Sperry’s has been in the shoe-making industry since 1935, giving them plenty of time to perfect their design and get an idea of the customers’ wants and needs.

They are infamous for their boat shoes, a variety of shoes that they first introduced into the market made for the people who worked in the boating industry, and were made suitable for their condition; easy to wear, comfortable, and water-resistant. 

 It was also a relatively new design in the shoe market where it quickly became popular due to the comfort it offered 

However, since every shoe brand has its own sizing standards and often differ slightly from universal standards, you might find that your Sperry’s shoes don’t fit quite right.

Is Sperry True To Size?

It is important to realize that how well your shoe fits you depends on the style and design that you have opted to buy.

Sperry started by manufacturing boat shoes, but have expanded their range considerably.

These include different styles of shoes including sneakers, boots, loafers and flip flops.

Design And Gender

Hence, their sizing differs in the design of their shoe as well as for men and women.

For example, their boat shoes are mostly complained about not being wide enough but do not fit the length of their feet, being on the larger side. 

Careful Choice And Measurement

Similar concerns are voiced over their sneakers which are also said to be not true to size where they run small for some and big for others.

However, you might need to be a bit careful while buying shoes from their website or on Amazon, where all their fitting details are layered out nicely.

Do Sperry’s Run Bigger?

According to most customer reviews, Sperry’s runs true to size.

However, a notable group also complain that they are too big, which results in blisters on their ankles. Sperry’s shoes run bigger in length but have a narrow fitting. 

Varying Width

Sperry’s shoes have different widths available for men and women, where they provide a 2E width (extra width) for men but only wide for women. They are a bit limited when compared to other brands, where the maximum width for men goes for 4E and 2E for women.

Advice To Remember 

If you are buying from Sperry’s it’s good to stick to a size smaller than your usual size, because their leather stretches out over time, earning a nice cozy fit. 

They also have 360° laces at the end which are not there solely for aesthetic purposes but can be adjusted to fit the size of your feet.

Close it down for a tighter fit or loosen it up if you feel it’s clamping down on your feet.  

How Are Sperry’s Supposed To Fit?

Depends On Their Material 

Each material has its own properties. Some might be stiffer than others, where they maintain their rigidity whereas some materials like leather stretch out over time.

Recommended by their own website, Sperry’s suggests to size it down if you’re going for leather, while shoes made of synthetic material should be bought as per your usual size. The sole also compresses over time earning a better fitting. 


Their Canvas sneakers are also a bit on the bigger side especially if you have narrow feet where they don’t have a slim fit option. 

Since textile doesn’t stretch out over time, it’s better to stick to a smaller size if you have narrow feet to prevent blisters forming on your ankles.


Sperry boots are a bit on the snug side if you want to wear them with socks, but otherwise the material they are made of is quite comfortable using real leather, and cotton or nylon shafts around the ankle. Like their boat shoes, these boots will also adjust over time to the size of your feet. 

Do Sperry Slides Run Small?

Not according to the majority of the customers, no. They have over eighty years of experience in the shoe making industry, so ideally they should fit like a glove. 


Sperry Slides are known to be extremely comfortable and versatile, that are perfect for a day on the boat, with classy footwear on your heels. They are feather light and airy made to carry you all day long, highly durable with weather resistant properties. 


However, they are not always available in half sizes which might be a concern for some people, where they end up being too big or too small. This might lead to discomfort since size is crucial when it comes to comfortable shoes. 


Sperry’s have slightly different sizes than other brands such as Nike and Vans, where their shoes run slightly bigger. The fact whether or not they fit true to size depends on where you are used to buying your shoes from. 

If you are buying from Sperry’s, then it’s better to order a size down for your shoes, just to be on the safer side. However, if you do feel that they don’t fit you can easily return them within 30 days, where exchanges are completely free.