Fashion has to be effortless, you should throw it on and be all set for an event. This swiftness is covered by none other than Boohoo.

Our two cents over a brief intro of Boohoo.

It’s based in London, but it has expanded to the United States of America, Europe, and Australia.

Boohoo was launched back in 2006 with an aim to establish an ethical & environmental-friendly industry.

This always has been the backbone, or the other way said – agenda of Boohoo.

Boohoo has got something for anyone in your house.

Are you planning for an event and the deadline is just around the corner?

Boohoo has you covered because there are so many choices – ranging from Maternity Women’s Dresses to Jeans for men, and the list literally goes a long way.

Head out to Boohoo to check out the list of products available.

Boohoo introduces 500 new styles every single week!

While you’ve so much at your disposal, the problem that generally births is the size of the ordered products.

Your Nike size may or may not match the size at Boohoo. There’s a variance that gets us all into trouble.

We’ve come up with this post to unearth an answer to the question if Boohoo is true to size.

It’ll allow you to read anything you possibly need before deciding to buy at Boohoo.

Boohoo isn’t true to size.

Are you a fan of Nike or Levis?

You’d have a hard time buying from Boohoo.

This isn’t because the brand doesn’t offer the same quality or anything as such. But, the thing is – there’s a discrepancy between the sizes when compared with the brands mentioned earlier.

To conclude this answer, we went through a lot of reviews written around Boohoo; our purpose was to probe into the matter and see if the people who ordered from Boohoo received their deliveries in the same size as they do on other brands.

But to our surprise, we found Boohoo to be not true to size.

The bottom line of all the discussions we’ve had is displayed up here in BOLD.

We’ve broken each category into segments throughout the guide and presented our analysis because the BOLD statement doesn’t stand true for each type.

Some products are bigger than the labeled size, and some are shorter than the size imprinted.

To help you out decide on a product congruent with your needs, we’ve got you everything you possibly need in one place.

What Size Does Boohoo use?

To cope with the size issue and its non-equivalence with the famous brands paved the way for something that could avert the uninvited scenario.

For this, Boohoo has designed its Size Chart, and there on the chart – A table is displayed where the outfits’ sizes are displayed in inches/cm.

This enables its audience to familiarize themselves with the actual size of the outfit they’re about to order.

Codes undoubtedly make it easy for the brands to imprint a size, but the Size Chart aids in cross-checking.

Thus, allowing the customers to keep up with the real-time reading.

It’s always recommended to order only when you’ve been through the Size Chart.

Thank us later!

Does Boohoo Run Small or Big?

Options are numerous on Boohoo.

We can’t be specific here in this segment because we can’t just generalize a whole lot of outfits available.

The size issues vary.

There are some products a number shorter than the size imprinted. And there’re some larger than the size tagged.

There’s no one answer, but we’ve made sure to register responses for the question down here, and we’ve individually touched each category to let you know which ones run short or big.

Is Boohoo Plus True to Size?

Of all the categories we’ve seen, Boohoo Plus stood out. Almost all the outfits falling in this range seem to be hitting the right spot.

The prices in this category range from 12 USD to 50 USD, more of an affordable, top-notch fashion. The size varies from 12-to 24 in numeric figures for the Boohoo Plus category.

Shaylee: A Youtuber with 100k subscribers modeled with the Boohoo Plus on, and all of the outfits she appeared in looked super stylish, where everything was true to the size ordered.

Is Boohoo Shoes True to Size?

A pair of shoes an inch shorter than the size intended may leave you without options right before an event to attend. That’s the reason you gotta be smart before you think of buying a decent pair.

At Boohoo, the Shoe size is half an inch small than the original size. That’s why we recommend our audience to order a size a bit (half an inch) larger than what you normally fit yourself in.

Is Boohoo Jeans True to Size?

From the events we’ve recorded, it was found that a pair of Jeans at Boohoo wasn’t true to its size.

Many people who order jeans from Boohoo find their item to be short of its actual size. It had to be covered by placing an order for jeans an inch or half an inch greater than the size you usually wear.

Like some went with the previous flow and found their jeans to be tight around the hips, making them uncomfortable.

Is Boohoo Petite True to Size?

For Boohoo Petite, say if you’re 13 number and the only sizes available are either 12 or 14, we’d suggest going with the bigger option. It’s because Boohoo does fall short of its actual tagged size. The shorter, the better.

Hence, not true to size.

Is Boohoo Paternity True to Size?

Paternity outfits are normally on the loose side. So, when you’re ordering such an item – make sure it has got a bit of space and room for you to fit in comfortably.

This isn’t supposed to be tight. So, this may run shorter or bigger than the size chosen. The recommended size in this category would be to select a half number greater than what you generally feel for yourself.

And do check the Size Chart before making a final decision.



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