Fashion Nova is a go-to place for everyone who loves buying trendy clothes at affordable prices.

However, the sizes of jeans available at Fashion Nova can be a bit tricky.

Are you also planning to buy jeans from Fashion Nova as Fashion Nova has a large variety of jeans with different designs and styles?

Then you must be wondering if Fashion Nova jeans run small.

The jeans sizes people get from Fashion Nova tend to run small.

This issue is faced by both men and women as the jeans from both men’s and women’s sections tend to run small.

In the retail clothing industry, the term runs small means that the sizes of the clothes from one brand are smaller than the sizes of the clothes from other brands even if they have the same size label.

If you are not careful enough while measuring your size before placing your order then there is a high chance you will get the wrong size of jeans from Fashion Nova.

Also, keep in mind that the models of Fashion Nova wear a small size and it is better to order at least one size up if you are opting to buy something that is not too small in size.

How Do Fashion Nova Sizes Run?

Fashion Nova is a well-known name in the fashion and retail industry. The main reason for fashion nova’s popularity is its cheap and affordable prices.

Isn’t it amazing that you can buy a stylish pair of jeans or a pair of shoes or even a whole outfit in just a few dollars from Fashion Nova? Fashion Nova is a favorite place for people who love affordable fashion.

Fashion Nova also has a large variety of different types of products. You can get fashion items and clothing pieces for men, women, and kids too from Fashion Nova.

You can get jeans, dresses, jumpsuits & rompers, tops, bottoms, hoodies & jackets, camisoles & tanks, shirts & blouses, pants, bodysuits, skirts, leggings, loungewear, shoes, blazers, sandals, boots, flats, etc.

However, before buying anything from this affordable brand make sure about the sizes of its clothes and shoes. Because the clothes and shoes from Fashion Nova are known to run small.

As we mentioned above, there are a lot of different designs of jeans available at Fashion Nova but its customers share that the jeans from Fashion Nova tend to run small.

Not only jeans but other products of Fashion Nova also have the same problem. Although the dresses you get from Fashion Nova usually fit right if you ordered the right size for you.

But the shoes and sandals you get from Fashion Nova also run small.

Fashion Nova’s footwear is comfortable but most of its customers complain that the shoes they got from Fashion Nova run half a size small.

Because of this, we can hardly say that Fashion Nova’s products are true to their size.

Some customers were able to find the right size for themselves after ordering many times from Fashion Nova.

How do I Know My Fashion Nova Size?

It can be a bit hard and tricky for you to find your perfect size at Fashion Nova. So, before you place your order keep in mind that the sizes of products you get from Fashion Nova can be inconsistent.

To find the perfect size for you, it is important to know whether you like your clothes to be fitting to your body or if you like to wear loose clothes. Decide your size based on how you prefer to wear your clothes.

Your first step should be to measure yourself properly. Find the measurements of your butt, waist, hips, and height.

Then take a look at the size chart available on the website of Fashion Nova and compare your measurements to the sizes listed on the size chart.

However, the size chart of Fashion Nova can’t be trusted much and you should not be relying on the size chart available on its website alone.

Take your time to look at the customer reviews and know about others’ opinions on the sizes of Fashion Nova’s products. This way you will have a better idea of what size you should be getting for yourself.

You can also try to buy clothes that are one size up. This way you can overcome the problem that Fashion Nova runs small. If you usually buy small sizes then try buying a medium size to see if it fits you.

When buying jeans from Fashion Nova, take measurements of your waist and hips and also check the stretchability of the fabric of the jeans you are buying.

If you still manage to get the wrong size from Fashion Nova, you can return or exchange your order. Fashion Nova offers a return and exchange policy for its customers.

Their customer service is not good and it might take you a few days to get a response from Fashion Nova but you should be able to exchange your order after going through some hassle.