With summer in full swing, it is the perfect time to head to the beach. But wait for a second, before you pack your picnic basket and load your bag with sunscreen- answer this. Do you have the perfect swimsuit to wear? 

You must be thinking why I even asked such a dumb question. Everyone has one or two bikinis in their closets. Now, read that question again. It says, do you have the perfect swimsuit to wear?

A perfect swimsuit is not like ordinary swimsuits you find at  Walmart or other fast fashion brands. I’m not saying that those articles are not cute.

You can find very sexy bikinis and one-pieces for as low as ten dollars, but are those articles long-lasting?

Are they comfortable on your body?

Most importantly, do those swimsuits enhance your goddess-like figure?

You and I know that most of the time, they don’t.

Then where can we find the ones that fulfill the criteria of the perfect swimsuit? Well, I think you will find “the one” at Eres, Paris. 

Eres is a French brand founded by Irene Leroux in 1968. Irene’s family was already in the swimsuit business, but she believed they didn’t have the oomph factor. 

Determined to modernize swimwear for women of all sizes, Irene worked day and night. 

Chanel bought the brand in 1996, and now, with forty-five years into the swimwear business, Eres is a one swimwear brand known by all. It has over thirty-three luxury stores worldwide. 

Despite having a single piece worth hundreds of dollars, the brand is loved by many and makes great sales. 

Those who can afford the french label’s bathing suits buy enthusiastically, and others save money for months to afford their favorite articles.

But is the brand worth it? Why are Eres swimsuits so freaking expensive? Well, I have prepared a list of reasons to explain why Eres is so heavy on the pocket. So let’s take a look, shall we?

Availability of bathing suits in all seasons:

Summers do not last all year round, but that does not mean bathing suits can’t stay on the store racks either. 

I mean, a person can plan a vacation to a hotter part of the world where summers are in full swing. Will that person wait until landing to buy sexy swimwear? I think not. It doesn’t sound sane or very appealing.

Keeping this in mind, french mademoiselle Irene Leroux decided to start a luxury brand that would sell bathing throughout the year. 

While many made fun of her and called her idea vague, Irene did not back out. 

Eres became the first brand to sell bathing suits in all seasons, and to this day, the brand has stayed true to its founder’s idea. 

Every year the Parisian brand releases a swimsuit collection of eighty different designs. So whether you visit Eres stores in summer or winter, you will find racks full of breathtaking bathing suits that you can try on and buy. 

Fabric that defines the body:

Finding a swimsuit that enhances your curves without making you uncomfortable is hard to find. 

You may ignore the weird feeling by chanting the motto “no pain, no gain,” but trust me, you can look and feel like a Goddess with Eres’ swimsuits.

Unlike other brands that make their bathing suits with polyester, Eres uses unique fabrics called parachute and Peau Douce. 

Since the brand has created these fibers itself, it does not reveal every detail about its composition. All we know is that they are a mixture of polyamide and spandex.

Swimsuits made with Peau Douce sculpt the natural curves and make you feel toned and sexy. The fabric is soft and feels like real skin. One woman who bought Eres Cassiopee swimsuit claimed that every time she puts it on, it feels like she’s got a six-pack.

She also said that after several washes, the clothing article still feels and looks perfect.

No fear of color bleed:

Some swimsuits bleed on the first wash, and then some bleed right after you come out of the water. 

Neither is worth buying because they lose their vibrant shades and don’t look appealing enough to wear the second time.

So why not invest in a bikini that never bleeds. Not when you are wearing it, not when you wash it the first time or second or third. 

The Eres headquarters in Paris ensures that their clothes can withstand everything from hard water and chlorine to sun and sand. This is the reason why the brand’s swimsuits never bleed or fade.

Quick-drying and less hassle:

There is no better feeling than bathing in the sea and swimming pools on hot summer days, but at the same time, we all hate when the swimsuits feel so wet and itchy out of the water. Eres has eliminated that issue from its bathing suits.

The parachute fabric used by the brand wicks off the water and dries within a few minutes. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, 

I tested the Eres swimsuit myself and can assure you that the brand is not kidding.

Timeless and elegant designs

Did you know that Eres is the first brand to release swimwear separates? This ability to think out of the box is what makes Eres successful. 

The brand does not follow the trends and believes in producing styles that are unique and elegant.

While other brands create articles keeping in mind how men wish to see women, Eres’ head designer pens down styles that she knows women will love. 

She also makes sure that the colors of the bathing suits are distinctive, colors that turn heads for standing out. 

All this, however, is time-consuming and takes a lot of creativity. The efforts that go into producing Eres’ timeless designs justify their high costs.

Now that you know why Eres swimsuits are so expensive, it is time to save money and buy a classic one for upcoming beach trips.