Yes, Athleta does alter your clothes if needed! This means that if you have any problem with what you buy from the store, you can easily get it fixed. 

The brand Athleta is a recognized B company. It offers luxury athletic culture wear which is designed for women and girls.

It aims to encourage a society where women can be energetic. It strongly believes in inclusivity! 

Every person owns at least one pair of athletic wear.

Although there are many brands from which you can buy athletic clothing, there’s one complaint you hear from everyone about this clothing. And it’s about sizing!

It’s so hard to find good quality athletic wear and it’s extremely disappointing when you find out that good brands don’t have your perfect size. 

Buying clothes that can’t be altered will obviously rot in a corner of your wardrobe. But there are brands that provide you with alterations.

In this article, I’ll be discussing whether the brand Athleta does alterations on clothing purchased from them or not.

So let’s get right to it!

About Athleta

Athleta is a fitness and streetwear brand that was founded in 1998. This brand is now a subsidiary of Gap. 

It aims to focus on women exclusively and wants to empower them through clothing. This brand was recently certified by the corporation.

It is committed to manufacturing more sustainable clothing and sustainable fiber sourcing.

Athleta sells everything from leggings to shorts, T-shirts, sleepwear, tank tops, dresses, jeans, et cetera. 


They appeal to a very wide audience that is diverse in terms of shapes and sizes. They also came up with an Athleta girl line in order to attract a mother-daughter customer base. 

The brand is very popular for its athletic wear! The brand’s headquarters are located in San Francisco. 

They sell their merchandise in over 200 retail stores all across the US. They also sell through their portfolio and on their website.

Does Athleta hem leggings for free? 

Yes, Athleta provides free hemming for leggings purchased at any price. It doesn’t matter if you’ve bought it online or in-store, you can get the leggings hemmed. 

The best part is that they have a studio stylist available in stores, which can help provide you with an accurate measurement. 

After your perfect size is determined, the leggings will be hemmed free of cost. They’ll be ready for pick up in the following week. This process is as easy as it can get! 

So not only do they provide alterations absolutely free of cost, they also have other in-store perks. These include expert stylists and a free-of-cost fitness class.

Moreover, Athleta offers more than just alterations. If you’ve ripped your leggings, then you can get them returned or exchanged. 

This means that if you’ve purchased any gear which isn’t up to your standards or has a few defects, then you can easily get it exchanged at the store.

Can you hem Athleta leggings? 

People can always try hemming and altering their clothes themselves if it doesn’t fit right. However, a problem with doing so on your own is that you might damage your clothes. 

This is true, especially in the case of athletic wear. Athletic wear is made out of fabric which is very hard to work with. It’s thick and needs proper cutting and sewing in order for it to look and fit perfectly. 

Therefore, it is suggested that you don’t perform any alterations on your own or by anyone else other than the store itself. 

An advantage of getting alterations done from the store themselves is that they know what type of cuts their clothing has. 

So when performing the alteration, they’ll do it properly so that the style isn’t lost, which is very likely to happen if someone else does it. 

Plus stores like Athleta offer absolutely free hemming and alterations. So you don’t have to worry about spending more than what you already spent on the purchase. 

This just makes life easier and stress-free!

Does Athleta hem tanks?

Yes, Athleta hem tanks as well all of the other products which they offer. However, it recently came to light that they have limited their free-of-cost alterations only to bottoms. 

But we’re unsure of whether this news is true or not as nothing about it is mentioned on their website yet. 

If you’re curious to know, you can always call them up to check or just visit the store nearest to you. Their friendly staff will be happy to guide you on this. 

How does Athleta fit compared to Lululemon?  

As compared to clothing from Lululemon, Athleta is way more size-inclusive. It offers sizes from extra extra small to three times extra large.

Lululemon actually received a lot of bad press because of their limited sizing. They were only catering to women of specific size and people who are heavier or have a larger size weren’t able to buy from such brands. 

Therefore, Athleta is loved by so many people because it’s inclusive. This is also actually one of their aims to be as inclusive as they can be.

However, it has been reported that Athleta’s leggings fit more tightly, while Lululemon’s are true to size. 

Athleta offers a wide range of clothing in multiple sizes. So if you’re usually large size, then you will probably fit in the large from Athleta. 

As compared to other athletic wear labels, most of its athletic clothing runs a size bigger. 

So for instance, a number eight in other companies’ leggings, will be a medium size in Athletica’s sizing. 

Moreover, the tops are always pretty accurate and provide a near-perfect fit. The bottoms vary depending on their style. Some might be stretchier and more accommodating as well.

However, according to many reviews, their dresses tend to run undersized. Therefore, you might want to keep this in mind if you plan on buying dresses from here. 

Additionally, they also offer undergarments and its measurement guide is available on their website. 

You can use their True fit questionnaire to figure out what measurement you are so that you can buy the perfect item.

I hope this article answered all your queries regarding the brand Athleta!