When it comes to gold jewelry, you have to look for the best of the best manufacturers there are in order to find and get the gold set of your dreams made!

There are hundreds of gold manufacturers in the United States, but we have compiled a list of the creme de la creme.

These gold manufacturers have the best reviews, the best quality gold jewelry, and satisfactory customer service.

We’ve listed them from various locations in the United States. Therefore, you can either order from them in person or through email if the location is too far away.

Turgeon Raine

Turgeon Raine is an authorized retailer based in the upscale corner of 5th and the University in downtown Seattle.

It was founded by gem aficionado Jerry Raine and his wife Akiko in 1982, and they are both known as Seattle’s premier family jewelers.

This well-known gold manufacturer sells a wide variety of jewelry items, starting from engagement rings and wedding bands, as well as custom designs that you can select to be crafted by expert master jewelers.

Their shops are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for an in-person shopping experience.

To order online, visit https://turgeonraine.com.


Based in Newyork, CadCamNYC is popular for its custom-made jewelry.

The shop allows you to own unique, beautiful jewelry that you can claim as your own that won’t be found in other stores!

Keep in mind that they require you to book an appointment beforehand in order to do business with them.

CadCamNYC works with their customers to create jewelry that is based on their desires using advanced technology such as diamond scanners, 3D systems projet, and solidscape.

At CadCamNYC, you’ll be able to buy or custom-design engagement rings and other unique jewelry pieces while paying far less than if you purchased a generic ready-made ring at a store.

To book an appointment with them, head over to their website: https://cadcamnyc.com.

Bernie Robbins

Bernie Robbins has various shops around; you can find them at four locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey at Somers Point, Marlton, Newtown, and Villanova.

They’ve been around for more than 50 years, and they’re also the official Rolex jeweler.

You can buy engagement rings, Rolex watches, and also gift cards for your friends and family from them.

Bernie Robbins also collaborates with various brands like Cartier, Tudor, Gucci, and Breitling.

Bernie Robbins sells jewelry for both women and men.

On their website, you will find beautiful pieces by David Yurman, who is a famous gold jewelry manufacturer also based in Newyork.

To check these pieces out, visit https://www.bernierobbins.com.

Blue Nile

Founded in 1999 by Mark Vadon, Blue Nile is an online jewelry manufacturer and retailer.

It is based in Seattle, Washington. It is a subsidiary of Bain Capital- an American investment firm based in Boston.

The Blue Nile is famous for its diamond jewelry, and they sell a wide variety of engagement rings and wedding bands- perfect for you if you are into diamonds.

They are customer-oriented, and they offer to guide you about the rings you buy and also how you can take care of them.

They also offer virtual appointments, so you do not have to worry about visiting them or wasting your time.

Check out their website: https://www.bluenile.com

Lee’s Manufacturing

Lee’s Manufacturing is known for bestowing its customers with unique and beautiful styles of jewelry while also using labor-saving tools and techniques.

Lee’s Manufacturing has been in the market for a long time- five generations to be precise. They are based in Providence, Rhode Island.

Lee’s Manufacturing is known to be one of the few manufacturers to produce lightweight components and finished jewelry.

They offer individual design and manufacturing services while creating high perceived values and also competing with offshore manufacturers.

Their staff is experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable.

Lee’s Manufacturing promises 24-hour quoting, lower minimum order quantities, and personalized customer service.

Visit their website for more information: http://www.leesmfg.com

Casting House

Headquartered in Chicago, Casting House is well-known for its cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship to provide customers with the best quality jewelry.

It is located in the historic jeweler’s district of downtown Chicago.

It has been around since 1987 and has been making advances in its production.

Casting House offers a full catalog line of finished jewelry, CAD design, rapid model prototyping, and precious metal casting and finishing.

They distribute to over 2000 jewelers throughout the US.

Casting House is one of the first to showcase EnvisionTec technology for CAM and Matrix with CAD. They focus on production through cutting-edge technology.

Check out their website for more: https://www.castinghouse.com

G & S Jewelry

Since 1972, G & S Jewelry has been producing and distributing circumspect and reliable jewelry designs and services.

It came into ownership in 2013 with the best quality services and upkeep.

G&S jewelry has tools and experience that allow them to take your desired selection and bring it to life.

They can mass-produce the selected designs and also manufacture a few pieces.

They claim that they utilize the lost vacuum investment casting method and reproduce whichever existing design you provide them with.

They work with a variety of precious and non-precious metals and give you the finished look you’re aiming for!

For products and pricing, head over to their website: https://www.gsjewelrymfg.com.

Stuller, Inc

Matt Stuller founded Stuller Inc in 1970 in Lafayette, Louisiana. Its founding has an incredible story behind it!

Sixteen-year-old Matt Stuller stumbled into a downtown jewelry store in Lafayette and was looking to buy a ring for his girlfriend.

But to pay for the ring, he needed money, for which he decided to work part-time in the store.

This allowed him to get exposed to the wonderful world of jewelry manufacturing and realize the inner workings of the industry, including its downsides.

He soon established a successful company in his name, which is now trusted worldwide for its impeccable quality and service.

To learn more about the company and its products, visit https://www.stuller.com.

Bostonian Jewelers & Manufacturers

Bostonian Jewelers is based in Boston and also has several other business areas.

They focus on making sure their customers are aware of the processes that bring about their wonderful pieces to life and also on understanding their individual needs.

This allows them to be the best at what they do and provide the best customer care.

Bostonian Jewelers sell many types of jewelry, and they also redesign and restore old vintage pieces!

They offer you to collaborate with them on whichever design you choose for yourself- from beginning to the end.

They also offer handmade, vintage, and ready-made jewelry based on customer preference.

Visit https://bostonianjewelers.com for more.



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