Gemstones have been popular for centuries, and the blue sapphire is one of the most well-known and sought-after stones. However, there are many myths surrounding this gemstone, and some people wonder if it can have positive or negative effects on their lives.

Research has shown that the blue sapphire is not suitable for everyone, and it is important to determine if it is the right gemstone for you. In this post, readers will learn about the side effects of wearing a blue sapphire and how to check if it suits them.

Key Takeaways

  • Blue sapphire is not suitable for everyone and can have side effects.
  • It is important to determine if blue sapphire is the right gemstone for you before wearing it.
  • By the end of this post, readers will have a better understanding of the side effects of blue sapphire and how to check if it suits them.

Side Effects of Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is a popular gemstone that is believed to be connected to Saturn, the planet. It is said to act fast, and its effects can be experienced within a few days of wearing it. However, wearing a poor-quality blue sapphire with flaws can cause side effects.

According to sacred texts, there are up to 16 significant flaws of the blue sapphire that can cause side effects for different individuals. One of the major flaws is known as Dudhiya, which is caused by spiral inclusions that give the gemstone a milky appearance. This flaw can cause problems for the wearer, such as a fall from a high position, a loss of reputation, or problems for their children.

Other side effects of blue sapphire include a loss in relationships, increased debts, loss in business, or even fever. To avoid these negative effects, it is recommended to take a blue sapphire to an Astro Gemologist for evaluation. It is also important to wear a blue sapphire after analyzing your birth chart, as wearing it under unfavorable planetary positions can lead to dire consequences.

Some people believe that blue sapphire must be at least 3.5 to 4 carats to have any effect on an individual. However, others believe that such gemstones cannot affect humans and that they should only be worn for enjoyment or decoration without worrying about any side effects.

It is important to note that there is no real evidence that proves that blue sapphire can cause the side effects mentioned above. Therefore, it is safe to say that everyone is entitled to their own views on the topic. To avoid any potential side effects, it is recommended to purchase blue sapphire from an expert instead of an open market or street vendor.

Who Should Not Wear Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is a gemstone that is often recommended in astrology. However, not everyone is suited to wear it. In fact, some people should avoid wearing blue sapphire altogether.

According to astrology, people who have weak Saturn in their birth chart should not wear blue sapphire. This is because Saturn emits a blue color that can bring limitations and obstacles to some people. Wearing blue sapphire can exacerbate these negative effects.

In addition, people who belong to certain Zodiac signs should avoid wearing blue sapphire. For example, Scorpio and Leo ascendants should not wear blue sapphire. This is because these signs are ruled by the Moon, Mars, and the Sun, which can lead to negative results when Saturn is placed in their charts.

If you belong to Aquarius or Capricorn, you can wear blue sapphire and experience positive outcomes from it. These signs are believed to have a cordial relation with the planet Saturn. Virgo sign individuals can also wear blue sapphire.

It is important to note that if you are unsure whether you can wear blue sapphire, you should consult an astrologer. They can study your astrological placement and advise you on whether to wear this gemstone or not.

Overall, it is important to be cautious and knowledgeable about gemstone recommendations in astrology. By following the advice of a trusted astrologer and considering your astrological placement, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to wear blue sapphire.

How to Check if Blue Sapphire Suits You

Blue sapphire is a precious gemstone that can positively impact one’s aura if it suits them. However, it can also cause havoc in one’s life if it does not suit them. Therefore, it is crucial to check if blue sapphire suits you before wearing it regularly. Here are some ways to check if blue sapphire suits you:

Testing on Yourself

One way to test if blue sapphire suits you is by wrapping it on a cloth that is either blue or black and tying the cloth around your arm before you sleep. Ensure that you face east as you tie the cloth on your arm, then observe how you feel in the next three days. If you don’t experience any negative effects within this duration, it means that the blue sapphire suits you.

You can also test its effect by placing the blue sapphire under your pillow while sleeping or carrying it in a shirt pocket for at least three days. The best sign that shows that this gemstone suits you is if nothing happens within this time frame. This shows that the blue sapphire has adjusted to your body’s physiology.

Other positive signs that can help you determine this include experiencing a dream of passion the night you wear this gemstone or getting some great news. If, for instance, you experience dreams of intimacy after wearing blue sapphire, it symbolizes that the gemstone is working with your Mooladhara chakra positively. Some people also start gaining money immediately after wearing blue sapphire. These are signs that the gemstone suits you.

However, if you fall in the bathroom and fracture a bone the next day after wearing a blue sapphire, this is a clear sign that it does not suit you. You should also watch out for other weird symptoms that show that this gemstone does not suit you, such as having violent dreams, getting scared for no apparent reason, developing a headache or fever, or getting bad news within a few days of wearing blue sapphire.

Consulting an Astrologer

Apart from testing the blue sapphire on yourself, you can also find out whether it suits you by consulting an astrologer. Such professionals can help you learn more about your horoscope to help you determine whether this gemstone is for you without testing it on yourself.

Analyzing the Reason for Wearing Blue Sapphire

If you want to confirm whether this gemstone is working or not, you should first analyze the reason behind you wearing it in the first place. If you are wearing this gemstone for your health and notice an improvement in your health in the next few days, it means that it is working. Let’s say you are wearing blue sapphire for luck, and something good happens to you within the next few days; this is a clear sign that it is also working.

In conclusion, it is essential to check if blue sapphire suits you before wearing it regularly. You can test it on yourself or consult an astrologer to find out if it suits you. By analyzing the reason for wearing blue sapphire, you can also confirm whether it is working or not.


In conclusion, the blue sapphire is a gemstone that attracts many people due to its light blue hue. It is believed to be a fast-acting gemstone that can positively or negatively affect different individuals. However, it is important to note that this gemstone is suitable for people whose zodiac signs are Aquarius or Capricorn. If you experience side effects such as accidents, illness, or loss in relationships, it may indicate that the blue sapphire does not suit you. It is advisable to consult an expert before wearing this gemstone. Stephanie, a jewelry designer and writer for our website, recommends that readers check out our homepage for more information on useful tips and designs.