Comfortable footwear is all you need whether going to your college or on any adventurous trip.

Various brands provide comfortable shoes, but no one does it better than Vans.

Vans is one of the topmost brands for providing comfortable shoes. It is a California-based company and was founded in 1970.

The company deals with complete family-footwear needs made ethically and sustainably so you can feel good about your purchase.

The Vans brand has a unique and incomparable style.

The shoes are very comfortable, and the company provides a great variety to choose from according to your needs.

But what everyone loves is the slip-on!

Slip-on by the brand are unique and look great with any outfit.

The only problem that many people face is that they are unsure about the size.

Many people have complained that Vans slip-on runs small.

If you are one of those people who are confused about the size, then this article is for you.

Do Vans Slip-on Fit True to Size?

Vans is one brand that is known for its comfort and style.

The shoes are trendy among the youth and are seen as a symbol of coolness.

The brand offers a great variety of shoes like high-tops, sneakers, and slip-on.

But the most popular among all is the slip-on.

Vans slip-on shoes are very comfortable and can be easily slipped on and off.

Although this shoe type from the brand is very comfortable, some people struggle to find the right size.

Many people have said that Vans slip-on shoes run small.

This means that if you usually wear a size 9 in other brands, you might have to buy a size 10 in Vans.

But this is not the case with all the people.

So, if you want to buy Vans slip-on shoes, the best way is to try them on first and then decide which size is the perfect fit for you.

This way you will be sure about the size and will not have to face any problems later on.

Should I Size Up or Down for Vans Slip-on?

This depends on your foot size!

If you have bigger feet than the average, then the company suggests you go a size up.

But if you have an average-sized foot, there is no need to alter the sizes because Vans offers standard USA sizes.

Moreover, if you are going for the high-performance skating shoes from them, make sure to go a half size up for the perfect fit, as stated by the company.

Do Vans Sizes Run Small?

Not everywhere!

The company offers standard USA sizes in all of its collections except the skating shoes, where the brand suggests going half a size up than your usual size for the perfect fit.

Moreover, suppose your feet are smaller or bigger than an average USA individual. In that case, you might need to pick a shoe accordingly, or else, for the average-sized feet, the usual size will work ideally.

Do Vans Offer Custom-Made Shoes?

Vans has always worked to satisfy its clients.

Thus, this is why they offer a great variety of shoes to choose from in different sizes so that everyone can find their perfect fit.

The brand also offers custom-made shoes.

This means that you can get your shoes made according to your specific measurements.

You have to go on their website and fill in the required details, and they will make the shoes for you.

The process takes about 4-6 weeks, and you will have your custom-made shoes delivered right to your doorstep.

This is an excellent option for people who have specific requirements and cannot find their size in the usual collection.

Custom-made shoes are also a little more expensive than those available in the store but worth purchasing from Vans.

How to Measure Your Feet for Vans Slip-on?

The best way to know your size is by going to the store and trying on the shoes.

This way, you can find the perfect fit for you.

But if that is not an option, then there are certain things that you can do at home to know your size.

You will need a measuring tape and a piece of paper for this method.

First of all, take off your shoes and socks.

Now stand on the piece of paper with your feet flat on the ground and heels together.

Trace the outline of your foot with a pencil or pen.

Then, using the measuring tape, measure the distance from the heel to the big toe.

This measurement will give you an idea about the shoe size you need.

You can also measure the width of your foot by measuring the distance between the two points where your foot is the widest.

This will give you an idea about whether you need a narrow, medium, or wide shoe.

After you have measured your feet, compare these measurements with the Vans size chart, and you will be able to find the perfect size for you.

Do Not Miss Out on the Best Slip-ons in Town

Vans is the way to go if you are looking for a comfortable and stylish slip-on shoe.

The company offers a great variety of slip-on in different colors, designs, and sizes, all of which are affordable so you can walk, run or jog in style without breaking the bank.