No, Frye boots don’t run small. In fact, they are true to size!

Many people have heard rumors that Frye boot sizing runs a bit small, which is why it is recommended to size up.

However, It’s unclear whether this sizing issue is true or not.

This company was founded in 1863 and is the oldest footwear brand in America, which continues to operate today. 

Their aim is to create the best-looking and long-lasting shoes as well as leather goods.

Their leather is sourced from the finest tanneries.

Frye is focused on construction as well as craftsmanship.  

Frye boots have a long legacy of curating the best shoes for men and women, especially boots.

Many people want to buy from this brand, however, they are skeptical about whether the shoes run true to size or not.

If you’re one of these curious people, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll be evaluating whether Frye boots run small or not. 

So let’s get right to it!

Does Frye run true to size?

Frye boots have a long history behind them. They’re known for being timeless and made of the finest quality.

The company is dedicated to the commitment of craftsmanship, which is why they offer top-quality products.

This brand has been operating for 157 years and they’re popular for mastering the art of footwear.

They’ve never stopped making intricately crafted boots. 

Frye boots tend to have a narrow fit. However, you shouldn’t worry so much about that because they will stretch as you start wearing them.

They offer a wide range of styles that are based on their fit. 

They claim that as you start wearing the boots, you will notice a little heel slippage.

That’s completely normal in the beginning and they promise that it will fade after a while. 

The company offers a wide array of classic as well as contemporary styles for both men and women.

They have a long history of offering consumers the highest quality leather boots. Most of their designs are known to run true to size. 

Several reviews can be found on Frye boots which validate and back up the claim of running true to size. 

Many people admit that the boots run true to size and they haven’t had a problem with the footwear.

However, problems in sizing occur depending on different designs as well as the width and length of feet. If you have wide feet, then make sure to check the width fittings. 

You might find an issue in sizing with some styles if you’ve got wide feet. This is because some designs run on the narrow side.

Although, it should be noted that this isn’t a recurring problem but happens rarely.

Plus they have several other designs which will be perfect for your feet size and shape. 

So you don’t have to be disappointed!

Should I size up or down in Frye boots?

If you are doubting the sizes of the new boots you’re ordering from Frye, then you can visit their “About Fitting” page to have some clarity.

Frye boots are crafted extraordinarily and the company tries to achieve a near perfect fit.

They claim that with time the boots get even better because they start to mold to your feet.

However, on their website, they state that if your feet are in between sizes, then it’s recommended that you should purchase the larger of the two.

They also suggest that if you have a wider foot, then you should check out their styles which come in wide sizes. 

Although, having a wide foot doesn’t mean that you should only go with styles that come in your specific perfect size. 

If there are styles that are only available in regular widths, then you can order a half size up. 

Moreover, the company suggests that as soon as you receive the boots, try them on in the afternoon to see the best fit. They claim that it is in the afternoon when your foot tends to be at its largest. 

Your feet should feel snug except for the heel, where you will feel a little slippage. This slippage is necessary for getting your boots on and off easily. It will also reduce over time as you start wearing the boots. 

Additionally, the sizing suggestions are also validated by reviews from people who decided to go with one size up. 

They said that they’re more comfortable and they can wear thick socks with the boots to get the perfect fit!

How do Frye Billy boots fit?

As stated earlier, Frye boots are on the narrow end. However, they will stretch over time. They carry over 24,000 styles of boots and don’t discontinue the styles.

The boots are named based on their fit. For instance, the Melissa Boot is available in several different styles. However, they will all fit the customers similarly. 

Also you shouldn’t worry so much about sizing and fitting. This is because Frye boots have literally thousands of styles. 

Therefore, you are bound to find at least one pair of boots in the shape and style that fits your feet the best!

Here are a few tips which you may find helpful when purchasing boots from this company:

  • You’ll notice a small amount of his slippage, which is completely normal and will decrease over time.
  • Try boots in the afternoon and uncarpeted surfaces. Wear socks and make sure to wiggle your toes in order to break in the Shoes.
  • One foot will always fit better than the other. Therefore, you should always put your boots on the larger foot in order to get the best fit.

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, Frye boots are an amazing company that is known to offer the finest quality footwear. They have been operating for over a century and have several positive reviews. 

They can be trusted because they’re reliable. As the oldest footwear company in America, they have several thousand designs. Plus they keep adding more to their inventory! 

If you’re looking to purchase from them, then I’d say go for it! Their timeless and long-lasting pieces are definitely worth your money. 

I hope I answered all queries regarding their sizes in this article!