Now everyone knows, Prada shoes are the way to go when it comes to summer heels.

It’s been the hype since various Vogue models were seen flaunting them in the 90s and the general elegance they induce in your gait, not to mention the class they add to your overall look.

However, you may have heard the average girl talking about Prada and how their shoes don’t fit quite right, which might have put you in a dilemma, since size is everything when it comes to shoes.

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They determine whether you’ll walk the walk or take the fall (quite literally). 

So what’s the deal with Prada shoes?

Does Prada Fit True To Size?

In most cases, it does. It mainly depends on the type of shoe you have bought as well as whether you bought them from the store or purchased them online. 

Since Prada stores might not be available in every town, you might be forced to buy a pair from their website. 

Tips to finding the right size.

Consider the shoes you’re buying. If you’re buying sandals or shoes with flatter soles, then stick to your usual size. The same goes for sneakers and loafers, where the majority of the customers are satisfied with the way they fit. 

However, if you’re going for shoes with more pointed toes, like Brushed leather slingback pumps, Foam rubber mules, or leather kitten heels then you might want to buy a size up from your normal size. 

This is because they might be tight around your toes and cause you discomfort. 

Also try and buy shoes from their stores rather than online, because the most reliable way you can check if the shoes are the right size for you, is by trying them on. 

However if you have brought them online and see that they don’t fit, then fear not! They have a 30 day return policy in which the original receipt must be provided.

How To Determine The Perfect Prada Shoe Size For You?

Online shoe shopping can be quite problematic since there is a high possibility that they don’t fit you or fit you half as well as you’d like. 

Here’s how you can do to order the right Prada size for you:

  • Take a sheet of paper and place your feet upon it 
  • Stand and trace the outline of your feet on the paper
  • Measure the longest and widest part of your feet
  • Repeat this process on your other feet
  • Compare it with the size chart available on Prada’s website

And, voila! There you have it. The perfect Prada shoe size for you. 

What Sizing Does Prada Use?

The size charts at Prada’s website include inches as well as centimeters, which makes conversion very easy. The conversion tables include American, Canadian, 

European as well as Korean units of shoe sizes so you don’t have to worry too much about the calculations. 

If you can’t find your size within the tables or it comes in between the sizes mentioned, then choose the bigger size. 

This is a precautionary method that will prevent you from the post stress of returning and exchanging for the pair that fits you best. 

If you’ve had experience buying shoes from Prada before and they fitted you perfectly, then no need to make adjustments and go for your usual size. 

This is because most of Prada’s shoes fit true to size. It’s just a matter of what kind of shoes you are buying and from where. 

Taking Care Of Your Prada Shoes

Taking care of your Prada shoes is the best way to preserve their size as well as help them last longer periods of time. 

Don’t Scrub Them

You might find that your Prada leather shoes stretch out over time. That’s partially due to the material they’ve been made of as well as your treatment towards them. 

Do not wash their insoles in the washing machine and do not use a brush on them. This will damage their fabric and may cause them to stretch out as well make them look scruffy and old. 

What They Are Made Of

You should also keep in mind the material of the shoes when you are looking for shoes at Prada.

This is because their shoes are made using a wide variety of materials, which translates into the size of the shoes they are available in and how they fit you. 

Try to go for a smaller size if you’re going for soft leathers since they stretch out over time and become too big for your feet. 

Ostrich leather are much less prone to becoming stretchy than other non patent or soft leathers, due to their high durability and sturdiness.


Much of the rumors going around Prada shoes is that they don’t fit true to size, and are a size bigger or smaller.

Which is quite strange since their conversion tables are quite in line with regular standards of measuring shoes and generally fit true to size.

 However you can never know for sure without having a first hand experience, whether online or in store.