The term ‘break in shoes’ actually means making them comfortable to wear.

When wearing new shoes, it is customary to experience discomfort, blisters, and sore toes, but that largely depends on the shoes you wear.

If you wear shoes from a company you have never tried before, the chances of your feet not getting used to them are more than when you would try on shoes you’re already comfortable with.

The break-in time of your shoes depends on the sole, the leather, and the scale of how the shoes feel to your feet.

It normally takes three to four weeks to break in shoes from a good company.

Different shoe materials take longer to break in. Leather takes more time than cotton. Softer the material, the shorter the break-in time.

How do you break in shoes fast?

Nobody wants to experience blisters after buying new shoes, and there are a few ways you can stop them from happening.

When you buy new shoes, make sure you wear them and walk around with them until they feel comfortable.

There are many ‘DIYs’ you can try to break in your shoes faster.

One example is blowing your hairdryer on your shoes to make them soft. Wear thick socks, and blow warm air from your dryer, wear them until they cool down. Repeating this will make your shoes comfortable to wear.

If you are about to go for a run with the new shoes, make sure you walk with them in the house before running.

This preps your shoes and they won’t hurt mid-run.

Do shoes actually break in?

Of course, shoes do break-in.

New shoes have tough leather or soles which hurt your feet when you wear them. Breaking in helps them adjust to your feet just fine.

You notice your feet hurting after you walk with the new shoes. That is when you know your feet will take time to adjust to the shoes and the shoes to your feet.

The best way to avoid any uncomfortable situations of blisters soon after wearing your shoes, as mentioned earlier, is to walk around the house to get them more pliable.

Another way to do this is to get shoes that fit your feet well.

If your shoes are one size bigger than what you normally wear, your feet can get rashes.

If your shoes are a size smaller, there won’t be any space at the end of the shoe which may cause blisters on your toes.

Is it normal for new shoes to hurt?

Yes, it is normal for new shoes to hurt. They feel tight to your feet at first but loosen up when you wear them around.

One way to prevent your feet from blistering or aching can be wrapping a skin bandage on your third and fourth toes.

You might have seen ballet dancers using this technique of wearing bandages on their toes as it can prevent nerve pressure on your toes.

You can apply ointments to prevent blisters too.

If the pain worsens, the problem is with your shoes, and a break-in won’t solve it.

You can ask a cobbler to adjust the shoes with a shoe stretcher or return your shoes for a size that fits perfectly.

How long does it take for new sneakers to break in?

If you are wearing new sneakers, the same type as the ones you have been wearing, it is unlikely to feel the need to break in shoes.

It is due to your feet already being used to the cushion and the stability of the sneakers.

Runners wear new sneakers, and when they are on the run, it takes 2 to 3 weeks before the sneakers fit comfortably.

When you start running with your new shoes, you have to make sure to start by running a few miles at first.

This allows you to get used to the stability of your sneakers and it won’t hurt as much when you increase your running time.

It takes longer to break in when you’re transitioning from one shoe to the other and it might be painful if you haven’t warmed them up!

Final Verdict

How long does it take for shoes to break in? It takes three to four weeks for new shoes to get comfortable on your feet.

It is important to understand that new shoes take time to adapt. You can try to warm them up by walking around in them, and other methods too.

There are many ways to break in shoes fast, ‘diys’, telling your cobbler to stretch your shoes, etc.

Many people think that the term ‘break in’ shoes is a myth. Well, it’s not. You can’t wear new shoes and not experience any discomfort. It takes time for them to fully adjust to your feet.



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