and pop-up shops. 

In 2017, the company displayed five hundred jackets from its collection at the National Football Museum. 

After running online for several years, In 2019, Football Classic Shirts opened up its retail store in Manchester. 

The brand has partnered with BT Sport to create a series titled ‘What I Wore’. Doug and Matt’s objective is to find classic football shirts and tell the stories of legendary players who wore them.

This is a massive achievement for Football Classic Shirts, as the brand has hosted big names like Rio Ferdinand, Gary Lineker, Gareth Bale, and Gianfranco Zola.

The brand has a massive collection to shop from, including match-worn shirts of top-notch players.

One of the oldest football shirts available for sale is the 1990-92 England GK Shirt. The condition of the rare shirt is mint, hence the reason why it is priced at £299.99.

Foot Classic Shirts also have a clearance section where you can find shirts priced as low as £19.99.


In today’s world, a brand needs a strong social media presence to make a name for itself. 

Social media not only helps a brand make better sales but also gives away how good it is.

Most legit and well-known brands have at least 100,000 followers on their Instagram or Facebook accounts.

When Doug and Matt launched Football Classic Shirts, they advertised it in famous football magazines.

Later, they realized the importance of social media and made accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The brand’s Facebook page has around 279,000 likes. The fans have reviewed the brand and interact actively on the posts.

On Instagram, Football Classic Shirts have a stronger existence than on  Facebook. The total number of followers is 570,000, and thousands of likes and comments on each post.

Lastly, the brand’s Twitter account. Football classic shirts joined Twitter in May 2010. Today, it has amassed over 304,000 followers, and each tweet reaches millions through retweets. 

The company’s social media presence alone is enough to prove that it is anything but a scam. 


Nothing tells more about the brand than the reviews from its buyers. 

Be it poor customer service, wrong size charts, or low-quality fabric, the reviews reveal it all. 

So before you buy from any brand, make sure you’ve read reviews about it.

The first place any customer leaves reviews is the brand’s Facebook page.

Football Classic Shirts’ Facebook page has been reviewed by 586 people and has a 4.8-star rating.

Both the buyers and sellers look pretty content with the brand. 

One seller wrote that he wanted to sell shirts to pay for charity. The customer care representative communicated the whole thing. He received his money when the shirts were sold.

Kevin, who ordered an AC Milan Jersey 2008-9 from Classic Football Shirt, wrote that he loved the article. He wishes to shop at the brand again. 

Another reviewer says that he ordered an Ireland Jersey, and it was two delivered within 2 weeks. 

On Trustpilot, Classic Football Shirt is labeled as a verified seller. The brand has a rating of 4.4. Out of 210 reviews, 84% are excellent, and only 4% are bad. 

One reviewer wrote that he has been a loyal customer for 11 years and called the brand a treasure chest for football lovers. 

Another buyer claims he Ordered a 2019-20 Home Liverpool Shirt and it arrived in 2 days. The shirt was brand new with tags and in perfect condition. 

It seems like people love everything about the brand. 

One review says that he orders from Classic Football Shirts time and again. 

Everything about them is perfect, from communication to the delivery time and jersey quality. 

Oliver, a loyal customer of the brand, wrote that Classic Football Shirts has a massive variety of original classic football shirts and he loves it. 

After reading the reviews, we can say that anyone who buys from the brand is utterly satisfied with customer service, delivery time, and quality of shirts.


Classic Football Shirt has been around since 2006. The company has only been growing, and now it has two physical stores in Manchester and London.

It has also partnered with a sports channel to give football lovers incredible game stories. 

The social media handles of the Classic Football Shirt prove that people love the brand and everything it offers. Most of the reviews also indicate fast and efficient service.

So our final verdict is that Classic Football Shirt is 100% legit.

If you are a football lover and want to collect jerseys from your favorite team- this brand is the perfect pick.