Winter has its own unique fashion and looks. Every winter look has its very own aesthetic with scarfs, jackets, and winter caps.

But no winter is complete without a comfy sweater. Nothing provides comfort and warmth like a good sweater.

Looking good has its perks but the sheer joy of having your very own wearable blanket is a different kind of feeling. Imagine being safe from frostbite while showing off your fashion.

However, over time though when summer comes sweaters have to be stored. When you open them next winter most likely they become itchy and lint-ridden.

In this article, we will discuss how to avoid this. We shall discover ways to maintain the freshness and feel of your sweater so that your favorite sweater doesn’t have to be discarded the next time you try it on.

Why does my sweater make me itchy?

The first question that pops in your mind should be why is it itchy? Did I store it in a bag full of cacti? Or did I accidentally throw some itching powder in there?

If you’re reading this article then you too must be suffering from cactus sweater syndrome.

That is, when you open the sweater container after a long time, the fabric of the sweater does not feel comfortable. It’s like it somehow grew spines on its surface.

So what happens is that every sweater is made up of fibers that are bonded together to make a large piece of cloth- which you wear. The first reason can be the quality of the fibers.

These fibers can be of animal origin or synthetic. For example, wool is made from sheep hair or cashmere, and mohair from goats and other animals. Synthetic material can be acrylic since it resembles wool.

Ultimately, it comes down to the length and coarseness of these fibers. Have you ever felt the unshaven hair on your face or even legs? These short hair are so annoying. The same goes for your sweater.

These fibers brush up against your skin and irritate it, the touch receptors in your body thus tell your brain to put a stop to it. This is why you get annoyed. Like, when there’s something stuck in your teeth.

The coarseness refers to the thickness of the fiber. As a general rule, the thicker the fiber, the more irritating it’s going to be.

Thinner fibers are generally less irritating. Many synthetic polymers used to make sweaters are better choices for being less irritating.

Sometimes dust particles and micro debris get stuck in the fibers. Make sure you thoroughly clean them so that they don’t itch.

When there is no possibility of the above-said reasons, it might just be that you are allergic to animal hair.

This is why many brands have switched to synthetic materials for their sweaters.

How Do You Make Fabric Less Itchy?

If your sweater is being infuriatingly annoying do not worry. There are multiple easy ways to get it smooth and comfy again.

Vinegar and Water Solution:

This is a very easy method. All you need are a couple of tablespoons of vinegar and some water. Pour some water into a tub and add 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar.

Now you’re all set. Submerge your inverted sweater inside and viola it will be back to its soft self in a couple hours.

Just Use Your Hair Conditioner Method:

As we discussed earlier, fibers used in making sweaters are just hair. Just dampen your sweater and massage it with some hair conditioner. Try not to stretch it too much or it’s not going to fit you after this.

Apply A Fabric Softener:

The purpose of a fabric softener is to make your clothes wrinkle-free, reduce static and make them soft. They also imbue a fresh fragrance to them. When you wash your sweater just add a little bit of fabric softener to it.

Beware! Do not use it too much, as it will build upon your sweater and over time cause it to become stiff and uncomfortable.

Is There A Way To Make Wool Less Itchy?

The methods above can be used for wool too. However, there is one additional method, especially for your wool sweater.

Freezing your wool product. Yes, freezing. Just fold your bag and put it in a plastic bag. Make sure that most of the air stays out.

Now place it in your freezer and wait for one night. This will ensure that annoying microfibers don’t poke your skin next time.

Additionally, you can try the above methods and this technique as an added measure. Now take out your sweater and enjoy the fluffiness.


So if you read the whole article, we are sure that you have identified the cause of irritation and put an end to it. Enjoy your extra fluffy sweaters, and remember that sometimes the power of a good hair conditioner is just undermined.



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