True Religion took the universe of designer clothing by storm when it first emerged in 2002.

The American-based brand came up with highly unique designs of jeans that even caught the attention of the entertainment industry, making it the coolest fashion brand of that time.

The brand had its fair share of downfalls and mishaps in between, but it re-emerged triumphantly. It sells numerous apparel items for men and women but is best-known for its versatile denim products.

While the brand is an undisputable king of jeans, some people argue its clothes run small. Let’s find out if there’s any truth to it.

Do True Religion Clothes run Big, Small, Or True To Size?

True Religion clothes are usually true to size if you follow their standard size chart. If you care for them as instructed, they will remain the same.

A lot of people complain that their jeans either become loose or too tight after little use.

That’s mainly because people do not follow the precautions mentioned on the label.

Mishandling of jeans can result in both shrinking them and stretching them out.

So, firstly, make sure to get the correct sized pair, and secondly, handle them with care.

How do you Stretch True Religion Jeans?

Whether your new True Religion jeans feel a bit tighter or you outgrew your old ones, there are ways you can stretch them out. Follow these simple steps to make your jeans a perfect size.

  1. Fill up a container or bucket with lukewarm water and fully immerse your tight pair of jeans in it.
  2. Once the jeans have completely soaked up the water, put them own. This won’t be easy and quite possible you’ll have to struggle with it a little, but you have got to do it. Once they are on, keep yourself moving, run, walk, bend, turn, the more you move, the more they will loosen up.
  3. After moving for some time, like 15-30 minutes, you can remove the jeans and dangle them up somewhere for air-drying.
  4. Once, completely dried, you can try them on and feel the difference in size.

Best-Sellers by True Jeans

If you are planning on buying your first pair of True Religion jeans, here are a few best-sellers by the brand for both men and women.

This men’s jeans boasts a classic straight look, making it a must have for every jeans lover out there. It features a faded and three dimensional whiskered design with double-toned gold stictching.

The finishing details include half inch horseshoe and back flap pockets. You can get them in various shades including dark wash muddy waters, baseline, body rinse black, and light breakers.

Ricky straight is another classic yet trendy pair of jeans for men that comes in only one shade, knockdown. These jeans also feature half inch horseshoe detailing with back pockets and blue seam.

Featuring a big T stitching, these versatile jeans are equally good for casual and special occasions. In addition to the comfortable fit, it comes in a very attractive body rinse black shade that pairs up nicely with any shirt.

The finishing details are same as the above two.

Coming toward women’s section, my first pick for you is Jennie curvy for ladies with curves. Curvy girls have the hardest time finding the right pair of jeans. But, Jennie has solved this problem because of its mid-rise curvy design that averts gaping at the waistband.

The jeans feature double-tone stitching, natural fading and are available in five shades, Indigo upgrade, dreamcatcher, sky light, body rinse black, and destroy medium.

This pair of jeans features a crop design above the ankle and a very skinny-fitting design. It is also designed for ladies with lean to normal bodies.

This super stylish product is also slightly faded, whiskered, and ripped, giving it a very dandy vibe.

Lastly, this one is again for my curvy beauties out there. But, instead of a full-length, this one features a crop design in Capri length.

This pair of jeans also come with a mid-rise waistband, ensuring that its shape remains intact throughout the day.

This one also features contrast seaming details, half-inch horseshoe, and flap pockets at the back.

Care Instructions for True Religion Jeans

True Religion uses premium quality denim in its products making them highly durable. However, there is a certain way to care for your jeans to elongate their life and maintain that quality.

Follow these simple care instructions.

  • Label Matters

Most people overlook the label, considering it useless.

But bear in mind that the label truly matters as it contains all the essential information regarding those jeans.

So, make a habit of going through the label and following the instructions mentioned on it.

  • Over washing is a big NO

No matter how frequently you wear your favorite pair of True Religion Jeans, you’d be killing it if you wash them every other day.

Even if you are following the washing instructions, excessive washing destroys the denim material.

So, if you want your favorite jeans to remain with you for the long haul, avoid frequent washing.

  • No Machine Washing

True jeans buffs are normally aware that machine washing is a horrible atrocity on jeans.

Nonetheless, I have still come across a lot of people who machine wash their jeans. And it’s not like they only own a pair or two, they have closets stuffed with jeans, yet they don’t know this basic thing.

Jeans should always be handwashed. It might feel like a hassle but if you don’t want your jeans to lose their essence then never put them in a washing machine ever again.

An even better solution is to get them dry cleaned.

Similar to machine washing, tumble drying is also disastrous for your jeans, so avoid it. If you are in a hurry, then put them in the dryer very briefly and then hang somewhere till fully dried.

  • Recycle and Reuse

When you feel like you are done with your jeans then instead of discarding them, you can recycle them into something new. For example, you can turn them into crop jeans or denim shorts, etc. This will also help reduce textile waste.

There are tons of ways you can get creative with your jeans, you just need to explore them.



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