The famous luxury brand Gucci has lately been making waves with its shoes.

The brand is one of the hottest-selling shoe brands on the market.

More than any other style, Gucci loafers are all the rage everywhere on social media.

The brand offers a variety of gorgeous-looking loafers that are not even that expensive.

However, there have been some concerns regarding the size of Gucci loafers.

Apparently, people are having trouble deciding the correct shoe size from the famous brand.

Plus, online purchasing makes it all even more difficult.

I totally understand these concerns as I, myself, also shop online on a regular basis, and I know how annoying these things can be.

I have put together this information to guide you in detail about Gucci Loafers sizing.

Let’s start.

Do Gucci loafers fit true to size, run small or large?

Gucci loafers are typically made of leather material. Leather tends to stretch out when pressure is applied to it.

As a result, they can slightly push your foot forward.

The instep, however, fits quite accurately.

If this is something that can bother you, it’s recommended to go down half a size.

Also, if you have very narrow feet, you should definitely size down.

Do Gucci shoes run true to size?

Depending on the style, they usually run true to size with a few exclusions.

While Gucci loafers tend to run slightly bigger, other styles can run somewhat smaller due to their European sizing.

Conversely, a lot of the styles fit perfectly true to size.


Do Gucci loafers stretch out?

Almost all loafers stretch out.

Some stretch out a lot while others, not so much!

How much will a specific pair stretch rests on various factors, such as material, structure, finishing, and more.

Loafers that are made of leather are the ones that stretch the most.

The reason is that leather has the ability to reform and restructure under pressure.

But then again, it is not necessary that every loafer containing leather will stretch out equally.

Different designs use different leather qualities, making them stretch more or less.

If you want to invest in a shoe for the long haul, you need to keep the possibility of them stretching out in your mind.

I am giving you some pointers that can help you predict if a particular pair of loafers will stretch or not.

  • Leather Quality

The most significant factor contributing to the expansion of loafers is the quality of leather used in that specific pair.

We all know that leather comes in different grades and qualities.

But, do you also know that this difference can have a varying impact on stretchability?

Usually, the jagged and rugged types of leather, like suede, expand more than other kinds.

That is why loafers containing suede material have more demand because they are versatile and visually pleasing.

However, before you plan to go for them, keep in mind that suede loafers may feel constricted in the beginning.

But since they stretch out with time, don’t get tempted into buying a more snuggly fitted pair because it will exceed your foot size before you know it.

On the other hand, if you want your loafers not to stretch out a lot, I’d advise you to pick the patented leather ones with a glossy varnish.

The lacquer adds another layer to the leather, preventing it from stretching like crazy.

  • More Stitching Less Stretching

Stitching works as a reinforcement to force back any stretching out caused by pressure.

Loafers usually have seams that keep the leather tautly fitted in its place.

Some loafers come with extra seaming details that strengthen this stitching network, resulting in less stretching.

That’s the reason brogue-style loafers stretch out the least.

  • Lining Reduces Stretching

Like seams, the lining also adds extra strength to the loafers through dual layering, preventing them from stretching out too much.

Normally, people prefer loafers that are not lined because they are more casual and comfortable.

But, what most people don’t know is that they won’t be as comfortable in the long run as they will stretch out.

If you also want to go for a design that doesn’t include lining, I’d suggest getting half a size smaller.

How are Gucci loafers supposed to fit?

Gucci loafers are popular for being very snug.

If you manage to get the accurate size, they should fit you true to size while being very comfortable.

However, like every other brand, there can be a few exceptions with Gucci loafers too.

That depends on many factors, like the design, material, anatomy of your feet, and more.

All you need to do is measure your feet correctly and pick a more suitable style for them, and you won’t have any issues.

If everything is fine, they are supposed to fit you exceptionally cozily.

If your Gucci loafers fit you as they are intended to, you will be able to walk or run for as long as you want without grazing your feet.

How to Find Your Accurate Size?

If you have never bought Gucci shoes before and it’s your first time, then I’d highly suggest you go to a physical store in person to find out your perfect fit.

However, you need to be in proximity to a store, which I understand is not possible for everyone.

So, here are a few things that you should bear in mind before purchasing your GUCCI shoes online.

  1. Using a tape measurement, measure the length of your feet in centimeters.
  2. Enquire customer service regarding the insole length of the design that you have picked. Or, you can also refer to the size chart on their website.
  3. Pick a size with a one-centimeter additional insole length than your feet for a precise fit.
  4. If your feet are very narrow, it’s better to go one size down and vice versa.


Gucci strives pretty hard to remain true to size. But, given the fact that there is a difference in materials and feet thickness of users, it is understandable that their sizes can have minute differences.



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