Curvy women are often neglected when it comes to shopping for swimwear.

The swimwear industry has been known to cater more to the average woman’s needs and not provide clothing for the larger woman.

However, in recent years, the trends have been changing, and there has been a growing demand for plus-sized swimwear.

Nowadays, many brands offer a variety of sizes and styles of swimwear for women who are slightly above average weight. 

While many renowned brands on the market are offering high-quality swimwear for curvy beauties, a fairly new name in the industry is Bay Curve.

Bay Curve is a relatively obscure brand that offers various swimwear styles for women with different body sizes and types. 

However, some reports suggest that the brand is more of a scam than a legitimate business.  

So, what’s the truth? Is it a legitimate brand and worth a try or not?

Let’s find out!

Company Overview

Bay Curve is a company that specializes in ladies’ swimwear.

The brand offers various styles and sizes of swimwear and beach apparel for women.

The company operates on an online-only basis and doesn’t have any physical locations or stores anywhere in the US or any place else.

Although the brand carries many different styles of swimsuits, its most popular style comprises one-piece swimsuits.

Is Bay Curve Swimwear Legit?

Several factors can determine how legit a particular company is. Let’s look at all of them and see where Bay Curve stands.

  • Reputation

The first and most important indicator of a company’s legitimacy is its reputation. The more reputed the company, the more customers it will attract.

Unfortunately, Bay Curve doesn’t enjoy a notable reputation as a brand among its customers.

For starters, it doesn’t even have that many customers. The ones that did buy from the brand don’t have any nicer things to say about it.

The brand isn’t even reputed over social media platforms and has no noteworthy affiliations. So, in terms of reputation, the brand is a total downer.

  • Quality of Products

The quality of a brand’s products tells a lot about its genuineness. A legit company will ensure the quality it promises its customers, even if it has to go out of the way.

Sadly, Bay Curve disappoints in this area as well. Most of Bay Curve’s customers seem quite unhappy with the products’ quality.

According to the customers, there is a huge difference between the products you see in the pictures and the products you receive.

Most products are made of cheap materials, making them very uncomfortable to wear. In addition, the sizing and fitting of the brand are totally off. 

There is no fixed pattern in sizing inconsistency. Some items may run small, while some may run very big.

So, you never really know what you are going to receive.

Also, the Bay Curve’s products have been seen on other websites and discount shops at much lesser rates.

  • Customer Service

Every reputable and legitimate business is highly customer-centric. A brand that values its customers and their sentiments will always go a long way.

Bay Curve swimwear is worst when it comes to customer service. The brand doesn’t have an efficient and effective system that can ensure high-quality customer service. 

First, the brand hasn’t provided any contact number to reach its customer service on its website or other social media pages.

So, if you need to urgently contact the brand, you’ll have no other option than to drop them a message on Facebook or fill up the contact form on their website

They haven’t provided any email address either. So, you are left with limited options to get to them. But, the saddest part is that the brand takes a minimum of three days to get back to you if you are lucky.

Most of the time, you don’t get a reply for months, even if you keep pinging them. Sometimes, they don’t bother replying to you at all. 

This makes it quite clear that customer satisfaction is the least of their concerns.

  • Website

A legitimate business will have a website that contains all the necessary information that a customer might want to need.

When it comes to Bay Curve, the brand’s website is not always available. You’ll be redirected to another page if you type in the URL.

Even if it is available, it doesn’t contain any valuable information for the customer. There is no address, contact number or anything else that can be used to track down the company. 

  • Transparency

A legitimate brand is always transparent in its dealings with customers and keeps them informed about the company’s practices.

Guess what? Bay Curve badly fails in this regard as well. The brand has not provided any information regarding anything at all.

The weirdest thing is that we don’t know the brand’s owner. The owner’s identity is kept out of sight on every platform. 

Secondly, there is no mention of where the brand’s products are manufactured, how they are manufactured and what kind of production policies are followed by the brand. 

Let’s say the brand doesn’t manufacture the products and is merely working as a middleman. It is still bound to disclose the seller’s manufacturing procedures so the customers can make an informed decision.

  • Return Policy

Since an actual legit business cares for its customers, it would make it easier for customers to avail the return or exchange policy.

Although Bay Curve offers a return and exchange policy, it makes it so hard to reach customer service that the customers eventually give up.

Many customers have complained that they wanted to return or exchange their products, but the brand never facilitated them. 

Some say that the brand did get back to them but kept dragging the case for months and returned only a fraction of the amount the customer was entitled to in the end.

The Final Word

While Bay Curve swimwear displays some stunning designs online, it is a total scam. From the unavailability of the website to the selling of counterfeit products, there is nothing positive about it.

The brand also has a lot of negative reviews on its Facebook page, and the company doesn’t seem to be interested in addressing the issues customers are having.

So, if you ever need to buy good quality swimwear, Bay Curve should be the last brand to come to your mind.