DC is a popular shoe brand within the US and has shoes available for both men women, as well as children. They are known for their high quality and comfort and have a range specifically designed for action sports. However a huge variety is available, so everyone can find their pick within their collections.

Differences arise when it comes to size, where people complain of the brand not being true to size. This could be because you bought them online, or don’t know the correct measurement of your feet.

Are DC Shoes True To Size?

They are generally true to size but it could vary upon the style you are buying as well as your age group. 

Whether a shoe fits you right or not, also depends on the shape of your feet. If the length fits you fine but you find it looser on the sides than you have narrow feet. 

If the length fits you but you find the padding a bit too snug for your liking then you most likely have wide feet. Unfortunately, DC doesn’t have adjustments for wide or narrow feet. You can make adjustments by yourself by adding paddings on the side or exchange them for thinner soles. 

You may also not worry about it too much because they stretch out over time adjusting to the size of your feet, providing a more comfortable fit.

Do DCs Run Small?

As previously mentioned it depends on the design of the shoes, since DC has a wide variety of shoes available where they don’t always belong to the sporting range. 

This also depends which section you are choosing from, because their standards may vary for men, women and kids.


The kids collection has sizes smaller compared to other brands such as Nike. If your size is not available or comes in between two sizes then buy the larger one. 


The women’s collection are generally true to size if you’re using UK or US sizes, but you might want to size them a bit down if you’re using EU sizes. The style and design of the shoe is an important factor to consider too. 


For men, the size is usually right and you don’t need to go through the hassle of sizing it up or down, but when you can’t find the right size you, go for the larger one. A Nike’s 6 is equal to a DCs 6.5, where you may conclude that they run a bit small for men.

You could say that DCs shoes run a bit smaller than other brands so it wouldn’t hurt to go for a plus size when opting for their shoes except for the ladies. 

Are DC Shoes Comfortable?

DC shoes are excellent for sportwear where they provide support and comfort for your feet, allowing you to make the best of your experience. The ultra soft soles, inner padding as well as the grip they hold on the surface gives you a steady balance on your feet, preventing you from falling or sliding off your skateboard surface.

You are more prone to injuries when you are wearing an inadequate sport shoe, where the grip, size and comfort play a crucial role.

What Kind Of Shoes Are DC?

DC shoes are mainly known for specializing in action sport shoes like skating and snow boarding have a sturdy exterior and comfortable interior, making your sport fun, safe and easy. Men and women who like heavy biking also like wearing them for their high durability.

Skateboarding Shoes

Good skateboarding shoes are ones that have the best grip and sole both inside and out that absorb shock waves, suggesting you of incoming hurdles and preventing injuries.

 All these aspects are found in DC shoes which they are known for since that is what they started off their business with. It’s no wonder they are among the top sports shoes brand.

Snowboarding Shoes

 DC specializes in all kinds of action sports including snowboarding. Like all shoes, their shapes and designs where you might find a design more suited to your needs than others. 

For example the level of flexibility in the snowboarding shoes according to the terrains you prefer, as well as the liners which are movable and mold to the heat of your feet for a better fit. Men’s Navigator Lace Winter Boots and Mason 2 Water Resistant shoes from DC are perfect for providing you a carefree snowboard experience and ultimate control over your snowboard. 

Racing Shoes 

They also have exclusive motocross collection where they have made shoes that specialize in racing. The flat sole, cutting edge design and light weight athletic wear makes them perfect for running and taking you across the finish line. 

Casual Wear

They are not only amazing for sportwear, but their converse style shoes and sneakers provide comfort for your everyday wear. Their shoes are versatile and stylish so you can rock them with any outfit you are wearing, be it athletic or casual. 


DC has been there for almost two point five decades, so it has had ample time to work on it’s quality and wear. It has also earned quite a name in this time period where it’s popularity seems to be on a steady rise. 

The DC shoes are on market level with Etsies and Vans, and seems to be going nowhere in the present times. The question of whether or not they fit true to size or run small becomes an insignificant factor to determine the quality of the brand when it offers such comfort and durability.