All Day Shirts is a clothing store located in the United States. They’re basically a wholesaler of blank t-shirts. 

One of the best ways to buy in bulk is through retailers that sell wholesale. This way one is able to save a lot of money and also get more stuff by paying less. 

However, it’s really difficult to trust brands this easily, especially when shopping online. 

One always has the fear of getting scammed and very rightfully so because there have been multiple cases of people not receiving what they ordered. 

This makes customers hesitant when they’re shopping, mainly while buying something in bulk. So their next step is to check reviews on the retailer online. 

But you’ll be disappointed to know that even reviews can be bought now and are fake.

So trusting brands becomes even more of a problem. One such case is with the retailer All Day Shirts. 

If you’re curious to know whether this retailer is real and authentic, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, I’ll be discussing all the details regarding the brand All Day Shirts and we’ll also take a look at how legitimate this retailer is. 

So let’s dive right in!

About All Day Shirts 

All Day Shirts is a United States based wholesaler. They specialize in t-shirts and sweats. They’re known for selling basic stuff, for instance white Gildan t-shirts, Bella canvas t-shirts. 

The brand’s main aim is to achieve high levels of comfort through its basic apparel. One of the best things about purchasing from them is that you could either buy just one t-shirt or fifty. 

They will be able to do either of that for you. This is because they are a second-generation wholesale store. 

However, you’ll be able to receive big discounts if you buy more and therefore, you will be saving more as well. 

All Day Shirts sell their stylish t-shirts at low prices to not only individuals but also to schools, businesses, as well as organizations. 

They’re also very proud of offering the highest quality material to their customers and that too at very affordable rates.

Plus they manufacture comfortable clothing for men, women, and kids. Therefore, ordering from them for your entire family is a quick way to save money. 

All Day Shirts has a long list of featured brands. These include American Apparel, Adams, Core and North End. 

Their apparel is great for everyday use, uniforms, and events. If you’re thinking about starting a t-shirt business, then you can buy in bulk from them. You’ll save money because of wholesale and their material is also great for screen printing. 

The retailer claims to offer the best prices in the whole country. This is because All Day Shirts have their own warehouses as well as distribution. They own 10 distribution centers in the US, which they ship from. 

Moreover, the store is proud to have 150 associates as customer service. They believe that customer satisfaction is their top priority! And they’re also committing towards becoming the number one t-shirt supplier. 

Is All Day Shirts actually legit? 

Well by the first glimpse over their website, they do seem to be a pretty legit company. The website looks like any other wholesale store would have. 

However, one major factor which defines its legitimacy is the fact that they’ve been running and operating for more than 47 years now. 

No business, if scam, would be able to run for this long. People would find out the truth and ditch the brand. But because that hasn’t happened yet, therefore, we can assume that the retailer is legit. 

Moreover, they are very transparent about their operations as well. This is very important, especially for brands that work online. They have 10 distribution centers that operate in the US only. 

Additionally, if you need any information, then you can visit their website’s FAQ page or just contact them through their customer service. 

If they’re actually legit, then why do people assume that All Day Shirts is a scam brand? Well, this is because of the fair share of negative reviews that they have received on trusted review pages. 

On Trustpilot, people have described how poor their customer service is. One customer complained about receiving damaged products and not being able to get her complaint lodged with the customer support department. 

She was disappointed that she had to pay more for the shirts as compared to other brands but was even more frustrated when she received damaged shirts. 

Moreover, people have complained about deceitful marketing as well. They argue that they’ve always had to buy more to get shipping at a reasonable rate, otherwise buying individual items costs a lot. 

Therefore, their entire facade of getting the best discount and offers is not true and just a marketing gimmick. 

A customer was irritated with their service because they ordered 30 caps and only received three. They never even got a refund for this mishap. 

Generally, most of the complaints were regarding issues in delivery, customer service, and receiving damaged products. 

This is ironic because they boast a lot about their customer service and about having multiple associates to help customers out. 

Therefore, all this indicates that All Day Shirts might not be as legitimate of a company as one may think it is. 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, to answer the main question, All Day Shirts is a legit wholesale company located in the United States. 

However, the reason I woudn’t suggest buying from them is because of all the negative reviews that they have received. 

These customers’ experiences suggest how poor their service is and that they shouldn’t be trusted easily. 

Although it should be noted that there were a few positive reviews as well. People stated that they were happy with the products they received. 

They even found the material to be comfortable as well and were very satisfied with their fast delivery and shipping. 

Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you want to take the risk of buying from this retailer or not. 

I hope this article helps answer all your queries regarding the brand All Day Shirts!