The word “legit” is short for “legitimate,” and it means that something is approved, authentic, and trustworthy.

If you’re wondering whether Cityrover Shoes is legit, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Cityrover Shoes is a shoe company that makes shoes for people looking for something unique. 

They have a wide range of options and styles to choose from, but many customers are concerned about the legitimacy of their business.

Here’s what we found out:

What is Cityrover?

Cityrover is a company that sells a variety of products including skateboards, shoes, and other items. 

It appears to be a fairly new company that does not appear to have any web presence outside of its own website.

The site itself is extremely simple with only a few tabs showing different product categories. 

There is no information about the company itself, but it does have social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Cityrover appears to specialize in selling skateboards and shoes, but also sells e-skateboards as well as clothing. 

The skateboards come in many different styles and colors, but there are no reviews for any of these products.

Is Cityrover Legit?

I’ve spent over 2 hours looking at their website, trying to find answers to my questions. 

The company seems like it’s brand new and the website looks like it was made in the 90s.

They also don’t have any information about the company or its founders, but there is a “Contact Us” page where you can send them an email asking for more details about the company.

The only way to purchase CityRover shoes is through their website. 

Unfortunately, there are no reviews available for these shoes on any other websites or social media platforms. 

As such, we cannot recommend these shoes as they may not be legitimate or may not be good quality.

Is Cityrover Reliable?

Cityrover shoe is a popular online store selling cheap shoes  

The site claims to offer the best quality products at wholesale prices. 

However, there are many negative reviews about this website on the Internet, which makes you wonder if it is really reliable or not.

The first impression of Cityrover Shoes is that it looks like one of those unreliable websites that sell cheap products, but they don’t actually exist or they were made in China and they could break down after a few uses. 

The website has a rating on Alexa, but when you look at the reviews left by customers, you will find that most of them are very negative. 

There are several reasons why people are unhappy about their shopping experience with Cityrover Shoes:

Many customers say that the products they received from Cityrover Shoes were not what they expected from such an expensive site. 

They claim that their items broke down after only one use or didn’t fit properly because they were made from poor quality materials. 

Some people say that the items were delivered late or never arrived at all!

Is Cityrover shoes sustainable?

Cityrover shoes is a company that sells shoes online. On their website, they is no information about where the materials actually come from.

They mentioned that all of their products are made with care, but there is no information on whether or not this includes the materials used or when they were last updated.

In addition to this, Cityrover Shoes makes no mention of how much energy was used to produce their products or what steps they have taken to reduce their impact on the environment.

Based on these concerns, I am concerned about the sustainability of Cityrover Shoes.

Does Cityrover have good reviews?

Cityrover shoes are a decent product for the price. 

They are comfortable and look good, but they do not seem to be very well made. Some customers say they are fake, while others say they liked them.

The Cityrover shoes have mixed reviews.. Some customers say they are fake, while others say they liked them. 

The most common complaint is that they are not as durable as expected. Other complaints include poor quality and comfort issues.

Some customers have said that the Cityrover shoes fit poorly, which can cause blisters or discomfort when walking around in them all day long. 

Other customers said that their feet were too hot in these shoes because of the lack of ventilation holes in them.

There were also some positive comments about these shoes from happy customers who said that they were very comfortable and looked nice on their feet; however, there were also many negative comments from those who did not like them at all.

How to Know If an Online website s fake or legit?

It’s not easy to tell whether or not a website is fake. A lot of sites are using the same design and layout, which makes them look like they are real.

There are also some ways that you can check if a site is fake or not.

Here are some tips that you should take into account when you want to know if a site is legit:

  • Check for the Contact Information

If you want to know if a website is real or not, check for the contact information of the company.

You should also look for phone numbers and emails because these will help you reach out to them directly.

If there is no contact information present on their website, then there is no way that you can reach them at all!

  • Look at Their Website

You should also look at how their website looks and feels like.

If it’s poorly made and doesn’t seem professional, then it might be fake!

You need to make sure that their website has been updated recently so it won’t show any signs of being inactive or abandoned by its owner!


According to what we have discussed above, City Rover may be legitimate if they provide more information.

It would be better for the customers if the website showcased more pictures of the products and improved their return policy for international buyers.