Heelys admits that its shoe sizes run slightly small, if not true to size. They’ve suggested to size up for those who are usually in between sizes. 

Heelys are one of the most funky shoes you would’ve ever seen. These shoes have a removable wheel which is attached in the back of the sole of the shoe. 

So those who wear them can roll across flat ground just by lifting up their toes. The idea behind this brand is to have shoes as well as skates.

Not only can one walk and run wearing Heelys, but they can also roll. Doesn’t this  sound really fun and exciting!

Why have just normal shoes when you can have shoes with skates? This idea is what contributed towards Heelys’ booming success and popularity.

The amount of flexibility in just one pair of shoes makes them perfect and suitable for almost every situation. 

Heelys are more common in kids and are available in various different sizes. However, there have been many complaints about Healeys being inconsistent in their sizes.

In this article, I’ll be discussing whether it’s true that their sizes have an issue or not. We’ll also take an overall look at the brand Heelys as well. 

So let’s get right to it!

What size should I get in Heelys?

As mentioned earlier, Heelys shoes tend to run small. However, according to their FAQ page, all their models are a whole size as well as medium width. 

Therefore, Heelys claims that if you are a whole size, then you can find your perfect fit according to their size chart.

Although, it should be noted that you may find difficulty if you aren’t a full or a whole size. But there’s no need to worry because they’ve provided a solution for that as well!

The brand admits that their shoes run slightly small, which is why they encourage those who are in between sizes to choose a larger size or go a size up.

However, this would mean that you’d have to sift through their designs because not all of their models are available in all sizes. This does limit the options for their loyal customers. 

So if you are buying from Heelys, then always remember that all their shoes are created a size smaller in comparison to other normal shoes. 

For instance, if you’re a size 3, then you can go for a size 4 and it would fit you perfectly.

Moreover, their sizes for small children have a greater difference between them as compared to their sizes for adults. 

As a result, it is suggested that if buying for kids, one should go at least two sizes above. So for instance your child is a size 8, then you should buy a size 10 for them. 

Additionally, it’s also recommended that if your shoe size is a half size, then choose a shoe which is at least one and a half size above your normal size. 

This is because Heelys, unfortunately, doesn’t manufacture shoes which are half sizes. So if you are a shoe size 2 1/2, then you should go for a size 4. 

Plus, getting insoles for your shoes as well can also help in achieving the near perfect fit!

Why did Heelys get discontinued?

After celebrating immense popularity and success for several years, Heelys has greatly declined in their sales. Since 2009, Heelys has lost most of their popularity.

This decline is due to their limitation in sales and issues in the inventory. Most importantly, it’s because of safety concerns, especially amongst children.  

However, a study showed that Heelys have a safer injury rate as compared to skateboarding, in-line skating, as well as swimming. 

Heelys wouldn’t just sell shoes with wheels without any precautions. All their shoes are sold with a pack including safety information and they also recommend wearing protective gear as well. 

However, many schools as well as malls have actually banned Heelys because of the safety concerns. While they can be very fun, people regard them to be extremely dangerous as well. 

According to the pediatrician Dr. Steven, the injuries that are most feared are head injuries caused by Heelys.

Safety always comes first! Which is why Heelys success was very short lived and caused such shoes to get discontinued after a few years. 

Are Heelys still popular?

Heelys gained rapid popularity when they were established initially. They took over the early 2000s by a storm and almost every teenager could be seen owning a pair of Heelys. They were considered as the epitome of being cool! 

In the first six months of 2006, Heelys’ sales skyrocketed and they were able to earn $44.6 million. 

They became so popular that the brand opened 7400 stores all over the world. Isn’t it absolutely insane!

However, sadly this success was very short lived and Heelys began to decline 2009 onwards. 

Even though Heelys aren’t as popular as they once were, they’re still very much in business. The brand was able to establish a major fad amongst preteens.

Unfortunately, this fame couldn’t last long as the number of injuries increased due to their wheeled shoes.

But this didn’t stop them from manufacturing altogether. They’re still in business and design statues for children. However, now they try to be as safe and secure as they can be.

Is it hard to walk in Heelys?

Yes, Heelys may be difficult to walk in on your first attempt. This is because they aren’t the same as a usual pair of shoes. Because of the wheels, these shoes tend to be heavier.

One must have a good balance in order to be able to walk on the balls of your feet. If your balance is off, then there is a risk of tripping and injuring yourself in a very severe matter.

However, there’s always the option of removing the wheels from your Heelys if you’re having trouble walking.

But if you really want to be able to walk in your Heelys, then it’s not that difficult either. You may find it a bit difficult in the beginning but with a bit of practice, you can attain the balance needed. 

Additionally, wearing them more frequently can also help you in getting used to them.

I hope this article provided you with all the information you need on the brand Heelys!