The heart is normally associated with love and affection and is used by brands to represent their ideology or motive of the brand.

It shows an affectionate relationship with the customers and shows a strong bond between the company and consumers. 

It may also tell us about the product they’re trying to sell, which may infer its qualities, like care and concern for well being of the person who buys it.

There are different ways a heart logo can be annotated, depending upon the message they want to deliver, as well as the product or service they’re trying to sell. 

Here are a few clothing brands that use the heart logo to represent their garments and how they are using it to sell to broaden their consumer spectrum. 

Let’s have a look.

Ami Paris

A Parisian brand that incorporates class and sophistication, Ami Paris is a company that manufactures clothes for men as well as women. They opened their first store in Paris, 2012. 

Today, the brand has multiple stores in different cities around the world including Tokyo, London and Beijing. 

People like the brand because of the quality of clothing they provide as well as their unique style and design that optimizes class and blends seamlessly with today’s trends.

Ami de Coeur is a seperate clothing line that was launched by the brand in 2017 and gained equal prominence, even more so than the rest of its collections. 

It is still sold today on the brand’s website also the company’s individual stores.

They also sell their garments through their website, making it available in regions where the company doesn’t have any live stores. 

You can track your order through the tracking number they will provide on your email, once the order has been dispatched. 

For more information, visit their website:

Paper Sleeve

A women only clothing brand that was founded in the UK, that manufactures trendy, stylish clothing for women to enjoy on an everyday basis. 

Whether it’s going for groceries, work, or picking up kids at the school, never fail to leave people in awe with the clothes Paper Sleeve has in store for you.

This was the aim of the company in the first place. To launch collections that are not only trendy, but also have a certain unity in them to offer. The prices at which their clothing is sold out is quite affordable too. 

Apart from chic, feminine dresses, the brand has a flair for stylish tops that come in a variety of shapes and designs, incorporating cuts to suit each body and type. 

Their clothing is available in XL to XS so that no one has to feel left out, and one can easily find a pick in their own size.

They pay special attention to details and quality of fabric that makes them a preferred place to shop at.

Paper Sleeve has pretty lenient return and exchange policies, so you don’t have too much to worry if you think you have received the wrong one.

More information is available on their website:

Heart On My Sleeve

Quite a unique concept the clothing brand has behind it’s name and company as well as the garment it sells. Heart on My Sleeve believes in the the story d each cloth and delivers that into their collections. 

They take their clothing from a variety of suppliers and makes them available to their customers. Heart on my Sleeve manage their transparency policies efficiently. 

They lay their ethical and environmental guidelines with each of their suppliers and have a close coordination with them to keep everything in check.

This builds a strong relationship with their customers and helps gain their trust for regular transactions. 

Apart from that, Heart on my Sleeve has clothes that are considerably fairly priced, where the quality of their clothes speaks for themselves.

They have got a huge variety for both men and women, from athleisure to more formal and dressier clothing meaning you can find anything and everything on their website. 

The fact, that they have got such amazing customer service just proves to be the cherry on top. 

For a more insight on the brand, give their official website a click: