Diamonds are one of the most valuable and sought-after gemstones in the world. They are graded according to the 4 Cs – cut, carat, color, and clarity. VVS diamonds are considered the top-ranked diamonds in terms of clarity. Clarity refers to the blemishes, scratches, and mineral deposits within or on the surface of a diamond.

One might wonder why VVS diamonds are so rare. The answer is that these diamonds have microscopic inclusions that cannot be detected even with 10 times magnification. In this article, we will explore the definition of VVS diamonds, their rarity, and whether they are worth the investment. By the end of this article, readers will have a better understanding of VVS diamonds and their place in the world of gemstones.

Key Takeaways

  • VVS diamonds are top-ranked in terms of clarity and are graded based on the 4 Cs – cut, carat, color, and clarity.
  • VVS diamonds are rare due to their microscopic inclusions that cannot be detected even with 10 times magnification.
  • Whether or not VVS diamonds are worth the investment depends on individual preferences and budget constraints.

VVS Diamonds Definition

VVS diamonds are a type of diamond that is highly valued for their exceptional clarity. The term VVS stands for Very Very Slightly Included, which means that these diamonds have only traces of microscopic inclusions that can only be seen with a powerful microscope. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) developed the 4Cs grading system, which includes color, cut, carat, and clarity. The VVS diamonds are one of the 11 clarity grades in the world, and they are known for their high level of clarity.

VVS diamonds are divided into two sub-categories, VVS1 and VVS2. The VVS1 is the most valuable type of VVS diamond, as it is considered clean to the naked eye and its inclusions can hardly be seen even with 10 times magnification. The VVS2, on the other hand, has traces of inclusions that are visible under a microscope. Although they are also considered clean, they rank slightly lower than the VVS1.

In terms of appearance, the VVS diamonds have plenty of tiny inclusions that have zero effect on the general appearance of the diamond. The VVS diamonds are highly sought after by collectors and investors due to their rarity and exceptional clarity.

Are VVS Real Diamonds?

VVS diamonds are indeed real diamonds and are highly valued due to their minimal inclusions. These inclusions can include internal graining, clouds, feathers, or pinpoints, but are typically insignificant. While VVS diamonds are not the most valuable, as flawless and internally flawless diamonds hold higher rankings, they still hold immense value and are considered to be of high quality.

How Uncommon are VVS Diamonds?

VVS diamonds are not classified as extremely rare but are considered mildly rare compared to lower-grade diamonds. Although they are not impossible to find, they are not as readily available in the market as lower grades. When found, VVS diamonds are usually priced much higher than other more common grades. The clarity grade of VVS diamonds is rare in general, constituting only 15% of all diamonds worldwide.

Why VVS Diamonds are Considered Rare?

Diamonds are graded based on their clarity, which refers to the presence or absence of inclusions and blemishes. The VVS (Very Very Slightly Included) diamond grade is considered rare due to its minimal inclusions. While VVS diamonds are not the highest-ranking diamonds in terms of rarity, they are still considered rare compared to lower diamond grades.

Compared to ‘I’ clarity diamonds, VVS diamonds are much rarer. However, when compared to Flawless diamonds, VVS diamonds are more readily available. This makes VVS diamonds a popular choice for those seeking a high-quality diamond without the premium price tag of a Flawless diamond.

Overall, the rarity of VVS diamonds makes them a desirable option for those seeking a high-quality diamond with minimal inclusions.

Pros and Cons of VVS Diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, the VVS grade is considered to be one of the top-ranking clarity grades. However, like any other diamond, VVS diamonds have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.


VVS diamonds offer a sense of prestige to the wearer, similar to the FL clarity diamonds. They are very close to the top-ranking clarity diamonds and are considered to be a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

One of the major advantages of VVS diamonds is that they appear flawless to the naked eye. Even a trained jeweler would need a high-resolution microscope to detect any inclusions. This makes VVS diamonds an excellent choice for those who want to flaunt a diamond with high clarity.

VVS diamonds are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing for more creativity in design. Unlike lower grades that limit the design and shape due to the visibility of inclusions, VVS diamonds offer more options.


The biggest drawback of VVS diamonds is their price. They are expensive and can break the bank for those on a budget. Consider diamonds of lower grades if you have financial constraints.

Another disadvantage of VVS diamonds is that unless you are showcasing them to expert jewelers, normal people may not be able to distinguish them from other less expensive lower grades. The difference in visible quality may not be noticeable to everyone.

Experts have also warned against the resale value of VVS diamonds. They are considered to be luxurious jewelry and are not categorized as investments. The resale value of VVS diamonds is low, and it is less likely that you will be able to sell them for a price higher than what you paid.

In summary, VVS diamonds offer high clarity and prestige to the wearer, but they come with a high price tag and low resale value. It is important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision to purchase a VVS diamond.

Are VVS Diamonds Worth It?

VVS diamonds are definitely worth the investment for those who value luxury and quality. Despite the higher price compared to lower grades, they are still comparable to the highly sought-after Flawless grade. With the VVS grade, the diamond is clean to the naked eye, allowing for unobstructed sparkle. The presence of impurities can interfere with the diamond’s cut and overall sparkle. Therefore, investing in VVS diamonds ensures that you are getting the best quality diamond with exceptional clarity and sparkle.

Should You Purchase VVS Diamonds?

VVS diamonds are known for their exceptional clarity, which is almost comparable to that of a flawless diamond. While the decision to buy a VVS diamond ultimately depends on personal preferences, it is important to consider your budget before making a purchase.

If you have the financial means, purchasing a VVS diamond is a great investment due to its undeniable beauty and elegance. However, if you are on a tight budget, consider purchasing a lower grade diamond, as they are equally as sparkly and elegant.

One of the greatest advantages of a VVS diamond is its clarity, which is distinctive from other lower grades. It is important to note that a diamond’s value is not solely determined by its grade, and it is not necessary to break the bank to purchase a VVS diamond.

In summary, whether or not to purchase a VVS diamond depends on individual preferences and budget constraints. However, it is important to note that VVS diamonds rank high in the clarity category, making them a great investment for those who can afford it.


In conclusion, VVS diamonds are highly sought after by diamond enthusiasts due to their rarity and exceptional clarity. While only comprising 15% of all diamonds mined worldwide, VVS and other high clarity grades are ideal for creating exquisite jewelry pieces such as rings and necklaces. It is important to note that the clarity of a diamond cannot be determined with the naked eye, hence the need for jewelers to use microscopes to inspect the diamonds.

For those who value quality and appreciate the finer things in life, VVS diamonds are an excellent choice. Tiger, a fashion and jewelry expert, recommends VVS diamonds for their exceptional clarity and value. As a metal expert and manufacturer, Tiger has helped numerous small businesses grow and has collaborated with top fashion jewelry brands. With this information, diamond lovers can make informed decisions when choosing the perfect diamond for their jewelry collection.