Shoes are an essential part of our wardrobe. They complete the entire outlook of a casual outfit.

However, good-quality shoes can be expensive; therefore, customers often look for a pair that can last longer and is within an affordable price bracket.

Let us introduce you to Vans: Designed to give support and comfort, these shoes come in an affordable price range.

If you are interested in getting more details about Vans, such as their durability, affordability and comprehensive comparison, keep on reading.

How long can a pair of Vans last?

In simplest words, it depends on the amount of care given to them.

Vans are like any piece of clothing; they require a certain level of care. The durability of Vans also depends on how frequently you wear them and what you wear them for.

Typically, on average, Vans can last for up to 2 years.

Given that Vans are designed for skateboarding, they are by nature strong shoes. However, if mal-handled, the rubber where the shoe’s sole meets the fabric can split, and the colour of the shoes begins to fade away.

Some Vans can last longer if worn in rotation with other shoes, adequately cleaned and stacked with a shoehorn. In comparison to some shoes, Vans last longer due to their material.

Nonetheless, with the price tag in mind, it’s not a big deal; some wearing is prone to happen.

Do Vans last longer than converse?

Vans last longer than the converse.


Converse were created for athletes. It has a heavy rubber sole that was predictably designed for basketball players who would run and jump in the flat polished courts which makes it uncomfortable for regular wear.

Even with advancements and soft, lightweight polymers, soles are narrow and do not provide comfortability that can be sustained all day.

Furthermore, converse breaks down quickly in terms of durability; therefore, they are not as durable as Vans. Such that you cannot even wear your converse in the rain.

In contrast to the hip converse, Vans last longer. They do so due to a few reasons.

Vans were initially made for skateboarding; therefore, the design of the soles was explicitly curated to withstand the freeriding and sliding on the hills.

Vans are low maintenance compared to the converses.

They are more than a canvas for creative minds; instead, it is a way of life that puts the answer in perspective. Vans are more durable.

Can you wear Vans every day?

You will find yourself swarmed by divided views on this particular question. We’re here to ease it out for you.

Vans are durable and comfortable for the price tag they are offered in. However, comfort also means walking all day.

Are Vans for everyday wear?


Even if you are walking all day, a thinner rubber sole means that the shoes are lighter than ever before, making them easier to walk in every day. They will not harm your feet, nor will you experience any pain.

They are incredibly comfortable if you have wider feet; hence Vans have a good fitting. Good fitting reduces the chance of a person hurting or twisting their feet.

Additionally, Vans are flat, which support the heels of the feet which is a vivid quality that is often looked for by customers. They are also flexible and have a firm grip, allowing customers to walk in them easily.

A hack for added comfort in your Vans: If you want more convenience with your Vans, try purchasing UltraRange Vans with ortholite insoles. OrthoLite insoles create a thermal barrier that elevates the temperature of the footwear which ensures long term cushioning.

Which Vans are most durable?

Vans are trendy and stylish. The skaters adore them as well as people who love sneakers in general; however, there is a hierarchy often resorted to durability.

Vans are in-style shoes that you can rock with any outfit.

The 5 best Vans are:

  • Vans Old Skool
  • Vans Slip-On and Pro
  • Vans SK8-Hi
  • Vans Authentic
  • Vans Old Skool Platforms

In terms of durability, Vans’ ‘Pro’ designs are the best in 2022. They provide tough and capable retention as skating shoes.

They are extra sturdy, supportive and durable. Their key feature is embedded in the rubber toe caps, extra cushioning and thicker ankle padding for support.

While all of these are remarkable shoes, Vans Slip-On (including the Pro designs) and Old Skools are staples in the skating world as they can survive the regular wear and tear that comes with the sport.

They both have ankle padding, which is die-cut with EVA foam footbeds within the shoes which offers superior shock absorption.

The final verdict is in- Vans are a great buy. The Vans are a good pick with a reasonable price range that also offers affordable options, excellent durability, uniform comfort, and a minimalist sense of fashion.



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