Guccio Gucci passed the company’s interests to his three sons after the war (Aldo, Vasco, Rodolfo). 

Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten, was the brand’s initial worldwide catchphrase.

ALDO shoes were founded by Aldo Bensadoun, one of the big man’s sons.

Aldo is a shoe company noted for its high-quality, fashionable footwear. Since its founding in the 1920s in Italy, the business has been a favourite of fashion-conscious ladies.

Aldo’s shoes are crafted of the highest quality materials and are meant to complement any outfit.

Sandals, flats, pumps, wedges, and boots are among the exquisite shoes offered by the business.

Aldo shoes are often contemporary, with sleek lines and a feminine vibe.

What is the ALDO brand known for?

Aldo, of course, is best known for its wide and fantastic range of shoes for everybody and party wear.

Aldo shoes are made to be flexible and may be worn with practically any ensemble.

If you want to seem put-together, combine Aldo heels or wedges with a dress or skirt.

Mix-and-match sandals or flats with shorts or jeans for a more relaxed appearance.

Aldo does not use animal testing. All current Aldo items are produced without using any animals in any sort of way.

Furthermore, the brand does not sell in China, as this animal-cruelty-free tactic is banned by law there.

Is ALDO a good quality brand?

ALDO began with shoes and has expanded to include a wide range of accessories for men and women, including watches and purses.

ALDO’s handbags and crossbody bags appear pricey, yet they are not.

You’ll discover a variety of purses and crossbody bags in various sizes, as well as a variety of colours. You may wear them with a variety of outfits.

These backpacks are also suitable for usage in school, university, and the office. You may get a crossbody purse for regular use as well as for a special function.

The straps on these bags are quite sturdy, so you may fill them up without fear of them being destroyed.

They also offer some fantastic flats and sandals. They come in a variety of colours and styles. They’d be appropriate for a beach or picnic, a party, or even school.

The majority of their shoes are quite comfy to wear and available in a variety of sizes. They are true to size, and customers should have no issue obtaining the appropriate size from their website.

Their heels and sandals are also quite sturdy. As a result, after you purchase them, you will notice that they will stay in excellent shape for a long period.

Boots are a necessity for many people, but they may be expensive if you want a high-quality pair.

Thankfully, ALDO is here to rescue the day for both you and your budget since they provide a wide range of boots at a reasonable price.

Strongly suggested are their casual boots, mid-top boots, and ankle tops. These are incredibly fashionable, trendy, and one-of-a-kind.

The nicest part about them is how comfy they are to wear. A boot must be both fashionable and comfy to be considered decent.

Which is better: ALDO or Guess?

Under three retail banners: ALDO, Call It Spring/Spring, and GLOBO, it has expanded to become a global enterprise with approximately 3,000 outlets in over 100 countries.

The Group owns stores in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, while foreign stores are franchised.

ALDO offers an unrivalled range of the most up-to-date footwear and accessories for men and women, with on-trend designs at a reasonable price.

Customers may expect the same level of quality and value in accessories as they have in footwear.

Aldo has a keen sense of fashion and current trends. The majority of their footwear is trendy, and they provide a large selection of shoes.

ALDO bags are created with a new sensibility that we refer to as the ALDO Look, from the classic leathers to the unusual fabrications to the unique accents.

When Aldo first started, they made their shoes out of fake leather. However, as the industry evolved, Aldo began using genuine leather in 2010.

This brand employs premium leather that has been treated and cured for a long time. Shoes composed of real and faux leather are available at Aldo.

Aldo shoes, according to studies, may endure for two to three years if worn frequently.

They can, however, survive considerably longer if worn on a regular basis.

They may not be the most durable, but they will provide you with good value for your money based on their pricing.

Of course, if you want your Aldo’s to live longer, you must take good care of them.

GUESS, on the other hand, originated as a style guide by Georges Marciano in 1981. It’s a clothing brand and shop based in the United States.

Guess sells a variety of trendy accessories, including watches, jewellery, fragrances, purses, and shoes, in addition to apparel for men and women.

The Marciano brothers’ keen eye for pairing previously unknown models with their iconic aesthetic, effectively catapulting their careers overnight, has cemented the brand’s place in the ’90s pop culture.

Guess became known for its highly stylized black and white commercials showcasing feisty women and a film noir-esque look, which cemented its status as the era’s ‘it’ brand.

Even though it does not meet the high standards of Gucci, Prada, Hermés – or even Aldo – GUESS is regarded as a luxury designer brand. The design and quality of GUESS are excellent.

While its products are expensive, they are far less expensive than some of its closest competitors. Celebrities adore it, and it does occasionally release unique merchandise.

Is ALDO a fast fashion brand?

It is a fast-fashion brand, no doubt. Aldo has designed a new go-to-market plan with the aid of its new CEO, who previously worked at manufacturing behemoth VF Corp.

Aldo has devised a new go-to-market strategy with the help of its new CEO, who previously worked at manufacturing powerhouse VF Corp. Every month, the corporation offers a new product in its stores.


Aldo is adored by several celebrities. Customers all around the world love wearing shoes and bags from ALDO. It is a good brand for your everyday shoes and bags to pull any outfit perfectly.


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