Owls are considered a symbol of wisdom in some cultures. That is why many brands use this logo.

A logo of a brand is the first thing that the customer notices and associates themselves with. 

Every clothing brand has a different logo. Brands usually use logos as a symbol to show their aim to the customers.

Some prefer to use animals and birds, while some use plants or flowers, and some simply use their name as a logo to communicate their message to the customers.

Many brands use owl logos. There are two main reasons for this.

One is the wisdom and knowledge that is associated with the owls in many cultures. Another reason is the unique nature of owls.

So brands that use owl logos want to give an impression that they have a unique style or are spreading more wisdom in the world.

In this article, we’ve briefly talked about some clothing brands that use owl logos. Keep on reading to find out!


OVO, which stands for October’s Very Own, is an apparel line of Drake, who is a famous Canadian rapper. Drake started this clothing brand on his 26th birthday in 2012.

OVO has a famous owl logo, that’s why they have sued different companies such as Bellroy which used an owl logo for their brand.

OVO sells hoodies, shirts, sports caps, jackets, sweatpants, etc for both men and women. All of the clothing items of OVO are branded with their signature Owl logo.

Famous shoe brand, Jordan has collaborated with OVO and the resulting product was a shoe that was advertised to go perfectly with the apparel of OVO.

October’s Very Own has also collaborated with Kanye West and Supreme which also increased their popularity.

OVO has 1.4 million followers on Instagram, 300k followers on Twitter and 227k likes on its Facebook page. This large number of followers shows the popularity of OVO among the masses.

To make shopping easy for its customers, OVO also has an app that has more than 50k downloads on Google PlayStore.

Check out their website: https://ca.octobersveryown.com/ 


B-OWL was started in 2017 by two Venezuelan guys named Alejandro Benzaquen & Moises Grabli. 

The idea came to their mind when they moved to Miami in 2017. They had a family background in the textile industry. 

Because of this, they had enough information and resources required to run a clothing brand.

They choose the owl logo because an owl symbolizes wisdom and perseverance. Moreover, an owl also symbolizes uniqueness.

Hence they choose this logo to make them stand out in the industry where already hundreds of clothing brands are present.

B-OWL sells clothing items such as hoodies, jackets, headwear, shirts, jackets, and accessories. Almost all of their products are labeled with their signature Owl logo.

B-OWL increased its popularity by collaborating with many famous artists. Because of this, they have a following of 10k on Instagram.

B-OWL donates a part of its annual income to owl research and conservation organizations to protect the future of owls.

Check out their website: https://www.b-owlofficial.com/ 

Owl Clothes 

Owl Clothes is a Greek clothing brand that sells street wear. This clothing brand was started in an abandoned shirt factory and used to make only a few clothes in the beginning.

Owl Clothes has collaborated with different artists and has grown its popularity among the public. Their popularity can be judged by the fact they have nearly 25k followers on Instagram.

After gaining recognition, Owl Clothes moved its operations to a new workshop and retail shop.

Like many other clothing brands, Owl Clothes also sells shirts, pants, hoodies, headwear, vests, etc. The clothes have the signature logo of the brand on them.

Owl Clothes have a flagship store in Greece where they have many limited editions. Customers can buy ready-made or custom clothes at this flagship store.

Check out their website: https://www.owlclothes.com/ 

Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Knowledge Cotton Apparel was started by Mads Mørup in 2008. His father also worked in the textile industry. 

Mørup claims that his father acknowledged the importance of the environment even when it didn’t seem a concern to many. 

Mørup took his father’s legacy and built a new brand that sells clothing made with organic material that is more eco-friendly.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel has a large variety of clothes, accessories, bags, etc. for men, women, and kids.

The brand has taken many steps to not leave its carbon footprints on the environment.

They donated all of their revenue from the sales on their website during Earth Day 2022 to Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).

Other than making regular clothes, Knowledge Cotton Apparel also has clothes that are made of recycled material. These recycled clothes are also certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard).

Check out their website: https://knowledgecottonapparel.com/