Alfa Western Wear is an online retailer known for its western style shoes and boots. Their objective is to offer the best western boots and accessories available. 

They make boots the old-fashioned way, by hand, with the best leathers and supplies.

Their boots can compete with the most costly brands out there.

Al and Faizan Alim, who were born and raised in the United States, launched the business in 2001.

Headquarters for Alfa Western Wear is in Los Angeles, California.

The USA is where Alfa western wear shoes are created.

For more than 25 years, Alfa Western Wear has produced high-quality boots. 

Boots from Alfa Western Wear are manufactured from premium materials and are long-lasting.

Alfa western wear boots come in a range of designs and sizes to suit your requirements.

The company mostly sells boots, jeans, t-shirts, belts, hats, and caps. Although we can typically find duplicates of caps, t-shirts, and trousers anywhere, Alfa is most renowned for its shoes. 

These include male and female footwear, boots for children, special and exotic western boots as well as work boots. 

Some of these boots are crafted by hand and have lovely designs, but others are made by machines and are nonetheless well-known for their comfort and fit.

However, the question arises: Is Alfa Western Wear truly a legit business?

According to a document published by the Better Business Bureau, Alfa Western Wear, based in Laredo, is being investigated by the BBB for, among other complaints, reportedly failing to complete client orders.

A statement from the Better Business Bureau was released: 

“Alfa Western Wear, with outlets in Laredo and San Antonio, has become the focus under inquiry of BBB after the company received a significant number of reports and reviews under the company since May of this year.”

According to the BBB, over the previous five months, the business group has received roughly 150 consumer complaints and evaluations from 40 different states, with Texas accounting for the majority of them.

Many customers claimed that their orders were incomplete or inaccurate and that the retailer did not react to their inquiries concerning their online purchases.

According to the company, the typical client lost roughly $111.

You can read more here: Local business under investigation from Better Business Bureau 

Are The Boots Any Good?

Customers have also posted many negative reviews on multiple independent online forums such as Reddit to complain about the business. 

On Amazon, multiple shoes posted by the brand have received only 1-star reviews.

Customers have claimed that the shoes they received were not the size they ordered, and were uncomfortable to wear. 

They also claimed that the shoes had a really strong and pungent odor. The shoes are not true to size and fit tighter than their actual size. 

Customers have also reported that despite what the business claims, returns and exchanges are not actually free. 

One customer reviewed that the shoes they had ordered came as two sizes smaller than the ones they had ordered and exchanged them cost 40$ extra. 

They claim that items can be swapped, however according to one consumer, the company is unreachable. No one ever picks up the phone. 

Every voicemail box is filled and Facebook messages and texts are not read.

Many customers have also reportedly not received their money back months after refunding their orders. Their claims and call have gone unanswered. 

The business seems to have horrible customer service, with representatives not even bothering to pick up phones to answer calls. 

Customers have also reported not receiving their orders multiple months after having placed them online via the business’s website. 

Reps for the business say that given the fact that all of their products are handmade, the over 20,000 orders they have received since the start of the pandemic have led to even longer delivery periods.

It takes about four months to get a hand-made, specially manufactured footwear from a store.

Muniz, one of the manufacturers,  also mentioned that any customers who may have ordered a boot in advance would be qualified for a refund.

It is not even specified in the fine print that those who pre-ordered the boots—custom-made boots—and later decide to back out of the deal will be charged a 25% cancellation fee. 

It is so easy to overlook that we even wrote it in capital letters beside the item.

Alfa Western Wear’s basic shoes typically take 2 to 3 working days to ship after an order has been placed and completed. 

Up to three months may pass before you receive your personalised sheos. It will take 1-3 months to finish custom shoes because they are customized boots that are 100% made from scratch.

The main complaints that people have with the business are that the shoes are not packaged properly, rather are sent in battered boxes. 

The boots are made of leather that did not smell like leather but smelled more like rotten eggs.

While the business offers affordable and stylish western wear, it is a huge red flag for customers that the BBB has put forward an enquiry into this business. 

It is better to find an alternative business that offers similar products than to conduct transactions with Alfa Western Wear as you are likely to get scammed. 

There are refunds that never take place, wrong sized shoes, and quite a lot of mishaps happening to customers’ orders. 

Thus, we can conclusively say that currently, this business is not legit and has quite a lot of shortcomings and negative publicity.