Wanna avoid that stare locked at you for dragging your shoes on the floor?

It’s awkward because it gets you so much unnecessary attention that it sucks the joy out of your time. 

Your outfit has got to speak for the personality you stand for, the ideas you hold on to, the beliefs you’ve ingrained – All these pointers combine to create your aura, your vibe and that’s unique because it’s just YOU!  

The brand I’d today be digging in is Chanel, and I am specifically more concerned about the shoes’ size. 

Two cents on the history of the brand, Chanel was launched back in 1883 and the store we see today wasn’t always like that.

Today, it caters to a wide range of products – everything one can think of pertaining to fashionwear. 

With the industry booming, Chanel never has shied to serve the community with its top-notch products and services across not only the USA but the entire world.

Surviving the cut-throat competition in the market and maintaining its tag for more than a century is indeed an achievement we should acknowledge Chanel for. 

Now, the question that bothers me a lot, and I know is a piece of concern for many out there, is to get their hands on a pair of shoes equivalent to their size, all that while not putting quality at stake. 

Finding an apex in all aspects is a real chore.

And the primary purpose of this post is to guide you guys on the sizing of Shoes at Chanel and how can you optimize as per your preferences. 

It’s an easy-going article where you’ll be exposed to the information gleaned from valid sources. 

Give it a read and only then make a decision. 

As far as the sizing at Chanel is concerned, we gotta have crystal clarity on one point – it’s that Chanel shoes are handcrafted, which undoubtedly demands laser focus and great attention to detail. 

I do not assert that Chanel lacks these characteristics at any point in their manufacturing process, but still, the sizes may fluctuate a bit when handcrafted compared to the same thing done by a machine. 

Machines are automated and robotic and they never exhaust, unlike manual labor.

So, there’s a slight probability that Chanel may not be true to size, given the manual work they bring in. 

Inconsistency in size at Chanel is expected for the reasons mentioned above, and we must embrace that. 

Well, if you’re waiting for a straight answer to your question without going into the details of the brand, then here you go!

Chanel runs small in all the categories of the shoes it offers. 

It covers a wide variety, ranging from flats to wedges and sandals. 

If you’re someone who usually orders a US size 8.5, we recommend you go for 9 with the Chanel because whatever you’d order would be half a size smaller than the size you usually wear. 

Although, the flats stretch a bit with the time to fit the size of your feet and get comfy down the road.

But still, to have an exact size on your shelf, you gotta increase it by half a number of maybe an inch. 

Also, if you’re unaware of what your shoe number is in the US figure, then no problem, go a number higher in the European system. 

For example, if it’s number 37 that you generally order, give 38 a shot this time because Chanel runs small.

The first line of defense to cope with Chanel’s small shoes is to order a pair an inch or half a number up by your normal. 

If that isn’t sufficient or conforms to your needs, you end up ordering a product without even noticing.

Then, you’ve 14 days to return the product, and all that must be done without damaging the pair, the sale tag, or anything included in the box. 

Everything must be kept intact and only then would you be able to claim a return for your pair of shoes. 

You can definitely avoid the hassle of returning the product and getting late for your event if you go up in size. 

It’s as simple as that!

Are Chanel Shoes True to Size?

If you’re reading this guide to this point, you’re pretty sure about one thing: Chanel isn’t true to size. 

Whatever the category you hit in your shoes, you’ll end up having a smaller pair that isn’t going to fit you. 

Now, you have two choices; one is to go an inch higher than the average size you order from any online e-commerce store. Or return the product without damaging things inside. 

This will surely make you wait for your order, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it.

Do Chanel flats fit true to size?

Let’s bring some specificity into the guide and if the pair of flats Chanel offers are true to size. 

As we’ve discussed, the shoes at Chanel are handmade, which is one of the primary reasons to experience inconsistency in size. 

This can only be catered if we in advance are aware of the fact of how big/small these shoes run, right? 

So, to get you an answer, we endorse that ballet flats at Channel run smaller. But at the same time, we came across a consumer who had these flats true to size. 

So, there’s no YES/NO; you’ve got to figure it out yourself. But seeing the trend in other categories, we may conclude that Chanel also runs smaller in its flats. 

Are Chanel Shoes Comfortable? 

The comfort factor and the size are two things that go hand in hand. You can’t expect an abnormally bigger shoe or an awkwardly small one to bring you comfort, no?

So, our stance is to whatever category you go for, be it the flats, wedges, the sandal, the boots, or anything – ensure it’s true to size, and if it’s not, make necessary adjustments. 

Do you still have a question? Leave us a comment.