One of the most eye-grabbing detail that you catch about a brand before you invest in its products is its logo.

Logos are a way to sell the brand without having to say much.

It is also a way to memorialize the brand so that people can associate the logo with the brand.

Many clothing brands have chosen Deer as their logo. The naive animal is a symbol of positivity, purity, swiftness, poetic beauty, and revival.

Choosing Deer as a logo allows people to make positive associations with the brand and hence why the logo is popular among clothing brands.

This article will list and discuss some of the clothing brands with the deer logo and the ideology behind it.

The article also includes a brief introduction to the brand and what it entails.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is one of the most authentic and popular American brands for the coolest apparel you can find in the market.

Established in 1892 in the United States, the lifestyle fashion brand has more than 1,000 boutiques worldwide.

All of their products are of the highest quality, which allows them to bring only the best to their customers.

Their range of clothing includes classic casuals, formals, and so on. The brand is mostly known for its All-American ideology, which has boosted its business persistently.

Abercrombie & Fitch uses an ambiguous logo that looks halfway between a Deer and a Moose. Some say it’s a Deer, while others argue that it’s a Moose.

Regardless of the specifics of the animal, the reason behind A&F using Deer as a logo is that it is a symbol of grace, strength, pride, and confidence.

These qualities are everything that A&F wants to be known as.

Just like the mascot of the brand, Abercrombie & Fitch is known for its elegance, stellar reputation, and incredible strength.

The brand is popular among the youth and is considered a staple brand in their circle.

Along with that, it is probably the best-known clothing brand with the deer logo.

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Catchin’ Deers

Catchin’ Deers is a venture started by Mike Fisher and his friends who went out hunting and came up with the spontaneous idea of creating a store that sold more than just hats, aka a clothing line.

During his first hunt camp, one of Mike’s Friends asked the group the iconic question, “Y’all catch any deers?” and ever since then, this line has become a running joke among their circle.

It all started when Bud, one of the members of the hunting group, made a couple of hats with the words “Catchin’ Deers” written on them for his group members.

What he was oblivious to was that these hats would start making rounds among hunters all around the area.

In 2016, Catchin’ Deers became a hunting and fishing clothing line due to the insistence of fellow hunters.

Their product range started with hats but now includes flannels, window decals, and tees.

Their logo is representative of the iconic joke among them.

The punchline is that “catching” is not the correct adjective for hunting Deer, which is why Austin got the brunt of the joke when he asked the question on his first hunting trip.

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Dapper Deer

If you have shopped at Dapper Deer, you know that there is none as dapper as these people.

Dapper Deer started with a bunch of hardworking people who love making up stuff to sell.

Working in a small workshop or studio, they create extraordinary items that are unique from the usual trends of fashion and gives people something other than mediocre clothing lines.

Their logo comprises a man in a dapper suit with a bowtie. However, there is a twist – instead of the head of a man, there is a head of a deer.

Some would call this logo morbid, but in the fashion industry, this logo is known for its class and creativity.

Dapper Deer harnesses its strength and attractiveness from the Deer, and this is what its logo represents as well.

With Dapper Deer, you can find those staple tees for your wardrobe that you will never get tired of. Their hoodies and jackets are a must-have during the coldest months.

Here you can find designs that make you look cool even when you layer up.

Dapper Deer is a curated lifestyle provision and vintage shop that gives you the best clothing line you are looking for so that you look as dapper as the company’s logo.

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While the symbol of the Deer is popular among clothing brands, their significance and reason for using this logo are different for everyone.

You can use this symbol for its elegance, purity, or grace. Any of the different qualities of the Deer can serve as a good reason to be a logo.



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