There are thousands of clothing websites online, but finding the one that offers high quality, cool designs, and perfect fitting at a reasonable price is almost impossible. In fact, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Hundreds of people are getting scammed by these websites, and you might be the next victim. 

So before you spend your hard-earned money on a site that seems too good to be true, don’t forget to look up its legitimacy online.

One brand that is attracting a lot of people these days is Broswear but is the brand legit? Let’s find out.


Broswear has been around since January 2021 and is registered on Ali Baba in China. 

The About Us page claims that Broswear takes inspiration from the latest Instagram trends to create clothes that help its buyers stand out.

All their clothes are handcrafted with lots of love and care.

Broswear further claims they use linen cotton as their primary clothing material because they believe that high-quality apparel can only be created with the best fabric. 

The brand also offers t-shirts made with fabric that is waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, and deodorizing,

Broswear has explained its sustainability policy in the same section. According to the brand, it truly cares about sustainability and only uses recycled fabrics to create its garments.

The so-called environmentally friendly and sustainable products are being sold worldwide with major consumers in America, Canada, Australia, and Europe. 

When we checked the brand’s products page, we discovered that most of its best-selling garments come at only $32. 

The highest-priced item, however, is White Henley Collar Cotton Linen Shirt And Pants Set worth $68.

Broswear gives a lot of offers and sales to its customers. 

You can get 15% off on the second item, 30% off on the fourth item, and 99% off on the sixth item. There are also clothes under 19.99 dollars and a clearance sale that offers items at much lower rates.

All this seems too good to be true. Sustainable, high-quality garments at such low prices. 

To check the authenticity of the brand’s claims, we run About Us page information through plagiarism software.

It turns out that Broswear has copied most of the information from thirteen different clothing brands.


Social media has become a vital part of every online business. 

You will notice that reputable online brands have well-maintained accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. These help them show off their products and attract more buyers.

It is best to check a brand’s social media account to check its reliability. Brands with less number of followers and little to no interaction on posts are often dubious and must be avoided.

Broswear is on every powerful social media website, but their engagement with people is zero to none. 

On Instagram, the brand has only 1700 followers. The Facebook page was created in 2020, and two years later, it still has only 250 likes. 

The brand’s TikTok account is no better. With only 9 followers and 17 likes, it seems like Broswear has failed to make an impact on people through social media.


The best way to gauge the authenticity of the brand is by reading reviews from its buyers. Broswear has been reviewed by plenty of people, and it turns out that its reputation is not too good.

On Trustpilot, Broswear has a rating of 1.4 out of 5. There are a total of 176 reviews on the site. 

Only 3% of those are good, while 89% complain about poor product quality and customer service.

One buyer posted that he ordered clothes from the Broswear website worth 150 dollars. After a couple of months, when he contacted the post office, the tracking number turned out to be fake. 

Another buyer was also looted by the company when he returned the products because they weren’t true to his size.

The reviewer wrote that despite contacting customer service three times, he did not get a satisfactory response.

The reviews about the quality of Broswear garments are no better. 

Dennis James from Canada wrote about his poor experience with the brand. 

According to him, he ordered shirts from the brand with hopes of receiving good quality but what he received was the exact opposite. 

The fabric looked and felt cheap, stitching was showing on the outside, and the tag said: “Made in China.”

The reviews on Browear’s Facebook page aren’t good either.

One buyer wrote that the quality of clothes received was very poor, and there’s no way we can return them because it would cost him over one hundred dollars to send them back to the returning address.

Another buyer wrote that the fabric is total trash, and the size is so big that it could fit a giant. Yikes!

From these reviews, it is pretty clear that Broswear is not a trustable website.


Broswear claims to have its headquarters in the UK and China, but neither of the two addresses they give on their website is a parcel returning address. 

The phone number and e-mail address seem legit, but the company has really poor customer service. They do not reply, and when they do, the response is not satisfactory.

The brand has looted several buyers, and the products are of poor quality. The 99% off clearance sale and other deals offered by the apparel company also make it look suspicious.

Such offers are mostly given by scam websites that lure innocent people and rip them off their money.

Browear’s trust score on Scam Advisor is only 1 out of 100. This is because the website has an Alexa ranking of 924,910, and the owner has kept his real identity hidden.

Trend Micro- a leading cybersecurity platform also marks Broswear as a not-so-safe website.

All this information is enough to prove that Broswear is not legit and must be avoided at all costs.