11 Degrees is an urban fashion brand based in the UK. This brand has managed to become a banger in the streetwear industry!

It is very popular and can be found in specialized clothing stores all across the UK, Ireland, as well as the rest of Europe.

With increasing popularity, people have started questioning whether this brand is truly a good one or not. In a swarm of brands today, many are just using good marketing to reach this level of popularity. 

As a shopper, it’s your right to know what a brand is up to and how well their clothing is. For that reason, I’m here to help!

I’ve waded through a pool of reviews to help reach an informed conclusion on the status of this brand. 

In this article I’ll be providing all the details you need to know on how good the brand 11 Degrees actually is. 

So let’s get right to it!

Is 11 Degrees a good brand?

One of the most asked questions about this brand is if it’s actually a good one or not. Well yes, it is! Not only has this brand been around for a very long time, but their customer reviews are also very positive and strong.

11 Degrees’ clothing is very popular and it is for a good reason. This is because they offer high-quality and on-point designs. 

They’ve always sold well at any retail shop that has showcased them. 

According to reviews on Trustpilot, they have an “excellent” rating of 75 percent. Whereas a “poor” rating of only 3 percent. This goes on to show that the brand is a trustworthy one.

The reviews talk about how great quality 11 Degrees is providing. They even described the brand’s delivery as “swift”. 

Moreover, the brand is all about comfort, which is why they ensure to only use high-quality materials. They also incorporate unique production techniques in order to achieve the best level of comfort in their clothing.


Their aim of achieving the utmost comfort has been validated by many positive reviews which claim to have received very nice and comfortable T-shirts suitable for hot weather.

They’ve also been appraised immensely for their extremely fast delivery in almost every other review by customers. 

However, customer reviews will always vary between good and bad. Big brands like 11 Degrees have to rely on warehouse and logistics companies. 

These sometimes make a few errors which will lead to a bad review rather than a good one from purchasers. 

However, 11 Degrees is quick to solve an issue faced by any customer regarding their clothing. This is a clear sign of a good brand that provides aid to its customers. 

Those who don’t receive their deliveries due to some issues are also covered to get a full refund. This is especially true in cases of online shopping. 

Additionally, 11 Degrees has also made a move towards a more ethical production chain. They’ve recently launched a sustainable collection which is created using ethically sourced fabric. 

A good brand is one that is always working towards becoming better. And in the case of 11 Degrees, it’s truly a good one!

Are 11 Degrees owned by Gaz?

Originally, the brand was founded by Gary Beadle, popularly known as Gaz Beadle, and Andrew Hayton. They co-founded 11 Degrees in 2014 in the United Kingdom. 

Before he created 11 Degrees, Gaz Beadle was popular for appearing on a reality TV show known as Geordie Shore. 

Later on he became the face of the successful 11 Degrees clothing brand. His popularity is what helped keep the brand in the spotlight for many many years. 

On the other hand, the co-founder Andrew Hayton is also the owner of a successful online streetwear shop known as Urban Celebrity. 

They both came together to create a streetwear clothing brand named 11 Degrees!

People started to become more aware of this brand as Gaz incorporated 11 Degrees clothing in his daily wear. 

He has over 3.5 million Instagram followers and therefore this helped very much in bringing 11 Degrees into the public eye. 

Their clothing was also worn by famous celebrities like the cricketer Ben Stokes, The DJ Ben Nicky, and boxers like Jordan Gill, Dalton Smith, Carl Frampton, and Tony Bellows.

On the other hand, an interesting thing is that in 2016 the new principal shareholder of this brand was North West LTD. 

In April 2018, Gary Beadle Promotions Ltd was no longer a shareholder of the brand 11 Degrees. This led many people to believe that Gaz left the brand and is no longer its owner.

Additionally, the website of the brand also started introducing new models like Josh Flanary and Brandon Myers who are no more prevalent than Gaz as representatives. 

However, there isn’t any statement given by Gaz himself on whether he is still the owner of 11 Degrees or not.

Moreover, the website had also been updated to show the Hut group in the footer. Therefore, it’s assumed that there is a high chance that the brand is now owned by the Hut Group.

Who made 11 Degrees?

As mentioned earlier, the brand 11 Degrees was co-founded by Gaz Beadle and Andrew Hayton in 2014 in the UK. Gaz was popular through his reality TV show and Andy was relatively unknown until recently. 

11 Degrees clothing was a start-up order to replicate a small brand that achieved immense success known as Silk Silk. 

The co-founders also appointed entrepreneurs Christian Hoyle and Stephen Kitchen as directors of the business.

Stephen Kitchen was the driving force behind the brand’s booming success as he is known to be a digital marketing Guru. He ensured that 11 Degrees maintained an online presence.

The combination of Gaz’s game, Stephen’s marketing skills, and Andy’s knowledge of the industry helped the business achieve high levels of success.

There isn’t much information on why they named the brand 11 Degrees but it’s assumed to be related to Ryan Giggs’ jersey number 11. Ryan plays for Manchester United and Andy is a big fan of the team.

Their success story is all related to Gaz’s fame and media exposure which helped provide advertising opportunities. 

The brand is also associated with big names of boxers and cricketers with an amazing online presence. Therefore, this makes it a highly popular one!